10 Things I Hated About Living in Paris

maybe you’re looking to move to Paris and you’re looking to learn about the reality of life in the big city maybe you’ve heard the quote there’s always time for Paris one too many times or maybe your best friend just moved to Paris and you’ve seen so many photos with the Eiffel Tower that you just want to throw some facts in their face to prove that their life sucks well my spiteful friend you have come to the right place now LA do you might not know this cuz this is before my YouTube days but I actually lived six months in Paris and like anyone who moves to a foreign city for six months I don’t know what to tell you everything that’s wrong with that place the first thing I want you to know is that there are two types of Paris there’s a touristy Paris that everyone sees when they visit and then there’s the real Paris so people arrive in Paris with this idea of this romantic beautiful old-fashioned city where everything is you know the idea and in people go there to reinforce that idea so they go down the touristy streets and they have their cheese fondue and they get their picture with the Eiffel Tower with a bottle of wine and a picnic and they go home with their pictures content because they lived their version of the Paris that they wanted but that isn’t necessarily the Paris that you’re going to be living so that’s the first thing the illusion you have about Paris could quickly come crumbling down when you realize that there are a lot of things that are not so great about the city and one thing which you’re probably not going to notice as a tourist but you’ll definitely notice when you’re living there is that the bureaucracy is out of control when I did find a job and I’ll talk about jobs later in this video that’s a whole nother when I did find a job I almost lost that job because I had to wait two weeks to four weeks for this office to get back to me with this stamp to allow me to begin work even though I was in France I was ready I had my working holiday visa and my boss who was also another Canadian that’s probably the only reason she like put up with this because she knew the struggle as well but she even told me like dan I’m about to hire the Swedish guy because like he Europeans can just begin work immediately whereas I need to go through all this bureaucracy so if you’re Canadian or an American or you know anywhere else outside of Europe I don’t want to scare you but I do want to scare you cuz the bureaucracy is real and it’s gonna it’s gonna give you some headaches II Paris like any city has unemployment it has locals who are looking for jobs who can’t find jobs and that means as an outsider not only are you competing against them you’re competing against their language ability the jobs that are available for English speakers aren’t going to pay all that well usually and they’re typically going to be in the hospitality it could be like concierge you can work as a receptionist there are pubs which is what I ended up doing I got a job at an Irish pub that was cool like I would recommend something like that if you can get into it try to connect to other people who have done it before because they can give you a lot of tips what was that why did I point number four is that it’s also hard to find a place to live you know this could be said of any big city especially these days but Paris it’s especially hard because they have very strict zoning rules which means that the the city itself if you count the suburbs is huge it’s whatever ten million people but the city itself has these these twenty around a small which means these twenty neighbourhoods which has been the same size since like Napoleon’s time and they’d like it to be the same size they French people like things the way they are they don’t like change sorry to say that if your friends but you know it’s kind of true alright so reason number five I hate Paris is that people are cold in that city even making eye contact with someone for more this but second is like Oh put down cash – uh-huh people have an attitude about them I think part of the reason it’s like this is that there are a lot of scams which is my next point but just to finish this part off it’s it’s it’s tough to make friends and there’s a coldness aloofness to people this is very French anyway the next point as I mentioned is there are a lot of scams in Paris and here are a couple in particular to watch out for by the Eiffel Tower there are people with clipboards usually groups of young women who will pretend to be deaf and get you to sign something to like help deaf people but they’re not actually deaf it’s to scam and I’ve never actually interacted with them that much and sign their papers but I’ve heard from people that like they will try to get you to sign their petition they will then write a number next to it and like demand that you pay that amount of money and clearly they’re at the Eiffel Tower because they know these are people who aren’t familiar with French society so the scams that might not work on a local might work on someone who just arrived in Paris another one up by sacre coeur the big church on the hill in the north of paris there are people who will try to like tie some bracelet around some like string bracelet around your wrist and then demand money for that and I think that’s part of the reason people are cold on the streets of Paris because they’ve dealt with that so many times people who have like some hidden agenda that they’re trying to throw at you that they just avoid it it’s sad but you know I can understand it what I can’t understand and I will never understand is my next point which are lineups for some reason in Paris there are lineups everywhere and they all take significantly longer than you think they will because every time you finish a lineup you get to the front and then they send you to another lineup classic examples so I’m at the bank right then I was trying to deposit some money and for some reason I needed some form or something there’s always some form that you’re missing in France and I was at the lineup I had my money I had my passport I had my bank card and they wouldn’t let me deposit this money I needed to go to some other lineup speak to someone else in the bank and get some form and then I did the whole lineup again but I’d missed a question and instead of letting me just take out my passport and like quickly fill it out the information I’d missed like someone else just came up and started speaking to them and then I tried to like just give it to her once that guy was done but there was a blow everyone else in the lineups like eh like get to the back I don’t know how French people feel about that I would love to hear a reasonable explanation for this behavior because I’ve seen it a few times and this kind of leads into my next point which is that Parisians love to argue remember I told you I ended up getting a job at the Irish pub well we kind of turned into a bit of a nightclub at night so around 9:00 p.m. on a Friday or Saturday we would have to like move the tables from the middle of the dance floor out so like people could start dancing and the deejay could come in but people would still be there from like 7:00 just kind of like chilling and like slowly sipping the same beer for like three hours they would always want to argue and make a big scene like but you know what it’s just the way it is man like you can move your table it’s okay c’est la vie as they say in France oh yeah speaking of c’est la vie it is hard to learn French in Paris that might come as a bit of shock to some people but it’s true I can’t count the number of times that I’ve tried to have a conversation with someone in French and they’ve immediately said oh do you speak English like they hear like one grammatical mistake though oh do you speak English do you want me to speak English and then they started speaking English it’s like no man like I moved to France I want to learn now I don’t started this video by saying that there are the two different types of Paris and that when you begin you’re in the touristy Paris well to bring it all the way back to where we started I’m gonna end by saying that after a while living in Paris you start to hate the tourists I know that might sound ironic to say that I hate tourists when I am in a since still one myself I mean after six months there’s so much about that city that I didn’t know but I found myself like I was living in the center of Paris and I found myself going to the grocery store and all these tourists with their maps and their cameras taking photos I’m like get out of my way man like I’m just trying to buy my bread and my wine and get going you know it’s a Saturday let’s go let’s go and that’s when you know you’re a little step closer to being Parisian when tourists annoy you too now guys I know I’ve said a lot of negative things about Paris in this video and of course that’s not the only way I feel like there’s a lot of great stuff about that city like leaving no just kidding it’s a city you can love you can hate but if you don’t hate it a tiny bit you probably never spent much time in Paris because there’s a lot to hate there’s a lot to love too but you know what at the end as I look back all the struggles I went through they made me stronger I feel like if I lived in Paris I can I can make it anywhere truly if I went after going through that I I’m not afraid of being lonely in a new city I’m not afraid of any of that stuff it’s it will never be as hard as it was embarrassed and that’s it those are my thoughts that I’m sharing with you from this porch in Costa Rica that has 10,000 birds chirping in the background I hope some people found that video to be I don’t know useful or entertaining or or something that you can scoff at and say oh this this Canadian he does not know about their culture quite a bit to live Alou okay max elephant Allah video a la prochaine Minami [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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  1. You had to wait TWO WEEKS?! I waited eight years, seven months, three weeks and six days to get a work permit for the U.S. Also, should Paris or any city hire and give certain types of jobs that require greater language skills to those who don’t speak the language up to the required level for the job? Some things haven’t changed since Napoleon’s time? Pretty sure there weren’t skyscrapers and huge multi-family apartment complexes back then.

