🌿🌴🌳 Soil. A Solution πŸ’‘ to Climate Change? #GoodFood4All

Soil. A Solution to Climate change? Day after day, we are pumping more and more
carbon dioxide into the air and heating up Industrial agriculture is making things worse. Luckily, we have a solution to help cool things
down – and it’s right under our feet! It’s the soil! Soil is our secret weapon in the battle against
climate change. It absorbs huge amounts of carbon from all
around us. In fact, it already stores three times as
much as the atmosphere and five times as much as forests. Managed in harmony with nature, it has the
potential to store much more! By using methods which are essential elements
of organic farming, such as cover cropping, composting and crop rotations, farmers can
enhance soil-carbon sequestration. Soils managed in such a way can retain significantly
more carbon than industrial monocropping systems. There are a lot of ways to increase soil organic
carbon levels. Longer grazing periods in pasture management. Hedges at field boundaries. Agroforestry. And restoring land in poor conditions. Besides cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions,
using management practices that increase the quantity of carbon stored in the soils we
can slow down or even stop global warming. What’s more, by not using harmful synthetic
fertilizers and pesticides, organic agriculture keeps you and our planet healthy. Healthy soils equals healthy food, healthy
people, and a healthy planet.

2 thoughts on “🌿🌴🌳 Soil. A Solution πŸ’‘ to Climate Change? #GoodFood4All

  1. Thank you for this important message and nice video!

    In addition to it, please read the following articles:

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  2. that's why we must keep soil inside cities that are the main contaminants on planet 60 % we must plant trees and vegetation and prohibit to cover soils and gardens with carpets of sinthetyc grass or pavement

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