🍅 LIVE: A’s to This Week’s Garden FAQ’s

it’s really fun to see just the
relationships that are being forged here on the Cali Kim community and people
really do care about each other and I really appreciate that everyone was so
nice to ask about how a camera guy and I were doing
we did have some fires just outside of our town and it was a little bit smoky
our house wasn’t in any danger that we knew of but still with the with the way
the fires have been going you just never know so anyway it’s great that
everything has calmed down and it’s a beautiful day here today and I just want
to say hello to so many people here in the chat i see debbie is on here from
hawaii and you guys might have seen the video we did with her a while back when
we were visiting Hawaii and Debbie was mentioning that there’s no time change
or that that she’s able to make it a little more often because of the time
change actually well why doesn’t change change
time I don’t know about you guys but I was awake last night I think at like
2:00 or 2:30 in the morning something about the time change just really threw
me off so hopefully you guys that didn’t have the same problem I did I see Sharon
here making a big pot of stew with some of my frozen homegrown veggies wow
that’s so great it’s great to put those veggies away
during the summer time when you have a lot and then be able to pull it out when
you don’t have it growing in the garden Ashley hello how are you today
I see Ali is here from Germany so it’s great to have you on here let’s see
piano master is here Eva is here yes Mac is rolling around in the grass in front
of me Pia B is here Patricia is here from
Arizona and I don’t think they do time changes either so I’m hoping eventually
we don’t do that here in California so today what I wanted to do is answer some
questions some of the most frequently asked questions this week over in the
YouTube comments so if you guys have topics so we’ll get to those questions
in just a moment but if you guys have topic ideas for live streams or for
videos you can leave those in the comments here on the live stream or what
you could also do is email them to me at Cali Kim at Cali Kim garden and home
comm and believe it or not sometimes I render
on ideas for the livestream so I love to hear what you guys would like to hear us
talk about here on our Monday live streams and that way we can provide the
information that you are asking for and share it with you guys
oh okay Cole hi how are you Cole I see you now and thank you so much for the
super chat a two dollar and seventy nine cents super chat Cole it’s great to see
you on here and I really appreciate you joining us you’re here week after week
as well so thanks a lot for taking time out of your days hang on a second I am
okay just check-in my computer here looks like we are all connected so thank
you so much for being here I think camera guy will be joining us everything
sunflowers and more is in the chat as our moderator doing a great job so let’s
jump in here to our very first question and the question is from Gina and I
don’t remember which video she commented on Gina asked how do you clean your
lettuce to make sure you get all the little green worms off the leaves I I
like to share with my friends but worried that I have not gotten all the
worms off and I don’t want to freak them out when I wash it I also use the Trader
Joe’s veg wash but I found them even after they’ve been in the fridge for
days oh my goodness and I think we have another super chat from Brandon Franzen
thank you so much for for hanging out here with us today and Brandon super
chatted at dollar ninety-nine that’s awesome Brandon thank you so much and
his comment is keep doing what you’re doing Kim thanks Brandon we definitely
don’t plan on quitting we are gonna be filming and videoing all winter long and
Brandon is actually gonna be at the mountain mandrian Festival on November
22nd through 24th I hope you guys will join me I’ll talk more about that in
just a few minutes so Brandon we’re looking forward to meeting you there
okay so answer to the question here I think a lot of you might struggle with
this I have gotten this question several times how do I get all the little green
creepy crawlies off my lettuce off my vegetables once I bring them in because
obviously you don’t want to be eating that nobody wants to find little creepy
crawlies in their salad so here’s what I like to do
um what I like to do is triple wash my greens
you don’t really to me I don’t I don’t feel like I really need to triple wash
my larger vegetables about my greens I definitely do so once I harvest a big
bundle of greens this one I’m actually growing inside so I won’t have to do it
to the inside coal was that another super chat for 279 oh my goodness thank
you so much coal said wow these super chats are really fun and yes they are a
lot of fun it’s fun to see them fly by and this one has a little blue color on
it which is kind of fun so really appreciate the super chats today so back
to lettuce what I like to do is first bring it in inside and then rinse it
really well under the faucet and then I like to fill the other half of my sink
with water and there’s some little critter right behind me here I think
it’s a lizard but max I think max is gonna go after it in a second so I fill
the other half of my sink with water and a couple tablespoons or so maybe 1/4 cup
