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When we say farmer, we have a typical image in front of us Suicides, family issues, etc are all the problems we think of It’s nothing like that Farming is an occupation which can be carried on till you want it to That’s why, there is no limit to it as such We plant a seed in the soil, it blooms, the crop in turn gives you 500-1000 seeds So farming is the only occupation where making 500-1000 seeds from one is possible In our village, MIDC took over 3200 Acres of area with the false notion of “Farming is at a loss” and earned Rs.834Cr out of it They got Rs.834Cr in 2004 and all of the money was spent in Dance Bars and Addictions by 2010 Now, the same people work as security guards in the same companies, and their wives wash dishes in the kitchen We just saw Rs.834Cr being wasted right in front of us, and we also saw Abhinav Farmers Club making a fortune of Rs.400Cr from the same soil (I) used to farm with my father tradionally, there was no harvest enough to get us through a year So I did a job for 10 years The job didn’t interest me much either
Leave at 6, get back by 11, Couldn’t realise who I’m living for really Read an article in the newspaper once,
It said that a farmer made 12 Lakhs Rupees from his farmhouse annualy Went to him, learnt whatever I could from the educated farmer
and decided to leave my job The first time my father heard the news, he was quite nervous
He thought the same old days are about to return Somehow my sister told father, and he came home
First thing he said was get married, otherwise no one will give their daughter knowing you’re a farmer This is a misfortune in our country, no one wants to marry the one who feeds the world
And there are 100 girls ready to marry the one who fools the world And then once married, decided to do Hi-Tech farming.
Hi-Tech means minimum water, minimum electricity, make 100% pure product and make sure it reaches the customer directly. Spending Crores and bringing the business to a loss isn’t called as Hi-Tech, I don’t know who stated that That’s why, you need to do a course because if you wanna spend, gaining knowledge and wisdom is just as important So I did a 2 Day course where they teach you all the theory
There’s a lot of focus on theory in our country That’s why every agriculture graduate can never farm and can only get a job, This is the sad part of it So I asked them,
Can I get a job here?
A Government job, they said you’ll get a job but you won’t get paid
I said I don’ want money, I want a job A whole year I went there every morning at 7 on my cycle
and came back at 7 Got no money, but gained wisdom worth Crores Made a 10 min Project report based on that knowledge
Went to the bank to ask for a loan, There’s a lot of work in our banks, no one understands Farming, neither do they understand farmers, so there’s a lot of money lying around for everyone. Got my loan within 3 months of registration It was worth 10 Lakhs
The project started Started Flower Farming because there was a lot of demand for flowers Me. my mother, father, wife worked hard all day. 3 months later my flowers were supposed to be removed, which I was going to sell
I started marketing the flowers a month before that No one teaches marketing in our country, just how to grow, that’s it
because we wanna run crop companies not farmers Studying marketing was quite important, so found a man in Delhi who was ready to buy flowers, started sending the flowers to Delhi Got a phone call from there
The quality of flowers is really good
There is an advance, but don’t give it to anyone Found machines giving me an advance 17 years ago Used to struggle at a shop for a scale worth 50 Rupees
Still struggled the same today Was quite happy, started earning certain money
At the same time, the Banking manager came home Asked where my father is
Father was sure the land will be lost He wouldn’t step out of the room because of that!
The manager touched his feet, gave him sweets and said Your son is a revolutionary! He is the only farmer to have cleared his debt of 10 Lakhs within a year. He was then called at their Bangalore office, there was a huge award ceremony, We all were happy
That’s the moment we realized we’re gonna earn from Hi-Tech farming for sure, as long as we have smart farmers, Farming is not for dumb people. that’s the most important Our system says the educated should do a job and the uneducated should go to a village and farm If educated people got into farming we would’ve earned a lot more and not a single person would’ve starved And then, there was a huge felicitation
And then there was news in the papers, on the TV A few people came to us after that, out of them a few 4-5 people were really interested
I was instantly ready
5 people got a loan in 8 days, it took me 3 months The 5 people had their business running, started sending their flowers to Delhi, they started making money as well After that from the morning, I would be around other people’s farms, I thought I was someone great, Because people came to me every day, I would go to their fields
Even had lunch out for free My wife said stay there, don’t return
That’s enough. You eat out for free when we can actually have food now The Banking Manager said, make a group don’t be the only one doing everything
The business grows when there are a lot of people with you So we established a group called Abhinav Farmer’s Club I gave this name because it was my first crop that didn’t take a lot of water but made a lot of yield and money The group went from 11 to 305, each of them had a farm,
made 1000-1500 every day And the other guy’s salary was about 18000-20000 The ones who studied till 5th, 7th or 10th earned about 50000 Will the farmer be ordinary once he starts earning? You know, Then one day, we bought 305 Maruti Cars
Because I cycled all this time Built 305 good houses
While doing all this, we could pay 25000 in installments if not 10 Lakhs on the spot My earning was 50,000 and I spent 5000 So it was all going very well
Then I sent my kids to an English medium school
All of these things started And we had a problem in 2004 The rates of flowers went down
Our production rate for one flower was Rs 2.50
and we got only Rs. 0.85 That led to arguments in the group
There are arguements every time there is a lack of money Even at home, our wife fights with us over money The same thing happened with us farmers
So what now?
We conducted a meeting, to stop all the flower farming all at once and start farming vegetables
Everyone, even you has to eat vegetables Where to sell it?
In the bazaar meets
A pool of corruption in our country, we all know it So we went there, we saw a farmer who brings his product
The rate is decided without asking him While walking out, one of them said go to the malls, Big Bazaar, etc
So we went to the mall, where we saw a glass building for the first time
English and Indian vegetables
Before that, we all looked at shoes in an AC showroom In our country, we have Bata shoes in an AC showroom and Vegetables being sold on the road
Eatables on the road, and Footwear in an AC showroom Met the purchase manager after that, the English Foods for 200/kilo and our Indian Vegetables for 10/kilo.
