नींबू के पौधे के लिए विशेष खाद//Special fertilizers for lemon plants and updates//

Hello friends! Namaskar! I’m your host, Brahmdeo. Friends! Today I want to show you the updates of my lemon plant About one month ago from today, I had posted a video on Lemon plant, in which I’d discussed in full details of every aspects. You have very keenly liked that video. If you still have not watched that video, you can find the link of the same in the description box When I made that video, the fruits in these plants were of very small size But, after one month, these fruits have grown to a more bigger size. Due to the weight of the fruits, the branches have leaned down. Besides the mature fruits, there are smaller fruits too and still the flowers are emerging. Most of the citrus fruits have the characteristics that even after the fruits get matured, they keep on producing flowers and new fruits too. However, both these lemon plants of mine belong to the dwarf variety of barahmasi Key lemon that keep on producing flowers and fruits the whole year Friends! Most of the viewers of the first video have enquired about the fertilizers They think that I certainly have some magical fertilizers due to which my lemon plants produces flowers and fruits in abundance. But, there is nothing like that. The lemon plant, if fertilized with proper fertilizer at right time will keep on producing fruits. So, today, I will talk to you in more details about the fertilizers for lemon plant. The lemon plant requires Nitrogen in excess, whereas the amount of Potassium and Phosphorus should be half to that of Nitrogen. Therefore, take such an NPK fertilizer for this in which the ratio of N, P & K is 2,1,1 Such as NPK 20,10,10 or NPK 30,15,15 This means, any NPK fertilizer in which whatever be the first number, the second and the third number should be half of that. If you don’t get the same NPK fertilizer, you will certainly get the NPK which have all the nos. same, such as NPK 20,20,20 or, NPK 18,18,18 Such NPKs are called balanced fertilizer and you can use this also If you have a balanced NPK in which all the nos. are same then while applying it on your plant take one tablespoonful of NPK in 2 ltrs. of water alongwith 1/2 tablespoonful of Urea mixed in it. By doing this, the amount of Nitrogen in NPK will increase in comparison to Potassium and phosphorus. After that spray the solution over your lemon plant. Apply NPK fertilizer over the plant only once in a month. The second fertilizer that you have to use contains micronutrients which is required by the plants in very less amount. It has Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Sulphur, Magnesium, Boron, Copper etc. These are available in some brand name, such as Multimax, Multicrop, Agromin etc.in agro-shops. While spraying NPK solution, add some drops of micronutrients to the same solution Friends! If you do not get NPK fertilizer, then in place of that, add in 1 litre of water, Urea, DAP and Potash in 1 tablespoonful amount of each and leave for 1 day. The next day, after mixing it well, make it 5 ltr. solution by adding water. And then you can use the same as NPK fertilizer. Beside spraying this solution over the leaves, you can apply in the soil around the plant too. Friends! these were about chemical fertilizers But by doing only this much will not fulfill the needs of fertilizer required by lemon plants. The chemical fertilizer has a quick effect but remains for a short period That is why lemon plants need slow release fertilizer so that, whenever they want and in whatever amount, they can use. As a slow release fertilizer, we have to use organic fertilizers, such as well rotten cow dung manure, vermi compost, mustard-cake, neem cake etc. All these things in little amount in every month, should be applied to the upper surface of the soil around the lemon plant Friends! If your plant is very healthy, bears too much green leaves, but produce no flowers and fruits then what should be the cure, is asked by too many people. So, I am going to suggest you some special remedy for this. In such condition when the plant is full of green leaves it indicates that either the plant has received Nitrogen in excess or it does not require more. So stop giving fertilizer that contains nitrogen for some period of time. Now for some period of time, apply NPK which has the 1st no. 0 and the 2nd and 3rd nos. are same such as NPK 0,18,18. This also should be applied only once in a month as said before. If you don’t get NPK 0,18,18 then in the fertilizer made of urea, DAP and potash as I explained earlier in this video the urea should not be mixed, only DAP and Potash should be used. Besides this, if you don’t avoid non-veg, purchase Bone-meal from the market which is a fertilizer made of animal-bone. Apply it in amount of about 50 grams around your plant every month in the upper layer of the soil. If you don’t find bone-meal too then you can try another remedy. From the fish-market purchase some white fishes of very small size. These fishes are very thin and small in size, hardly of one inch only Now, for a medium sized plant take 500 gms. of these fishes and burry them under the soil, 2 to 3 inches deep around the plant and put a 2 inches thick mulch of dried-leaves over the soil. After doing these treatments your plant will start flowering within a few days. Friends! I hope you must have loved this video. And if it is so, plz. press the like button and share the video too. Use the comment box for any query and if you are interested to watch the video of same kind then after pressing the subscribe button press the bell icon too, so that the updates of my every video will reach you immediately. Thank you for watching!

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  1. Dear sir,
    Please give me the name of your lemon's plant variety And how can I get this plant in Maharashtra if you have English name of your mentioned lemon plant then it is very easy to find me. thank you.

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