of vinegar and then I I rinse all my greens in the under the faucet then I
put them over in the next side of the sink that has the vinegar and water in
it and swish him around and let him sit in there for maybe five or ten minutes
and then once they and the vinegar what that does is it tends to kill off any of
the little tiny aphids or I don’t know if it’ll kill the little green inch
worms but if you swish it around in there it’ll definitely help get them off
of the leaves and then I take that big pile of lettuce put it back under my
running water and pretty much for the lettuce I rinse off a leaf by leaf the
lettuce or especially the kale because the aphids tend to hide down in the
little curly parts of the kale I pretty much just rinse it off individually leaf
by leaf and really inspect it to make sure that I have all the bugs off now I
know that sounds kind of labor-intensive but basically it’s getting a triple wash
and hopefully that will rinse off all the bugs all the creepy crawlies and
that way you’re not freaking your friends out when you’re sharing that
lettuce with them so give that a try and let me know if it works for you okay but
you definitely do have to be really careful now if it’s too cold to grow
lettuce outside I would highly recommend growing some lettuce inside and I did
see here a super chat from ocean bound so ocean
bound thank you so much for joining us on today’s livestream I don’t remember
seeing you here in the chat before so I really appreciate you taking the time
out of your day to join us and I really do appreciate the super chat thank you
so much so if you can’t grow lettuce outside right now I highly recommend
growing a small little container of lettuce inside and camera guy is now in
the house so glad that he’s here watching on his lunch break from work so
get some lettuce growing inside a lot of you maybe it’s already frozen outside or
you just can’t grow outside you can grow a little container of lettuce like this
either on a sunny windowsill or set up some very simple grow lights in your
house to get them going and it’s really gonna give you that garden fix that you
need as gardeners need we love growing our vegetables that you can’t
necessarily get if it’s cold in the wintertime so there I have a video on
how to grow lettuce indoors we’ll be doing another video on that probably in
a couple weeks time but this one’s been growing for just a couple of weeks and
we’ll be harvesting it probably in another two weeks or so so get some
lettuce growing indoors guys okay and if you’re not sure what kinds of lettuce to
grow I’ve got a little lettuce seed collection it’s got five different
varieties and I’m actually having a sale today just for my livestream viewers I’m
not announcing it anywhere else it’s just for you guys because I really
appreciate you watching so you can grab any of my seed collections today for 30%
off which is a really good discount with the code live stream at Callie Kim
garden and home comm so grab yourself some lettuce guys and grow inside it’s
so much fun I know a lot of you out there are I’m growing lettuce or
microgreens indoors so let me know in the chat here if that’s you and we did
put out an indoor garden challenge a couple of weeks ago so let me know if
you’re taking me up on that and if you’re gonna be growing inside as well
okay so let’s go into the chat now and get some questions going here here’s a
question from Joshua G hey Kim hi Joshua I’ve put some Leafs on my garden beds
when it was going to freeze but my plants are turning pale what should I do
um if if it’s if you gotta frost your plants probably have gotten too cold so
it depends on the kind of plants that they are if they’re warm with their
vegetables like tomatoes and peppers it could be cold damage if they are cool
other vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower or maybe greens it could be
that they’re not getting enough sunlight or it could be that you’re over watering
so if you could let me know a little bit more about what’s going on and what kind
of what kind of vegetables you’re growing then that could help too but
mulching your garden beds with leaves is a great idea to help protect some of
your vegetables from the frost but those warm weather vegetables will definitely
be affected by cold weather because they’re meant to grow in warm conditions
okay couple oh yes I’m really sorry about that ocean bound I’m really glad
that that you joined us today and thanks again for the super chat okay fly
fishing Matt question is it too late to plant onions and leeks in zone 7a okay
7a I’m not sure exactly where that’s located or what your first frost date is
but it would be best if you can get those onions and leeks going before it
Frost’s probably much much before it Frost’s they should really be
established pretty well established and going for I’d say especially onions and
leeks maybe eight to ten weeks before your frost date but you can actually get
some of those going inside you can get onions going inside
pretty darn early even possibly in December and they can grow inside for
like 12 weeks or so a crazy long amount of time and that way you get them
outside in the spring before your first frost date and really get them going and
you’ll have onions so much sooner so it may be a little late for onions in zone
