12 Reasons Why I Grow My Fresh Food – Fruits and Vegetables in my Front Yard

Alright, this is John Kohler, growingyourgreens.com
I have another exciting episode, this is another question and answer, actually it is just one
question and this is an important question so I thought I’d make a video just for only
this question because also because this question may take me some time to answer and this is
the question that’s very important and I m glad this person asked to me so that I can
answer it. Once again you know if you do email me over YouTube your question I don’t have
time to respond personally to everyone who might do often redeem and in many cases I
will respond to your questions with a video ah.. and if not I do apologies I just I have
like over 20 pages of ah.. messages as 20 pages times I, I don’t know 15-20 messages
per page and I mean every day like 5-6 more messages come in, like I just can’t keep up.
I gotta keep taking videos and I can’t worry about answering emails, if you also post on
my profiles, I don’t often you know , answer those questions either but I may make ,you
know once again a video like I am now to answer those questions the best way to give response
to me is if you do reply or make a comment on one of my videos that put into the videos
, but if not put in to the videos then I am not answering but if it’s put in the video
then many times I will answer that the way I most like to reply. In any case let’s go
ahead and get in the today’s question. Today’s question is from flying emu, 27. I’ve been
watching your videos for a while now and I have to say that you are really inspired me,
oh! I m glad that I can inspire you. I m living in a college dorm right now but that’s isn’t
stopping me from growing plants, I currently have at least 30 plants and sprouts growing
all of the edible, sounds crazy but it’s awesome. Hey man You should make a video put that up
to show what you could grow in a college dorm title it what you could grow in a college
dorm right, without said, the reason I am writing you this message is because I have
a small favor to ask . I am going to begin a persuasive speech for speech class motivating
my class mates to grow a portion of their own food. I was just wondering if I can have
a few statement from you that I could use in my speech specifically I m looking for
things why you are gardening grow food, the different it has made for you and others , the
benefit etcetera, anything else that you think would help persuading Aryans would work as
well let’s see, the question goes on .I understand you are probably really busy with a lot of
things but I will really appreciate being able to share words from you with my class
since I would say you r probably one of the most credible sources out there as far as
experience goes and certainly by for the most out there inspiring if you can respond though.
I totally understand whatever you decide keep fighting the good fight, alright man, thanks
a lot well I goanna respond I picked your question because it’s an important question
and you know it brings me back to when I was in college and I actually had a demonstration
speech I forget I did for my persuasions but my demonstration speech is oh my god I was
like one of the worst public speakers you know I use to say umm.. and like to teach
you and hold up his hand you know how many umm.. i would say during my speech and you
know I do say umm.. sometimes even now when I make my videos but you know what I am just,
I am just a lot better because you know what I had to grow in to becoming a better speaker
because I wa.. it was like something that I needed to do to get my message across the
people so I am glad that, that this courageous drew me in a lot better now than I ever was
anyway I gave this demonstration speech back in college for a demonstrating how to change
your oil in your car. And so I had like a box which was like the
engine block in there actually like screwed in like an oil paint from my car because I
had this is how engine stuff and I saw it how to change oil and it was really funny
like I don’t know months or later after the talk after the class was over the semester
was over I saw one of the girls at a local shopping mall she was like hey john thanks
to you, you know I change my oil of car now is, wow that’s like several war,She actually
changed her oil because of my talking you know hopefully to know that I am making all
this videos and I am making a change and a positive change in people’s life and people
are growing food because they little owe me, you know I am just a man but it’s great that
I can have this influence and thank you for being my viewers once again so anyways lets
go get into the question let’s see the question were umm.. looking for things like why you
like to gardening grow food the differences made for you and other benefits and anything
you like to add so I think I would like to go down the list I basically have about twelve(12)
things that I would like to go over that you know why growing food is so important and
you know why do it also it will in compose some of the benefits so let’s get started
with those (12)twelve. So number one(1) food is the basic need of
all the needs on earth beside water, we need food to survive so either you can depend on
