छोटे गमले में भी पा सकते है खूब टमाटर देखे कैसे | All about tamato plants.

Hello friends, Namste! In this video, today we learn how to grow tomato plant in pot or grow bag. And how to care these plants In this video, we shall also learn How to prepare a new tomato plant from sucker. Here, I Have grown tomato plants from tomato seeds. This Plant belongs from indeterminate variety of tomato. Generally, tomato plants have two category – 1st is indeterminate variety. And 2nd is determinate variety. The features of indeterminate variety of tomato are it grows upto height of 12 feet And fruits is coming out after 60 to 80 days. But we can harvest tomatoes for long time On the other hand, tomatoes determinate variety plants Height goes upto 4 feet. In tomatoes determinate variety, fruits come out early as compare to indeterminate variety. Watch this! This is 40 days old tomato plant. Looking very healthy. Now , we talk How to prepare soil for growing tomatoes in pot If you have sandy soil then you mix the soil with 30% of vermicompost. In place of vermicompost you can use decayed cow dung. If you have clay soil then you must add 10 to 20 percent of sand and 30% of vermicompost. If you have avail cocopeat then you can add 25% of cocopeat. Watch, this is sucker Sucker is the side branches of tomato plants This is also sucker. We wil pluck all the suckers of tomatoes plant . If you want to grow a new plant from sucker then watch my full video. Since this is indeterminate variety of tomato plant. So, this plant is easly achieve height of 7 feet in grow bag. therefore, provide support to your plant Here, I supported this plant with iron rod. Now plant is 2.5 feet tall. You can support your plant with the help of rope too. Support is necessary for this plant. Watch this is sucker, I shall grow this sucker in a cup of soil. First of all, with the help of knief give a fresh cut to the sucker. Like this! After that, make sure Sucker growing cup or pot must have hole in bottom. Follow the process of video to plant sucker. Now, I talk how and when to water your plant. Tomato plants like moist soil. So, water your plant on regular basis. But don`t overwater your plant. Best way to identify water need of plants Just put your finger in the soil of pot or grow bag. One inch deep in the soil. If you feel moisture in pot then don`t water in the pot Disease in tomatoes plant. Precaution is best way to avoid disease. If you aware and take timely spray of neem oil solution on the regular basis. Then your tomatoes plant is free from disease. If you want to know How to prepare neem oil solution Then watch my previous video, link is avail in below. on every 2 to 3 weeks Spray neem oil solution on your tomato plants. While spraying , make sure spray in every part of plants. Watch, I planted the sucker of tomato plant. This is the my plant after 60 days. Lots of flowers are coming out. Cherry tomatoes plant fruits are small in size. And very delicious. Watch in the grow bag, I mulched my plant Mulching have lots of benefits for plants. I shall make a special video on mulching. Now, I shall show the result of planted sucker. Watch carefully! Roots are fully developed in the sucker Last year , I grew two plants from sucker Plant develop from sucker is same in production as plant from seed. This is proven here You can grow tomato plant from sucker If you want more infomation on tomato Comment below Thank You for watching the video. Please subscribe the channel and like the video.

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