7a but gets them going indoors maybe in another month or so and that way you got
a big jump on the spring the little bunching onions grow really really fast
too so if you want some that that are growing fast plant some a bunch
onions okay Jack okay Jackson Maryland oh yes Maryland zone seven so he’s
starting his onions at the end of January I’m in Maryland zone seven so
yeah get those onions going really soon way before your your first frost date in
the spring okay Nisha she lives in Northern
California and she’s also gonna be the Mandarin Festival so I look forward to
meeting you Nisha and Nisha’s question is some of my strawberry leaves are
drying up there are strawberry runners growing indoors any tips okay
strawberries do have a season so there’s three different types of strawberry some
that produce a crop in the early spring there’s some that produce a crop in the
spring and in the late summer and some that produce one crop all at once so it
could just be the type of strawberries that they are it’s not their time to
produce but just because they’re dot they’re drying up doesn’t mean they’re
dead you don’t want to get rid of them or throw them out just keep pinching off
those dead leaves and you know keep them well watered and everything indoors make
sure they’re getting plenty of light and also fertilizing them and once it’s
their time they’re gonna start growing again and do really well for you so
definitely hang in there with the strawberries they do like a good pruning
so just keep those deadlies pruned off okay so let’s talk about the next
question that we got this week over on YouTube from a viewer and let me see let
me find out okay this was on the how to grow microgreens video growing
microgreens right on your windowsill is so easy you don’t even need any grow
lights and these are growing on my windowsill in my dining room and you can
see right here I just harvested some I think it was yesterday yeah yesterday
Mac and I were actually outside having breakfast and he was kind of eyeing my
microgreens like he wanted some you guys might have seen that over on Instagram
but anyway my question here is about microgreens and this question was from
Lorax vitality and Lorax said I love how you went full circle with the
information you reuse the micro green dirt by planting another batch after
harvest how many batches do you reuse the dirt
so I’m in that video I talked about I showed about microgreens from seed to
harvest so we planted some I think was actually in this container and then we
also harvested some and what you can do after you’re done harvesting your
microgreens is sometimes you’ll get another second little crop out of the
same container it’s not gonna be as thick as the first crop look how nice
and thick this is you want to plant your seeds really heavily in the soil so they
grow you a nice little carpet of greens sometimes you can get a second crop but
sometimes they don’t always come back so what you can do is to replant in the
same pot you can just pull out these little roots and then you know when the
pot is empty pull out the little roots and then you can go ahead and sprinkle
some new seeds in here again and I usually will do that for three or four
times now I am using a really high-quality indoor a potting mix for
that so you do have to make sure you have a really good potting mix you do
not want to use your soil from your garden beds so I’m using good dirt
indoor potting mix and it does have a lot of nutrients in it so I’m if you’re
using maybe a lesser quality potting mix I would say maybe go two times and then
sprinkle some extra potting mix in your little container to give it some extra
nutrients but usually with a good dirt you can grow things in your same
containers for three or four times before you have to mix a new soil and
that kind of thing so microgreens you really get a good bang for your buck
with that so hopefully you guys will grow some too and they are just so much
fun it’s also another one of those crops you can grow indoors during the winter
when you can’t get outside you could be harvesting them in probably seven to ten
days and it they really are fun to pop on your your sandwiches your I had some
on some eggs the other day really really a fun crop so let me know in the chat
here if you’re growing microgreens and what kind you like to grow I know a lot
of you guys are growing with my microgreens seed collection so I really
thank you for for picking that up and you can grab one of those on my website
as well it does have I think there’s nine ten maybe there’s twelve varieties
in here I can’t remember but it’s a really good value for the money
and then you grab it for that 30% off with the code live stream today as well
so these are just so tasty and I love how pretty the little red stems are this
is a red cabbage micro green seed so let me hear your questions now about maybe
growing microgreens or anything else gardening wise let’s take a look here
okay question questions okay are you going to be growing pumpkins again from
Brandon okay um I did grow pumpkins several years back I probably won’t grow
the big variety again like I did before because it just takes up so much room
and for the amount of time and energy and room it takes in my garden I’ll need
to be able to use it once a year it’s I they’re just not earning their keep here
in my garden but what I would like to do is grow some of the smaller ones like