  2. I come from Paris. I have lived there since I was born and I have to admit that what you said in this video is true. Anyway, I don't think that I want to leave Paris because I just love the city: the architecture, the food…

    People aren't always nice or welcoming, it's true, but it's because of stress mostly.

    There are some beautiful things to see in Paris and I feel lucky to be able to see them everyday. Of course there is different sides of Paris but it's the same in every big city !

  3. Ok kid, I lived in Paris as well and I loved it. Most Paris proper is beautiful, not like London which is beautiful mainly in just the NW area. Second. Are you complaining for having to wait just two weeks to get your papers right to be able to work as a foreigner? Are you serious? That's nothing to most other countries. I had to wait 8 months in Luxembourg and I was married to a European. You should be thankful they even let you work as an American. Everything else you complained about is similar to how things are in any big metropolis. You probably come from a small town or a boring American suburb. Also the main metropolis of the world are fun mainly if you have tons of money to splurge. It didn't seem to be your case.

  4. You forgot to tell about pipi smell in metro and dogs shirt everywhere. Can't understand the french live with this.

  5. I've never been to that city but from what I've heard, the rude Parisian stereotype doesn't apply in the smaller towns.

  6. The bureaucracy is not just a headache, it is a heartache! They are not cold, they are sick and tried of loud Americans. Speak softly and carry a weapon. Go to Cite Université to learn French. I don’t hate tourists, i hate bureaucrats! You can’t live in New York. Paris is annoying, but it is not dangerous. The police aren’t going to shoot you because you might have a concealed weapon!