We want to make the English vegetables, can we? He said do it perfectly, try polyhouse farming and we also needed the money at the same time Because the cost production of flowers also increased at the same time The cost of the house, car, kid’s schools, all that wasn’t coming for free In all of that, they told us about Brocolli, Chinese Cabbage, celleri, Barsely, Zukeni, Cherry, Tomato and said give us these items for a year and we’ll pay you for that accordingly We left and decided not to use any chemicals at that point itself
because we used a lot on flowers because they don’t eat it Things that aren’t eaten will have an effect on the market remember that We started those jobs, we sold vegetables on the open at a cheap rate
Brocolli, Cellery, etc were being sold extensively. We sold it in the malls where we got Rs.80 in return for making a product worth Rs.20 Of course, the news was again published in the news paper
A farmer made this much money in such a short time So others started doing the same
The mall also started to lower their rates soon
They started to pay us late That’s when I decided, we’ll start a project such that it will go on for a lifetime and there will be no bound to it
I’m gonna tell you about that project It takes only 1 Acre farming
Which takes about 13-14 Lakhs
And if you put that into fixed deposit, you’ll only get 7000-8000 per month and if you farm like us, you’ll receive 40,000 to 50,000 per month
Your health will also be alright because you have to spend two hours every day working hard. So you work hard just to be healthy Here, more than 1Lakh farmer’s children study properly in college, study BSc Agriculture for farming, some study engineering for the machinery None of them go to the gym, because that kind of farming is enough for the day We pay for the gym, here we get paid and we get a healthy body So let’s look at this Farming project now Polyterrain Farming where Summer, Spring and Rains are the controlled weathers that get us 10,000 rupees home every day Even if we get 50 Rupees rate for 20 Rupees worth English Vegetables,
we earn 1000 off that This is the Expensive one, the protected farming costs around 6-7 Lakhs
In 1000 Rupees also any Indian family can do alright
but the Government should promote this They promote poison, but not agriculture
Our system is a bit saddening Used to remove 2 kilos every day, got 10 rupees back Got 300 rupees from the rate of 30 Cabbage, Cauliflower Lady’s Fingers, Brinjal, Leafy Vegetables were started Had a 20 Rupee rate for that, got 200 out of it In the 4th and the last plot Started all the different leafy vegetables Out of that, we used to remove 5 of each 30 of those were collected If we got 7 rupee rate, got 200 Rupee rate for that Calculated 37 Rupee production, made 1700 off it Had 2 places still left, one for the pack house, pack house is for our shoes, Sad part about the country, there’s no packing, any woman just comes and toys with it The woman has an infection which reaches the customer and then it’s spread to others at home Why can’t people realise we have to do some packing? Even us farmers don’t touch it We use gloves, it’s packed and the only one touching it is the customer No one is infected, the diseases spread like this The vegetables are packed then, who’s value is added The vegetable in a sack is sold for Rs.10/kilo, the same packed in plastic is sold for Rs. 30/kilo Just one cow left, a cow not a donkey A cow, the country’s cow, others are animals but not a cow A donkey is an animal, not a cow keep that in mind The cow takes sunrays inside her body with her neckpiece The milk produced from this cow can cure cancer We got this cow, because getting this cow will make me feel free This cow gives us 10-12 Litres of milk, I keep 2 Litres at home Sell the other 10 litre milk, make another Rs. 500 Out of the 12 Litres, 2 Litre Gomutra is packed in 100ml bottles 10 Rupees per bottle, we sell 20 and make Rs.200 out of it 17 -18 kilos of Manure Make 2 dung cakes out of it People buy it for a lot of reasons Sell 15 packets of that We get 200 from that, so only one cow Can give us 800 rupees with a profit of 25, why think so much while farming But we have a system for that I’m selling you how it’s done, not a single rupee goes to the market It goes straight to the house, even you can buy it In labor most of the work is done by them, there are cars that check your packing We need a lot of people for all this packing The farmers do it themselves because there are no men We have a woman here, used to fish with her husband and father in law Used to sell it on the road, and all the money would be spent on alcohol that day She though she might get work at the Abhinav farmer’s club the day she tried to commit suicide So we took her in, and set up the sales system for her She gave 60 such women a livelihood Every woman that works for 5-6 hours for us, gets about 200 – 300 rupees There are 25-30 leaders who earn 700-800 rupees every day They bought cars and land for all of us and didnt stop there To make sure the packing is correct, they even went to China and France Failure is very important in this whole system We have our own app for buying vegetables Called Lokacart We would’ve needed a lot of money for it every month, but a woman learned from a program in IIT Mumbai how to use it and now she’s training 3000 others We started this system in India We also need technology for water, I learnt about it in Rajasthan We have drip irrigation, because we have so less of it I started filling the water in Rajasthan using my phone, which had a timer for 18 minutes and the pump closed itself then We have even moved on from that, the pump starts from 10 to 10:30 by itself and 1 Acre Farm is hydrated So that’s how I started Automation There are a lot of IT guys working with us now 10 Crore is what my farms cost, and every farmer is only working throughout There are 2500 people who left their 1 Lakh salary jobs to come work with us We even buy them 1-2 Acre Farms Up until now, we only earned, now we are satisfied along with our earnings They are farming happily We all are happy, I’m gonna suggest you all something From now on, if you buy directly from the farmer, not a single farmer will kill himself because all the money will go straight to him Wherever we have villages, and wherever there are machines We should help the farmers, secondly We have a 400 Crore turnover, if we wanna make it a 4000 Crore turnover, every educated person should join us, we can do a wonderful job Thank You *Claps*

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