the Jack be littles actually had some Jack be littles going and they got taken
out in the wind so hopefully next year we’ll get some of the smaller varieties
growing they weren’t grow even nicely on this trellis right you’re here behind me
and that way they don’t take up as much space oh hey Patti how you doing there
how’s your class doing and your your fall garden classroom garden doing there
in Pennsylvania okay question from mr. crazy cool can you grow micros outside
um you definitely can you could grow them in little containers or you I’m
suppose you could even grow them in your garden beds but they they really are
meant for like for me anyway I like to grow them for small little in small
little quantities to put on my windowsill but yeah sure you could grow
them outside too if you want they would also work really well in a small little
size smart pots this is one of the little transplant errs see all the
leaves that blew in there but you could definitely grow them in one of these
small little smart pots on your windowsill or maybe in a container out
on a patio or a balcony so yeah that would work just fine too just make sure
that the the type of seed you’re growing for your microgreens kind of matches up
with your climate like these are cabbages cabbage seeds up planted in
here which is a cool weather vegetable so you wouldn’t want to put these out
there grow these outside during the hot
weather okay let’s see here what should I do with my lavender I see that
question here where did that go um I can’t find where the question went but
anyway I saw a question oh here’s what should I do with my lavender cut it back
bring it inside take a cutting okay Stephanie I actually have a whole bunch
of lavender huge lavender plant growing out front and I was looking at some
things I could do with it so that’s a great question I was looking at possibly
making some lavender infused oil or lavender infused vinegar and doing a
video on that but definitely lavender can be cut back time after time it grows
year round in a mild winter climate I cut my back probably every two months I
would say and it grows like crazy right now it’s kind of taken over one of the
front garden planters and almost growing into the front front walkway so yeah you
can cut it back and then use the flower you can dry the flowers and use them in
like a potpourri use them like make a little sachet out of it and put it in
your drawers if the smell is absolutely incredible okay let’s see the other
question whoops and your questions otherwise we will head back in – okay
here’s a question of how rosemary from rain be hey Randy how you doing well a
rosemary head root if I stick it in the dirt I have rooted rosemary in water
I have not rooted it in dirt so if anyone has tried rooting it in soil let
me know but the easiest way I found is to take one of the soft cuttings from a
rosemary plant put it in a little jar of water I like to add some of the vermis
tear worm tea to excite just gives it some nutrients and helps it root a
little bit quicker it definitely does take longer to root – then like a basil
plant or a mint plant or a mint cutting so be patient but within a couple of
weeks you should see some roots coming out and then at that time I like to
plant it in a little pot of soil let it get established and then plant it
in the garden okay so let’s go into our third question here from this week and
this question is from sue Sherman and she left a comment on the question or on
the video that we posted last week about the wind wasn’t that crazy guys that win
was absolutely nuts if you didn’t watch that video you have to go back and watch
it because it was just so strong it was absolutely crazy and this question is
from sue will you beat the Mandarin festival in Auburn on Friday I would
love to see you and your products and I’ve actually had a lot of questions
about when we’re gonna be there so let me just give you guys the lowdown Jerry
and I are flying up to Auburn I think Wednesday the 20th and we’re gonna be
doing some videos with smart pots and one of the local mandarin growers there
on Thursday the 21st and then on Friday we’re gonna be Friday the 22nd through
Sunday the 24th we’re gonna be at the Mandarin festival all three days we’re
gonna have a booth right next to the smart pots booth and it is gonna be so
much fun we are gonna have some of our seed
collections there we’re bringing up six of our seed collections we’ll have a ton
of different packages for people to purchase we’re also gonna have our Cali
Kim 5-gallon smart pots up there and we are our booth will be right next to the
smart pot Cebu so not only will we have our smart pots but smart pots will have
all kinds of their containers there that you can take a look at and purchase if
you so desire there’s also going to be a photo booth so we can have the
opportunity to get our pictures with you guys sign autographs if you like we’re
gonna be actually speaking I’m gonna be speaking on the main stage on Friday and
Saturday at one o’clock and on Sunday at 11:30 so I’m going to be giving some
talks about container gardening growing organic vegetables all kinds of fun
stuff it is going to be just a ton of fun there’s also live entertainment tons
of mandrian types of food you guys are not going to believe all the food they
have there everything mandarin is the name of the game and you can take home