  7. I don't get why I would smile to every stranger in the first place ..

    Are you an attention seeker or something ? A smile is an emotional thing not a social one . For me at least

  8. Wow, you discovered America on the No. 1 thing; of course there is the tourist Paris and the real Paris as the tourist/real New York, London, Tokyo, Madrid,etc, you got the point:)

  9. In US even the cops just stop you and fuck with you as soon as they notice you are not from there. The most racist country on the planet

  10. People weren't cold, and looking people in the eyes was very sexual and confrontational. Even accidentally looking a male in the eyes could lead to him deciding to rudely follow you for several blocks

  11. Dude fuck yea they are cold, I’ve never got told to hurry up and chose a shoe at any footlocker except in Paris. The manager at a footlocker told me hurry we don’t have all the time in the world for you. I was like wtf really.

  12. Paris very densely populated: everyone lives in an apartment (houses are few and for the very wealthy), streets are jam-packed with cars and people, and living there is exhausting. And then there's "parigot" — the Paris dialect — which can be a little grating on the ear. It certainly helps if you speak French fluently. I do and enjoyed my time there but, as for living there — NON! There are smaller cities in France without the pressure (and the tourists!) where you can actually meet and interact with people.

  13. My partner and I met a Swedish model in Paris – she flew regularly to France (& Spain) for modelling jobs but had no wish to live there. She summed up Parisians: "they eat, they sleep, they ride the metro". That pretty much de-fantasised us of our image of living in Paris.

  14. I also heard that the citizens smell really bad. They don't ever bathe or WIPE their ass or brush their teeth.

  15. I was forced to learn French in Jr. High School, hated it. Didn't want to learn it in the first place… But Americans are being forced more and more to learn foreign languages in our schools.
    I thought Canada was partly French in their country?

  16. the french are arrogant ignorants.They don’t speak foreign languages, They’re not even able to spell their own language at a low level,
    and they think great of themselves!

  17. For heaven's sake. If you go Rome do as the Romans do or stay home and cheese fondue is Swiss and not French.
    I am Dutch and I lived and worked in Italy  for 2 years. When I went there, I knew things  would be different than I was used to. It never crossed my mind to compare things with how they were in Holland.
    But I guess that's what you get when you are brainwashed with the delusion that your country, the US is the greatest nation on earth.

  18. Most of your observations are applicable all over the world..
    Paris isnt unique to the things you speak about…

  19. I hope you will come back to France but not to Paris, this is definitely where the people are the coldest. For the people speaking to you in english, I can understand that, everybody says that we suck at speaking english, so people are willing to show you that it is wrong!

  20. I spent 5 weeks in Paris. 1. It smells like urine 2. People are rude and generally only think of themselves 3. They push in…where ever they can 4. They all look clinically depressed 5. They expect you to speak French… I'm Australian when the fuck would I learn French??? 6. After a couple of weeks you start becoming as miserable as the people there. 7. Scammers are EVERYWHERE. 8. Eurodisney was bad. Happiest place on Earth in the most miserable city in existence. After Paris I went to Copenhagen…beautiful. Then London… cleaner, friendlier, doesnt smell like piss everywhere and just so much better. I have no urge to go back to Paris and I never will. It was an experience but just not worth it.

  21. Ahahah you have same about NY.
    People are stupid to idealized a city.
    Paris is a world city with goods and bads things as others big cities.

    The Scam are not french but generally from Eastern Europe gypsie. And they are everywhere in Western Europe.

    9 things i Hated in America

    – Violence
    – Poor education
    – poverty
    – bad health care
    – racism
    – hypocrisy
    – religion
    – Nudity is worse than violence there
    – all about money

  22. True 🙌🏻 its sad , I live in Paris from 2015 it broke my soul, stole my smile, I love cultures of countries any where in this world, but we are living beings we cant just enjoy buildings!! I stopped drinking and smoking lately ( things I started in Paris) because I don't want to believe they are the only habits we can enjoy doing in paris?? There's no real love here, people don't hug!! Its cold its dark, it was ok when I was mostly dark because what was going on in my life that time, but the past months I'm trying so hard to heal my self, and just will move out as fast as I can to a bright land 🕯

  23. These issues are not geographical — they're temporal. The video could better be titled: "10 Things I Hated About Living in the 21st Century".

  24. Liar it’s a myth that Paris is not good I’ve been visiting every country but nothing bad about them and Paris is also not bad

  25. You know this how it is when you move to another country for outsider you have to adapt language, lifestyle I do ask questions about Americans too meaning american from USA I'm from the Islands in America

  26. Youtube knows about my plans. C'est bien cela j'apprandre français avant que je parte. Je ne me lacherai pas duper.

  27. Everyone here is talking about paris buy did anyone notice that this guy looks like a vampire 🧛‍♂️

  28. i think it’s brutal to post a video like this :))) i’m just having second thoughts rn :))) this isn’t nice