other people for your food so that you can survive like other people growing your food,
other companies are manufacturing your food or in .. in that case also in my opinion you
are ignorant about you know about life because you know, if you can’t provide for you and
your family you know I don’t know I think you are ignorant if you are not talking the
time to learn how to grow your own food because it’s a, it’s a actually a necessary we all
need to eat. Wait there is something called breadth air look into them, supposedly breadth
air you though don’t need to eat but I don’t know about that so grow your own food and
be in power and don’t be ignorant any longer because you can’t do it and I can help wait
isn’t that somebody’s corporate logo wait I don’t know if I can sneak that [he he …] so
that’s my number one reason for growing food is because we all need to it and it’s a basic
need you know what is it food, shelter, and there is Maslow’s lots of need whatever I
don’t know I didn’t do too well in psychology or [laugh] anyways so back to the program
So number two(2) another most important reason for me and this is a no particular order of
these first two or there are actually my top ones, number two for me is a health aspect
of growing your own food there is no healthier food on this planet in my opinion then food
you grow on you front yard your backyard your own food forest or wherever you are growing
it why? Well number one is because when you grow your
own food you know what’s goanna you put in your soil hopefully you are not spraying pesticide,
you are not putting chemicals you are growing in composed which is rebuilding the soil you
are putting in a rock dust you get the full spectrum of minerals you are also picking
your food hopefully taking inside and eating it and there have been studies that show after
you pick food and you know within 24 hours 50% of some nutrient are lost and what do
those nutrients do well a lot of people don’t know those nutrients do but you know why should
change yourself why not give yourself every possible advantage the highest quality nutrition,
the best quality food by growing yourself so that help bit of its beside the other fact
that I need to eat is prior second biggest reason why I started to grow my own food so
that I can eat healthier and be healthier and that’s, that’s huge I mean in today’s
society obesity and overweight and people out of shape are running rapid and you are
one of the reason for that is because people are not eating the foods that nature has provided
us with every other animal on earth eats natural food right of the plant live, right of the
plant dears will come up and munch on this they don’t take it and go home put in their
fridge transfer across the country and then buy it and then eat it they eat it fresh all
animals eat it fresh so we should be eating the foods fresh too the other reason why you
could healthier if you have a garden or grow your own food and because you goanna get exercise
that’s another reason why people I think are overweight in our society today because you
know what their couch potatoes are watching the football game you know they are not out
shoveling, digging moving composed lifting heavy parts you know doing work so you are
out in the garden gardening you are getting physical activity building your muscles building
your endurance because sometimes gardening takes full days at a time and you are also
eaten healthier plus you got a thing is its shining right in my eyes right now the sun
you get sun when you have sun on your face and your body is exposed you create vitamin-D
free and clear and you know there is a big Vitamin-D deficiency now a days in America
that’s because prior people use lots of sun block that’s a whole another subject that
I am not got a get into but anyways gardening for health, huge reason that’s why I do it
number three(3) reason why gardening is so good saves money, you know I saw a thing on
the news actually just last night that a food prices have just like doubled produce prices
specifically have doubled and because produce prices have doubled also meat prices have
doubled because there is a shortage and they blame it on the frost that hit Mexico and
all our..and lot of our food coming from Mexico and this and that so you know they double
the price because their scarcity so you know what if you grow your own food and many places
you could grow your food here around even some vegetables or herbs in your kitchen actually
sprouts in your kitchen why don’t you try to buy sprout leaf but a little container
of sprouts like I don’t know 5 ounces of sprouts in the stores like a dollar $50 , $2dollars
may be $3 dollars depending on where you live you can easily sprout some sprouts in your
kitchen any time in the year you can grow you know buckwheat sprouts or you know buckwheat
greens or sunflower greens in your kitchen year around and you have actually an episode
on you know growing weak grass in your ah.. kitchen in inside you can do the same thing
with buckwheat or with the sunflower greens so save money its also really huge and really
important number four(4) taste, taste is the huge reason why many people including myself