some mandrian oranges they are so good we had some last year
from smart pots gave some to us and they are absolutely wonderful so it’s gonna
be a fun time we’re looking forward to meeting you guys and yes I see I think
Christy just posted the chat the Holiday Inn in Auburn was so sweet to offer all
of our garden friends a 15% discount so all the information will be in the
description of the video description of this livestream you can at the Holiday
Inn 15% off all the links for the Mandarin festival the tickets are very
reasonable I think they’re maybe five dollars for Friday and I don’t know
maybe eight or ten dollars for Saturday or Sunday so it’s super reasonable it’s
not an expensive event to get in so we would love to see you guys there also
make sure that you follow myself and camera guy on Instagram because I will
be posting updates from the festival and prior to the festival and camera guy is
Cali camera guy over on Instagram I’m Cali Kim 29 on Instagram okay so Anisha
is saying yes it’s $5 for Friday Saturday and Sunday are $10 so great and
yes you can Patricia grow a mandrian orange in a pot in fact smart pots is it
has a ton of mandarin oranges at their booth which they’re going to be
available for purchase with smart pots and they I’m hoping like we can bring
one home somehow and grow and here in our backyard okay so I hope you guys can
go it’s in Auburn California if you’re not sure what that is look it up at the
mandrian festival calm and we’re hoping to do
some more traveling with our book as well so if you’d like us to come to your
city make sure you email me and let me know and we’ll see what we can do about
that okay I see a question flying by here
about tomatoes let me find that here where did it go from surnicc when it’s
tomato planting season and how do you know when to harvest them okay sir Nick
tomatoes are a warm weather vegetable so you’re gonna want to grow tomatoes when
the temperature is between 60 degrees and 85 degrees once it gets much colder
than that they don’t thrive as well if your temperatures are that temperature
you can plant them and you’ll know they’re ready to harvest when they kind
of give a little bit when you squeeze them so the red tomatoes should be red
orange tomatoes should be orange and when they’re kind of give a little bit
when you squeeze them then they’re ready to harvest and I do have a whole section
in my new book organic gardening for everyone on when to harvest tomato some
very specific step-by-step with photographs so that you know exactly
when to harvest them okay so let me head back here and answer question number
four our FAQ is from the week this is from Alexi Hallford this kind of goes
along the tomato question along with the tomato question and Alexi says I am a
super novice gardener I planted space master cucumbers for the first time
about 6 weeks ago in Texas about 20 minutes from Houston zone 9 so she’s a
southern gardener like we are here so it was hot when I planted them but now it’s
getting down to 38 degrees at night and 50 are in the 50s in the daytime I’m
covering the plants at night but I’m thinking I am not gonna have success
with these any suggestions okay yes I do have some suggestions um again cucumbers
are like tomatoes they’re a warm weather vegetable and cucumbers especially are
very cold sensitive so once the temperatures get that low see she said
it was in the 30s at night pretty much when it dips in the 40s I’d say my
cucumbers really start slowing down and once it gets into 30s at night your
cucumbers are not going to be very productive so make it easy on yourself
and great thing you got some planted late in the season it’s always good to
experiment but make it easy on yourself and get some cool other vegetables
planted because in the southern climates right now the cou other vegetables are
gonna do great so a lot of people I know mentioned are
from Florida Southern California Texas New Mexico all those southern states
maybe Louisiana now is the time during the winter to grow your cool weather
vegetables because we can’t grow them in the summer here it’s just way too hot so
you’re gonna want to plant things like broccoli cabbage cauliflower your greens
plant some lettuce plant some carrots plant some onions all the things that
won’t make it in the summer time and now is the most beautiful time to grow cool
their vegetables you’re gonna have the most beautiful salads also some
beautiful cool with their flowers like poppies alyssum I did a whole video a
few weeks ago on cool weather flowers it’s going to be a great time of the
year to grow them and I’ve got of course the seed collection to go along with
that I like to make it easy for you and package these so that you don’t have to
it takes all the guesswork out of it so there’s 15 varieties and this one so if
you want some cooler vegetables grab one of these and that way you’ll know
exactly exactly what to plant so just keep it simple work with the seasons and
you’re bound to have some really nice vegetables in your garden as long as
you’re growing the vegetables in season okay and thank you so much zinnia zinnia
neasha for complimenting me on the zinnias these guys actually made it
through the wind it’s pretty crazy I tied them up by the stems here to this
trellis a few days before the windstorm and surprisingly enough I don’t think I