  29. i dont understand why women have this false imagination about Paris
    being a "stylish" city or a "best gift for women". The city is horrid.
    There's no other word to describe it. The people don't make the place
    either. The whole place is nothing a but a gutteral, borderline homeless
    enclave which reeks of urine infused with aged fungal ridden cheese.
    The rudeness of information centres (with anti-customer service
    attendants) is appalling. Restaurants charge an 80 euro "service fee" but
    still expect a tip – and that's just for having a sub standard pizza with a
    glass of orange juice. Absurd….. then there are the 3rd world taxi drivers.
    Thieves – the lot of them! They take you down alleyways, cobblestone
    streets where men are peering into car windows. The taxi driver takes a
    cut for bags stolen and vice versa. I was lucky to get out of that one
    by talking the driver's language. When i said "yella habib" he put on
    the central locking and said (no bullshit) – "I was going to leave the
    doors unlocked but other passengers have had their bags stolen by these
    men. For you – just relax, no worry" …… And that my friends is the
    city that women DESIRE. What a fucking joke! Paris sucks! Parisians are
    all a bunch of penny pinching gutter trawlers! Style? What style!? …..
    NOTHING. NADA…… Italia numero UNO !!!!!

  30. uk is best my dream country clean and open mind peaple but in france looks like 3rd world many parts in unclean and trash everywhere I see many youtube video 😂😂😂😂

  31. AH im french canadian! . maybe you shouldv moved to montreal instead and learn french while still holding an english job XD

  32. Cheese fondue is from Switzerland, I am Canadian, I traveled extensively and what I learned is not to compare but try to understand. I watched you video and I would not be attracted to you, you look and sound arrogant and self center. You won t be happy anywhere. I be curious to see what would be things you like. I noticed you stayed on the superficial side. The parisians are complaining because they are coming from the revolution as Canadians are coming from defeat, we are only trying to avoid conflicts. So I suggest to dig a bit deeper in your next trips. That would make your video more helpful. As a French Canadian m I d love to watch a video on quebec or Montréal to see your views on it, I feel it would be nasty since it is not like you. Cheers

  33. I just got back, and my only issues were the lack of places to get coffee at an early hour, the crazy driving, and the smell of urine in places it shouldn’t be (ie a mall). I found most of the French very gracious and willing to help an American who spoke little French. Sometimes people were quite aggressive, pushing past you etc, but I learned quickly to stand my ground. Not that different than the US in that respect.

  34. I stay in Paris for the summer and I really enjoy it. Big cities have the same problems every where, I lived in several cities in the US, Mexico and Spain. J’aime Paris

  35. after reading a lot of the comments, I read often the side of insecurity. I mean did you ever went to africa? for exemple morocco, where u get robbed just because u have a silver necklace … What I mean is, and i lived in both countries, paris is pretty safe, you also have to inform yourself on the spot to go as a tourist and not to, because for every big cities you'll get scammers thieves etc… That's just life.

  36. Sorry french, but..

    you guys are arrogant pricks.
    I am from the Netherlands, most of us think the same, even when French people come to our country, they speak French to us and act all insulted when we don't speak French back.
    Or when we go on holiday to France, and of course we do not speak French, BUT we try!
    As a kid in a store i said, "un baguette sivouple", yes its not correct, but still, they dislike it.
    Also every time i go on vacation to other countries, there is always this group of French people, a big family or something familiar, that thinks they are more important then the rest, even in Greece, they speak French against the airport staff and again, act insulted when they don't speak French.
    Or when there is a line in front of some store or office, they always scream from the back and go in front of others.

    I am sure there are some nice French people, but generally, i avoid this country, simply because of the attitude of the people, most simply described as arrogant.

  37. Geez, a north American white boy stunned that the rest of the world isn't a replica of his middle-class life with Mom & Pop. A foreign country doesn't fall over itself to make him comfortable at all times?? Takes TWO WHOLE WEEKS for a foreigner to get a permit??? Have to stand in LINE occasionally?!! Such admiration for you DUUUUDE!!.Those kids massacred in Rwanda & 65 million refugees got nothing on you, you done it SO, SO TOUGH!

  38. I went to Paris years ago in the seventies found them offish and arrogant but I thought it was because I was with my English brother-in-law and I don’t think the French like the English. However putting all that aside very charming romantic city. The best place to visit in the world is Sydney Australia, people so friendly can’t do enough for you, Sydney Harbour beautiful, lovely old building and great restaurants.

  39. Strange, you can ask whoever you want and they ALL say that Parians are not nice people, rude, arrogant, aloof. I always wonder why. I think it's also a very loud city with a traffic to get nuts. London is the same, but the people are ever so nice there. And Berlin has more grumpy people, but is very relaxed in comparisan to other big cities.

  40. Problem number one in Paris are too many people from Africa, almost muslims how don't respect noting of Europe and europien culture. They come direct from jungle and they just want money and it is it. If you are white you are directly rasist

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