कलौंजी और प्याज़ के बीज में ये है अंतर | Kalonji and Onion Seeds Difference

kalonji and onion seeds are not the same. learn how to recognize them. information about the health benefits of kalonji is in the description box this video will help you understand the differences between kalonji and onion seeds and how you can differentiate one from the other many people think that kalonji and onion seeds are one and the same. however this is incorrect this could be because kalonji is also called as black onion seeds which gives the impression they are onion seeds anyways, in this video we will tell you the difference between kalonji and onion seeds in the dish before you we have both the kalonji and the onion seeds let us now learn the differences between them on the left are the kalonji seeds and the onion seeds are on the right the most obvious difference is that of size though this difference is more obvious as both the seeds are seen together and are under the camera both seeds are jet black though which makes it more difficult to judge which is which and to someone who is not familiar with either of the seeds it is difficult to differentiate between the two when these are together it becomes much easier to know which are kalonji seeds and which are onion seeds so one obvious difference is in their respective sizes the onion seeds are larger than the kalonji seeds on a closer look you can see that the kalonji seeds are not only smaller but are almost triangular they are pointed at one end and rounded at the opposite end. all the seeds have this shape the seeds are are also thin and elongated the seeds are lighter as well on the other hand the onion seeds are bigger, fatter, broader but not long. some are round some have curved pointed tips, some are flat in other words these seeds have a variety of shapes whereas the kalonji seeds are almost uniform in shape & size this is the most conspicuous difference when you have both seeds before you but if you have before you only the kalonji seeds or onion seeds and you are not aware of the physical differences how will you know which is which? now comes the second test – the taste test if you bite into just a single kalonji seed you can immediately feel a bitter, spicy and biting taste this is the immediate taste you get on biting into the kalonji seed on the other hand if you bite into a onion seed it will be completely tasteless initially and after a few seconds you will get a very faint onion taste this is the most important difference in taste between the kalonji seeds and onion seeds in this way by tasting them you can differentiate between these two seeds if you are unfamiliar with their physical differences or have only one of them before you hope the differences between the two seeds is now clear and you can easily identify them hope you liked the information in the video and that it is clear that kalonji seeds are not onions seeds & vice versa if you liked the information please share our video and subscribe to our channel thank you for watching and we will keep making videos which provide useful information if you wish to have more information and clarification about any food ingredient please indicate in the comments. we will try to make a video on it at the soonest. thank you

46 thoughts on “कलौंजी और प्याज़ के बीज में ये है अंतर | Kalonji and Onion Seeds Difference

  1. कलौंजी प्याज़ के बीज नहीं हैं जानिए इनमें अंतर और इन्हें कैसे पहचानें. In this video I explain the difference between Kalonji and Onion Seeds.

  2. ग़लत जानकारी दे रहे हैं। दरअसल, प्याज़ के बीज को ही कलौंजी कहते हैं।छोटे-बड़े, गोल-तिकोने-नुकीले होना या स्वाद में कुछ भिन्नता होना कोई गुणात्मक अंतर नहीं हैं।

    प्याज़ की कई क़िस्में होती हैं। अलग अलग क़िस्म के प्याज़ के बीजों की size में अंतर हो सकता है और कुछ अंतर स्वाद में भी…

  3. Kuch v bol do bhai…aur hum yakin karle….
    DONT GIVE MISINFORMATION ..As kalaunji and onion seess are sams

  4. Thnx sir mei b pichle 2or 3 saal pehle dono mei confuse thee kfi muslim log kalonzi ko yeh bataye ke mout ko shod kr har cheez ka ilaz kalozi krti .Sukria apka

  5. Kali jiri jo punjab mei log deshi ghee mei mithi sonf and kali jiri dal kr animals milk dene vale bhans ko dete jab unko jehar ho jata tha

  6. Amino acid iske under jo ek tarha ka protein hota protein garm hota iska istemaal sardi mei theek rehta voh b kisi prantha roti mei dal kr nhi to skin rashes b ho jate

  7. आपने कलौंजी अौर प्याज़ के बीज में अन्तर (पहचान अौर स्वाद) को स्पष्ट समझाया, धन्यवाद

  8. India main to adaat hai har kisi ko do do nam dene ke ISS Lea sabko mushkil hoti hai…abb kalonji ko kalonji seed he bole ge lakin onion seed bol rahe hain..kuch log.. onion ko onion seed bole kalonji ko kalonji ..🙏

  9. Thank you very much for this very informative video you have explained the differences exceedingly well as I was wondering what the difference is and you have clarified that

  10. It's really good, but Sir market may dono Ko same hi kahte Hain bcoz Abhi may Ni onion seeds magwya tha amozan say but he also send me kalonji.

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