grow their food and some people I know you know they might not care about health aspects
they might not care about saving money may be they are rich but you know what they really
care about is the taste may be there are some sheaf I mean I met a guy that my friend brought
a car off of San Francisco he erected a basically the large harbor free green house just he
can grow his own tomatoes because he is a fanatical about you know tomatoes how they
taste it from his country when he grew himself and he came to America and they taste like
crap [laugh] hahah.. coz the tomatoes in the store picked
you early in there. You know hybrid varieties and disease resistant that are pink, that
are red and when you grow your own flavorful tomato. I mean, people if you ever tasted
a home grown tomato compared to a store bought tomato, there is no comparison. But now imagine,
everything can be like that, not only the difference in tomatoes from store bought to
home grown. But my kale, i brought my tree carts to the parlor the other night and you
know, most people, and i told people you got to specifically try eat the tree carts straight
up, do not put any dressing, do not put anything on it. And you know, i want the people to
have an open mind, and they did. Some of the people came to me, “Wow John! your tree carts
are amazingly sweet. They never taste like this in the store.” I am like, “Well yeah
right! because you know, once your harvest produce you hydro collate, you then ship it
across the country. You know it’s been a week out from the time it has been picked. You
know the nutrition’s start to go down and in addition the flavor changes.” You know
if they always say don’t refrigerate your tomatoes because we refrigerate your tomatoes
it loses flavor. Well the same thing happen to all our all our greens, all our foods that
have been refrigerated. It loses flavor. Fresh is as best is. I did like to say that, another
reason why i grow my own food is what i call pride in ownership or more properly pride
in grower ship. So when this started really happening to me as when i was in, you know,
college or after high school, i started fixing my own cars, you know, i changed my own transmission
or i do my own brakes or, you know, i change the transmission fluid or change the oil or
whatever, you know. Now driving down, and you could just feel that your car drives better,
and you are just like, “Yeah! I am in my car. Do that.” haha.. So the same thing, you know,
when you grow your own produce, you are like, you feel a part, a part of, you know, what
you have done with your own two hands. you grew it and you just feel like, you feel proud
that you were able to do something and grow your own food. you know when i bring my food
to a parlor i am like, “Yeah! i grew that.” and people are like amazed. but my other messages
that, “You can grow too. You can do it too. You can grow your own food too.” so pride
of growing ship, really need to built up your self-esteem. i mean, we do not want to talk
about self-esteem. so many self-esteem problems in this world. and i am not goanna say that
all the self-esteem problems can be solved by growing your own food, but that can definitely
be a part of it. Number seven. another reason why i grow my own food is, it’s good for the
planet. whether you believe in global warming or not, having more plants and more greenery
on this planet can only be a good thing. you can’t deny that there is definitely rain-forest
destruction going on at incredible speeds. and you know one of the reasons why the rain-forest
destruction is, basically from what i have heard is for like, growing it for cattle,
or growing it for cattle, or growing feed for cattle. hahaha.. so if it weren’t such
a demand for cattle, then maybe they wouldn’t need to destroy the rain-forests. so once
again vote with your dollars. grow more your own food, eat whatever you grew and you know,
support big industries less. it’s only a good thing. so, save the planet by growing your
own food. Also, you know, you are goanna save petroleum too. You know, if you live in New
York City, a lot of the produce in the winter time comes from Mexico, even California. Shifts
two thousand miles across a country. In addition, you know, if it’s conventional food they are
spraying, you know, petrochemicals and other things derived from oil. And you know, there
is this thing called PEAK OIL, where they say, you know, we are at the peak of harvesting
the oil, and, you know, from now on the oil that we harvest out of the ground is now goanna
diminish and go down in one day. they say, ro… will run out. so i think saving or resources,
all of our resources, the world’s and the earth’s resources, collectively the people’s
resources. Not the companies because the companies basically extract it, then the companies say,
“oh! i extracted it. So I own it.” what do you know i think, you know, all the resources
the planet belong collectively to everyone. But in any case, growing you own food and
help conserve the worlds resources. So in addition they say that the top soil is depleted
of nutrients, and you know by growing a garden, and by enriching your soil, and i don’t mean
with miracle grow. i mean, or with petrochemicals or conventional fertilizers. I mean by building