lost a single one of them so that was a really nice bright spot coming out here
after seeing all the other crowd a lot of the other garden destroyed to see
this beautiful zinnias back here I saw it someone asked a question about how to
prevent powdery mildew on zinnias and even though it’s been super dry here my
zinnias are getting some powdery mildew now you can use a basic milk spray to
help with powdery mildew I haven’t sprayed any of these so
they’re actually doing pretty well but you can go back and check out my video
on that I would just search on powdery mildew on my youtube channel and I
believe it is one part milk to eight parts water yes something like that
then you can just spray your leaves and it really helps control it it’s not
gonna help totally stop it but it can really help keep it under control
okay see if there’s any other questions flying through here guys
Jeana yes the mandarins are delicious and there’s something about the area in
Northern California where they grow them I think it’s like that the chill hours
are something they get in the in the nights I’m sure I’ll find out more about
that at the festival that makes the mandarins in that particular area of the
country especially delicious okay I did see a question fly by here a couple of
times about spinach let me see if I can find that what’s the easiest way to wash
spinach from Moonshadow ok Moonshadow go back and watch the
beginning of the livestream I covered how to wash lettuce and greens to get
the little creepy crawlies off and that’ll work really well for spinach as
well okay let’s see that Cherie would come the festival I’m too far away well
hopefully we’ll come to your part of the your neck of the woods Cherie but if you
live in North Northern California or the west coast I hope you can join us okay
here’s a question from Nana and mama’s garden welcome so much I’m glad that
you’re here today hi Kim how do I know when spinach is ready to harvest do I
harvest the whole plant or just the seeds okay first of all Nana you want to
harvest it before it gets to the stage where it’s where you see flowers and
seeds you want to harvest your lettuce probably when it’s oh I’d say maybe six
inches or so tall lettuce is really tricky to grow because it’s kind of
finicky it’s a cool weather vegetable or cool weather green but it bolts pretty
quickly when the temperatures hit 75 even 80 degrees so for us it’s kind of
tough to grow it because we have a lot of cool days then we have some warm days
and I have never really had a lot of luck with it but you can harvest the
harvest it wouldn’t the plant when it’s probably six inches or so tall there’s
really no hard or fast rule if you like if you tend to like the baby spinach
then you want to just pinch off the individual leaves I wouldn’t chop off
the whole plant but just pick a couple of leaves off of each plant and it will
the leaves will grow back within a week or two but once it bolts and shoots up a
tall stock from the middle flowers goes to seed then it really gets bitter and
it’s not much good for eating so you definitely want to try and harvest it
before it gets to that at that point mr. crazy-cool I seen you around YouTube on
our video so I’m really glad that you’re joining us here on the livestream thanks
a lot it’s good to have you here okay let’s see if we have any other questions
let me see if I have a road anything else down questions from the videos
actually I think that is about it for the questions I got from YouTube this
week so let’s see we’ve got about maybe five more minutes or so see if we can
whip through some questions here in the chat all right Tammy how are you thank
you for being a good teacher you spin it so we can understand it and I appreciate
it Thank You Tammy I’m so glad that you’re enjoying it I have to give
camera-guy a ton of credit because he’s really really good at I usually have the
garden ideas for videos and he’s really good at I guess spinning it like you
said to make it so that’s understandable he really helps me when I video to make
sure that it’s in terms that that everyone can understand and it’s very
sequential so he is definitely my better half as far as that goes
and of course his camera work is great too okay let’s see here how do you
prefer jack this is a really great question Jack how do you prevent
yourself from buying too many seeds um you know what I think we all have that
all of us gardeners have that seed addict problem I know I sure do whenever
I get a seed catalogue or look at a seed website I just want to grow everything
so it’s hard for me not to buy everything in sight
I guess just think about what you what you like to eat what you like to grow
just be realistic about it you can always share your seeds your extra seeds
with your friends or do some type of a seed swap which is
always a lot of fun but you know what once a seed addict always a seed addict
I think so maybe we need to start a little seed addicts Anonymous website I
don’t know you don’t prevent yourself garden obsessions okay let’s see you’re
Christie thank you so much if your question does not get answered here on
the live stream I answer what I can but definitely email me and we’ll do our
best to get an answer to you over email okay mr. crazy cool how do I donate
there shouldn’t be a little super chat button at the bottom of the chat it’s a
