Производство биогумуса

Purchased the red Californian worm, you can use an ordinary earthworm (California multiplies many times faster but it is more expensive and needs to spend the winter in warmth). Earthworm can be found everywhere, but most of all earthworms can be found in old manure heaps around farm yards, livestock farms of any type, piles of manure left in the field, on old landfills of organic waste in the bottom of a forest ravine beneath the accumulations of last year’s leaves.

Harvested compost. It can be from any organic material is decomposed leaves collected in the woods, in the garden or rotted sawdust, waste from vegetable waste from Your table (only vegetable), manure of chickens, pigs, rabbits, pigeons, etc.

In the finished compost run worms, worms recycle compost into vermicompost. 1 square meter is run 5000 worms.

Processing of the substrate is usually about 5 months, with the number of worms increases five… ten times, depending on the thoroughness of the maintenance of optimal conditions. If adult worms periodically to separate, it is possible to further accelerate their reproduction.

We calculate income. One worm per day recycles approximately one gram of substrate, with the output of vermicompost to 50%. Think, for 4 months, 5000 worms with 1 square meter, reworking 600 pounds of substrate, give 300 kg of vermicompost or 1800 rubles (the cost of a kilogram of vermicompost in the Irkutsk region about 6 rubles). If on the land to allocate for this case is “1 hundred,” it turns out over the summer, well, think for yourself. At the same time it is a periodic watering with water and preparation of the substrate.

Vermicompost Packed in bags and deposited in the store. All this can be done in trays in the basement or at the cottage.

Worms are used as a very effective feed additive for chickens, pigs, etc., in chickens it increases the number of eggs laid. Young animals when feeding worms intensively developing.

From the dried and ground worms preparing food that can be taken to the pet stores.

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