the soil the right way. I have an episode on the best fertilizer. And the best fertilizer
doesn’t comes in a bag. it’s what you make in your own yard. it’s from taking leaves,
taking manures, and composting them, and making garden soil. Adding in things like rock dust
minerals, ocean grown minerals, to re-mineralize the soil of the earth. I everybody did this,
we could, we are rebuild the soils of our earth and make the planet a healthier place.
One person or one garden at a time. So another reason why growing your food is important
because it is more nutritious. And you can look up studies online where they basically
compare conventionally grown food, you know the standard conventional way, with organically
grown food. And you know, in many cases, and not all cases, they show that organically
grown food is more nutritious than conventionally grown food, you know, with using petrochemicals
and stuff like that. That being said, i bet your dollars to dougnuts, that your own organically
grown, home grown, mineral rich, foods blow away even industrial organic grown food. Why?
Because, you know, there is other things that go into the soil besides just the nutrients.
You know, there is intention, there is love, that you basically put into your food when
you’re growing it. You love the foods, and they are gonna love you back. And, you know,
also, you know, most organic growers don’t put rock dust in. So the more nutritious the
soil, the more nutritious your plants are gonna be, and when you are gonna growin it
for yourself, hopefully you want to make the best soil that you could possibly make. So
that the food you grow is gonna be the healthiest and the highest quality and nutrient dense
food you can have. In addition, why the food that you grow is gonna be more nutrient rich
is because, you know, is once again you are gonna pick your food and take it inside and
process it and eat it right then and there. so, there is this thing called, you know,
called “prana” or “chi”. Maybe if you are, you know, in chinese or in indian it’s “prana”.
They also may be call it “bio-photon” in germany, where there are all researches and stuff like
that. You night wanna call it “life force” or “life force energy” where, you know, we
all have this energy. We are all energetic beings. , you know, food contains energy besides
the vitamins and minerals that it has within it and they qualify it by calling it bio-photons,
in germany. There is not really a name in conventional science about it. But when you
pick foods that are alive and you eat foods that are alive, then the life force is transferred
to you. they have this thing called “kirlian photography” and they take pictures of food
that are alive. And you can see the energy radiating from the foods. And there are foods
that are being denatured, microwaved and they are just not that same energy. So do you want
to be alive by eating live foods or do you don’t want to be alive by eating foods that
aren’t alive. so once again growing your own foods, you can have the most vibrant, most
nutritious, bio-photon rich alive food. So another reason why it is so important to grow
food, is for the kids. The kids are seeds, or our future generations. And you what, most
kids today in America, if you ask them where the foods come from, you know, most of them
might say McDonald’s. Maybe some of them will say grocery store, but i bet hardly anyone
of them will say from mother earth. And you know, food come from the earth, from the ground.
I mean, we are all conditioned in the society to think food comes from a package, food comes
from a grocery store. And that’s why most people aren’t growing their own food because
they are going to the grocery store to buy their own food. I wanna be, hopefully, in
the forefront and making that shift in people, that food comes from the earth and you can
and should be empowered to grow your own food. So do it for the kids because, you know, if
kids think foods come from a box and, you know, that generations and generations go
by that the food comes out of boxes, you know, man it’s not gonna be a good thing. I mean,
once again look at the obesity. I mean, if you ate McDonald’s thirty days, your blood
pressure will go up. Actually there’s a movie, Super Size Me, where the guy did eat McDonald’s
for thirty days and it wasn’t a pretty sight. Dude, actually his health declined. And by
eating processed foods from the store, you know, it’s not the healthiest as you could
healthiest you could do in my opinion is growing yourself and eating it fresh. Another reason
for growing your own food is because you could have more variety. So many times you may see,
me have episodes on foods and plants that you have never heard of. And I do that for
an important reason, to have more variety in my life. I mean, variety is the spice of
life. haha.. But i love varieties, I love growing different foods because every different
food, number one, tastes different. So you think, “Oh yeah! it’s so boring to grow your
own food. Just grow lettuce and kale.” But yeah, lettuce and kale, you know, that would
get boring but, you know, if you could grow your corn, or grew some arched oak, or some
red varigated soil or some magenta spreen lambsquarter, you know, golden purslane. So