dollar sign you can click on that and then it just walks you through the steps
of how you can do a super chat so thanks a lot for asking about that okay a
question from Joanne Sherwin hi Joanne have you tried growing sweet potatoes is
it a possibility in the UK there isn’t such a thing as too many seeds I
couldn’t agree with you more Joanne I have not grown sweet potatoes
and I know they are a warm weather plant so I think I should try growing them
next summer when it’s warm here um cliff in Idaho do you grow sweet potatoes
there let us know I am gonna be growing some potatoes I just got some seeds
which you guys might have seen in my video over the weekend some all-america
selection seeds I believe the variety is called Clancy and I didn’t even know you
could grow potatoes from seed and even cliff in Idaho they’re the the potato
state said he didn’t know that could be done so you know what it’ll be a fun
experiment make sure you follow along to see how it works and cliff is saying his
wife grows him as an ornamental vine so yeah I know they do have really
beautiful flowers and I think there’ll be a lot of fun to grow them as an
ornamental plant and maybe get some sweet potatoes out of it as well so
that’s a great thing I love here is that the garden community is helping each
other out I don’t know at all no one really knows it all but together we can
all learn and grow more of our own vegetables and garden obsessions is
saying Kim grow a hydrangea I love hydrangeas they’re so beautiful I
know they need shady area so maybe in the wintertime
since a lot of my garden is shaded it might be a good time to grow it so you
guys can see here this is the hill that I grow a lot of my garden on
it’s 12:30 here and it’s already completely in the shade so once the time
changes my entire garden my entire backyard by about one o’clock is in the
shade so I do try and grow some things are more shade tolerant ok rain be
you’re very welcome I appreciate it did we just give you their super chat see
here from Nana and mama’s garden thank you so much for the 499 super chat and
Nana and Mama’s garden said thank you ms Kim and you are very very welcome I’m so
glad you’re here today it’s our pleasure really really appreciate it thank you so
much you have potato seeds I know I was really stumped at that too but I checked
him again I’m like yes these are seeds so I’ll be doing a video on that I’m
really not sure how it works I’m gonna have to look it up and do some research
on that so if anyone has any information on that
email me or let me know ok regular potatoes from seed this is from cliff
would be interesting yeah I can’t wait to see how it turns out it’s gonna be
fun last time we tried to grow potatoes it didn’t work too well so hopefully
this time we’ll have better luck with it but since they’re all-america selections
variety which those are varieties that are grown in test Gardens across the
country all-america selections is an organization that does that then they
are tested and the varieties that win they’re judged and tested the righties
that win are deemed all-america selections winners so those are the
vegetables that I’m going to be growing I’m not gonna be replanting ok what is a
good source for AAS seeds from Rita Gibson Rita what you want to do is look
on their website they have pretty much any of the large seed companies will
carry the all-america selection seeds but look on their website which is all –
America selections org I believe and I will be posting a video on hopefully
Wednesday I did do some replanting already with some of those varieties but
look on their website all the information on
they’re winners and where you can buy them are there on their website they’re
a great organization I’ve worked with them for probably three or four years
and they really have some beautiful varieties okay let’s see here Park seed
company okay yeah there’s lots of different seed companies most of the
major seed companies carry all-america selections varieties and they’re usually
identified in the description and I believe I have a couple in my seed
collections the sugar snap peas are a very old all-america
selections winner they’ve been around for a long time those are in the I think
the spring garden maybe the fall garden I don’t recall exactly but anyway they
are just absolutely beautiful lovely productive plants okay
pea abbie question what can we do with a stunted tomato we live in Southern
California thanks Kim okay Pia depends on why it’s stunted if it’s because it’s
getting cold at night which it is a few nights we’ve had several nights into the
40s that’s definitely going to slow your production down and this time of the
year in Southern California it’s kind of iffy for tomatoes it really depends on
the weather it depends on the sunlight they’re getting so what I’ve actually
done just recently started a brand new round of the Tiny Tim and the yellow
patio choice tomatoes which are actually another all-america selections variety
so what’s a tomato is stunted sometimes it’s hard to pull out of that the Tiny
Tim though is a great fast grower and will grow nicely here in California
I grew some of these last winter and just brought them in and the in the
nights when it got cold and you can see I’ve got it here in a container it’s a
great container variety so you may just want to get some new ones growing you