many different crazy things you can grow, they all have different flavors, different
textures, different tastes and most importantly different nutrition. And when you grow yourself,
you choose what you wanna eat. And when you let somebody else grow your food, guess what,
you let them choose what you are eating. Right? Because farmers grow what will sell, farmers
aren’t going to grow what isn’t going to sell and they are gonna whatever they grow you
have to buy or you are not eaten, right? So grow your own food , have more variety, get
more nutrients in you and have more taste sensations and flavors. I mean, some of the
taste sensations are insane. But my favorite taste sensation this past year was my lichi
tomato, when they are at complete ripeness. Oh my God! they are so good. Look it up – lichi
tomatoes. They are insanely good, i can’t wait for next year’s harvest, oh my god! Another
reason for growing your own food or for growing food is to build community. And you i know
this now because when i converted my lawn to like an all raise bed vegetable garden.
And if i am outside, most passer buyers, that are walking will actually stop and talk to
me and comment on. that i am growing my own food, so i am creating a community locally
by having, you know, talking to more of my neighbors about growing food and even got
one of my neighbor to, you know, grow some food on their property that i managed for
them, my next door neighbor. In addition to that, you know, i have had people driving
down my street, stop in front of my house and look. So next day i am going to get a
sign that would educate more people about growing food, direct into my website or other
online umm… vehicles so that they could learn ore about growing their own food too.
So building their.. building more community in addition to, you know, building community
by growing more food because i have this youtube channel and i built a huge community, i mean,
over eight thousand five hundred subscribers now. That just boggles my mind, you know.
The size of big cities are subscribing to little o me and my videos sharing the information
that i have to share. I addition, you know, i have gone to more gardening events, to growing
events, to network with other people, to foster more community and to really get to know more
people in life. So in my opinion society in my opinion has gone down hill. I mean, if
you live in a small town where you know everybody thats great but nowadays most people don’t
know their neighbors. And you know what, society is kind of doing this to us and the new media
is kind of doing this to us. They are dividing us, so that we are all living our individual
consumeristic life. You know, shopping the store, buying products, going home watching
tv. You know, we don’t have those church functions to meet with, you know, our local community
and people, and talk to people. We are so private. An the internet, in some ways helped
up make us more private. You could do whatever you want on the internet. The privacy very
home, and like youtube that’s crowd sourced. You know, let’s people, hopefully come together
but it’s still private coz you may think you know all of me in my life because i show it
on video, but i, you know, it’s most funny when i meet one of my viewers. They would
come at me like, “Hey John!” and i am looking at like, “Who the hell are you?” haha.. but
they have known me intimately because they have seen all my videos and they know what
i am up to and what i am doing, most days of the year. But i know nothing about them.
But nonetheless, it still fastens community and, you know, the way that society is leading
us it’s basically dividing us all and the famous last words are, “Divided we fall.”
And that’s just something to think about – “Divided we fall.” So grow gardens and create communities.
So the last reason i am going to talk about why growing your own food is beneficial is
in my opinion, growing food is the best investment that you can make on this planet. You know,
putting your money in the stock market, you know, the stock market goes up, the stock
market goes down, it could crash. But, you know, if you put your money into growing foods
you have a win for return. Why? Well, the reason why you are going to get the ??[24:19]
return on your investment is because all of the above reasons. You are going to be healthier,
you are going to save the planet, you know, you are going to grow food if you have bonet
and extra food, you can sell that food to people, make money back on your investment.
You are gonna have seeds. You know seeds sell for, you know, ten seeds sometimes sell for
a couple of bucks and your one plant can produce thousands of seeds. So that’s completely insane.
You know making an investment in the future, in the planet’s future, in the kid’s future
and in your future. SO hopefully you have learned why gardening and your own food is
so important for many reasons. And, you know, if you have reasons that i didn’t mentioned,
please post them down below and i will read them. So, once again you wanna get out and
start growing your own garden so that you can reap all the benefits we just talked about.
Once again this is John Kohler from growingyourgreens.com. Keep on growing.

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  21. great idea, but please understand that, generally, there have been reasons why farms were out of town.  Growing food products in close proximity to auto exhaust is an extremely bad idea. 

    couple of links:



    I don't know the quantification…but make sure your food production area, soil, air, water are clear of toxic exposures.

    Otherwise, even if you don't grow with pesticides, that food is going to contain a host of very toxic chemicals..

  22. Reason #13. You might  have seen where our military is moving back into Cheyenne Mountain and refurbishing Norad because of the threat of an EMP, that can come from either a solar flare or one of our enemies. Most don't realize that this can send us back into the stone age because so many things in our lives are dependent on electronics. Just about anything that has a circuit board could be affected: vehicles, appliances, even your emergency inverter generator, and the national grid, which they've already said could take a year to restore.

    If the nation's trucking fleet gets disables, there's no resupply of food/water to your local food stores, and how are you even going to get there anyway when your own car won't start? The government is not going to be able to help you because most of their vehicles won't work either. You will be on your own. So if you are growing your own food you might be able to ride out the ensuing chaos that will follow for no telling how long.

  23. Reason # 13 I have 4 children and I know with out question gardening make me a better father in many ways. Thanks for the knowledge.  Richard from Michigan

  24. Hi john got a little trouble with my homestead tomato plant don't know whats wrong with it im pretty sure its not blight because there is no yellowing at all, it looks withered I bought it from home depot about 2 1/2 months back very healthy up until 3 days ago.

  25. Hey man, I'm looking to get into some home gardening. I'm living in a very hot place though. I keep hearing that lettuce is impossible in high temps, beyond 80-90 degrees F. It's usually around 95-105 degrees during the day here in the summer, all day every day. You're in Hawaii, so I'm guessing it's around the same there.

    I'm looking for a selection of leafy greens for raw salad mix to grow off my balcony in a vertical bottle garden.

    What varieties would you suggest? I am in Central Taiwan.

  26. I have to tell you, I'm smiling from ear to ear watching your videos 🙂 You are very fun to watch and I have learned so much. I appreciate you so much. Thank you for inspiring me to try raw foods living. Blessings to you.

  27. Hi John!! One more reason is to fight global warming in a different way! Do you know about how plants pull carbon from the atmosphere and into the soil (soil carbon sequestration)? I am writing a book about it and would love to talk to you about it! If you respond here, I can send you my personal contact info. Here's the link to my project: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/grounded-healing-our-connection-to-the-soil#/ I'm also in LA! Thank you for your awesome work!! Cheers!

  28. Thank you for sharing your gardening knowledge, and so passionately! I have learned so much, and been so motivated to learn more about growing my own veggies. In this video you mentioned a photography of live foods…what was that called? I'd like to learn more about that. Thanks 🙂

  29. Wow. How cool is it that in this video you're flabbergasted by having over 8,000 subscribers, I just became #296,023!
    Keep up the good work, brother!

  30. I really need help. I started growing last year, so far it's pitiful although my herbs grew really well indoors, but my outside gardens was a lost cause. If course I didn't take the time to take care of it, probably fertilized it once the whole season. You have given me the courage to keeping plugging and this year I'll be much more knowledgeable, thanks to you. I can't buy vegetables at the supermarkets anymore, but the barest minimum, like carrots and turnip and potatoes. I can't eat the stuff grown above ground, like lettuce, stuff that's sprays about 30 times a year, so I have to grow my own.

  31. This guy is the cutest thing I have ever seen. I love seeing people passionate about something! 💙

  32. Where are you located, State? we don't have a lot of shade here at my place but it seems like it's a key factor in your gardening.