can grab these Tiny Tim tomatoes on my website there in the small space
collection and also you can get them with the smart pots and seeds they come
with the smart pots if you order the package that comes with the seeds so
great tomato to grow in the wintertime in a southern climate or even to grow
indoors okay we have time for one more question
okay let’s see here Deb Castella Castellana sorry love love
love your channel Thank You Deb any advice for someone getting ready to
plant my potatoes in grow bags best soil compost mix well if those
klancy potatoes work out for me from seed I’m going to be growing them in a
large size smart pot so you definitely want to stay tuned for that I would say
you do want to get a really high quality potting mix my favorite here is good
dirt it’s super loose it doesn’t get compacted it’s very nutrient dense they
have it on their website good – dirt calm ooh maybe stott org Christi if you
can post that in the chat that’d be great they do have a good dirt in a lot
of Target stores however it’s pretty much seasonal so I believe they’ll have
good dirt starting in January and almost all Target stores which is super super
exciting but in the meantime you can check on their website just make sure
you have a really good high quality potting mix and stay tuned for the
videos we’ll be doing on that okay guys this has been a ton of fun
really appreciate you joining me here today on this beautiful Monday in
Southern California make sure that you stay tuned we’ll be having some more
videos coming out in the next week or so and join us on next week’s Monday live
stream don’t forget about the Mandarin festival and make sure you take
advantage of the sale just for the live stream viewers today with the code live
stream over my website alright guys thank you so much
it has been great to be with you here today and I think Mac might want to say
goodbye whoops Mac you see if we can get that camera
down to him Mac wants a bite everybody okay well I think he wants to go inside
so alright guys we’ll see you later bye bye

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  1. how do you put away the fabric growing bags in the winter ,i live in NY and we do get alot of snow, please adivse, i appreciate all the knowledge we get from your channel

  2. Join me at the Mountain Mandarin Festival in Auburn, CA on November 22-24, 2019 (http://www.mandarinfestival.com).   It spotlights the Sierra Foothills Mandarin Oranges and attracts 35,000 people from throughout the West Coast. Everything Mandarin is the name of the game – get ready for jams, jellies, body care products, infused olive oils, BBQ sauces, a recipe contest (guess who is a judge?!), live entertainment and more!

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  3. Great livestream Kim. I got lucky and was able to be there the whole time as I was traveling between jobs

  4. I'm probably one of not very many who actually likes daylight savings time and I wish it could be in effect all year long. I don't have any problems with the time change whether we are setting our clocks back or forward; but, I'm not keen on it getting dark at 4 PM.

    I don't have window sills where I can set up pots for microgreens. This is why I prefer to grow sprouts. I've grown sprouts back when it was easy to find seeds for sprouting locally, no matter where I lived. I planted radish and carrot seeds; but, the carrots are not doing anything. I got a couple of seeds sprouted; but, the carrots did not grow. I planted radishes at the end of September. Funny how the temperature went from 95 degrees to our first frost two days later. We've had several frosts since. The radishes have grown some. But, there are no radish globes at the bottom of the leaves. I'm not going to pull them out. They might not survive the snow; but, when the spring weather comes, I'm going to plant them again.

  5. Hi Kim I love watching your videos. You are one of the gardeners who have inspired me to grow vegetables during the summer. I leave in Edmonton we have very short growing period but I was able to grow some tometoes this year and had good results. I will really be happy if you will be able to come to Edmonton that will be awesome. Thanks a lot for all the good and great information you do share. God bless you.

  6. arrrrrrrrrr I was stuck at WORK during the livestream! I didn't know the fires were so close to you! Glad you are safe. November, almost time for us to plant our garlic! I have a couple store bought organic bulbs (from Gilroy of course) in the refrigerator waiting to plant!

  7. Yes on the sweet potatoes. We grew 6 potato slips in 1 20 gallon smart pot. We used stakes and tied it up and it cascaded down. They have beautiful heart shaped leaves and purple flowers. We planted in May and harvested in September. We had a 22 pound harvest in the 1 20 gallon smart pot! It has been so exciting and then you let them cure for 2 weeks. They have been the most tasty sweet potatoes we’ve ever had. Thank you for all you do- I would t have been able to do it without your encouragement on YouTube! Also I’m harvesting a salad everyday for my lunch thanks to your videos!!!

  8. Hi Kim, sorry I missed the livestream. I love nasturtiums, but they're taking over my garden like weeds. Do you have any tips on pruning to keep them under control?

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