  33. Hi John can you tell me why Basil I have just planted is dying,I live in New Zealand and we are in Spring.I have planted in raised bed and in a terracotta herb pot,and neither have flourished

  34. hey Jon
    i grow a broccoli in my hydroponic system
    and i got some leaf problem , they start to show dry dots on the leaf until the leaf dry completely
    i have change the water and i hope it will help.
    what should i do to save my broccoli ?
    i cant add photo in here so if it will help you to understand i can email you some photo.
    thank you maor

  35. Heirloom Foods are my interest , how about you? I will be moving to another state soon and helping a group of people we are going self sustaining. This would be great.

  36. Hi John

    I really appreciate your videos
    Shame I cant buy your seeds in Australia !

    I did a search on dandelion root for you but couldn't find one

    Could you please tell me about the health benefits of it as well as the leaf

    It's great to be able to learn from you also because you eat raw and all that you do integrates being raw, whereas some people speak of health benefits in respect to cooking.

  37. John you have an extensive audience that's why the Repugnicans are running their adds before any of your videos to repeal Obama Care and replace it with Trampacare

  38. Congratulations for the work that you are doing sharing your more natural way of life!! I have seen tons of information about sea pollution, forest devastation, pesticides, hormones, etc, etc. Its overwhelming the way the lack of international rules are letting a bunch of companies kill our Earth. Your site gives me real hope about how we can do a difference to change this pattern.

  39. Maslows laws of…whatever hahahaha you pretty much make me laugh in every one of your videos 😀

  40. I really like your energy. Good job being inspiring. I've been trying to garden, I compost, I got some pototoes doing well and everything else I've grown so far has been eaten by my single pet chick :/ hopefully I'll improve over time.

  41. John, I have a Church Family, we'd love to have you. Choctaw Church Of Christ, 14998 E Reno, Choctaw,OK. 405-390-8732. Fax405-390-8730. I love and share your videos. I'm 78, I wish I had your energy and vitality, your zest for life, my daughter does grow as much of her food as possible. Thanks for your videos. Love you John. Edna Phillips

  42. Do you know how food from other countries with low water standards effect what grows inside the fruit/vegetables that are shipped to us? I know the USA has chemicals in water but anyways what's your thoughts on water in plants?

  43. Hello John. Normally, I would contact you privately, but you don't seem to have a way to do that.

    I want to send you a new vertical growing device that puts 200 plants in less than three feet of floor space- with five gallons of water.

    I know that's crazy, but I really do have something here that will change the world.

    Not bogus, no Jedi mind tricks and I don't want to sell you anything. I want to give you a device free to try and keep. It's for real. Check it out over at my website and email or call me! This is the device that will end malnutrition on the planet. I really hope you will check it out. HTTPS://VerticalFarmMechanics.com

    PLEASE let me know what you think- I did not put this here to hijack your site for my benefit. Like you, I want to make the world a better place through growing green.


  44. I hereby nominate you as biggest badass on earth. Thank you for everything!!!!! Keeping in green here in Washington state n spreading your words

  45. I love your content. I think you were the VERY first gardener I started watching on YouTube!! Just love your stuff! God Bless you brother!!!

  46. I planted giant garlic. The leaves grow like a fan…very high…leaves keep growing very high. I live in south Florida…when do I harvest this garlic?
    I planted these garlic in a large pot in my 8th floor apt. Lots of sun and rain.

  47. Great Gardening and Watering Tips …If you are in the USA, you can use this Easy to Use water hose (which has US 3/4" Standard Fittings) for watering: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=me%3DA1UC3ESBAHAF3N&field-keywords=water+hose

  48. Does anybody know how I can buy some seeds of Johns’ tree collard’? I would like to have some in my garden. I asked at my local nursery and they said we don’t think we can get any. Does John have a website- one I can operate to buy some seeds? I tried clicking on a link for buying some of his Siberian ?spinach and didn’t know how to find his seeds for sale at that website. Thanks. Does anybody have Johns ‘tree collard ‘ growing in their garden? How does it grow? I was at the website once upon a time to and it said they couldn’t guarantee the seeds to grow a ‘tree collard’ ? What’s up with that?

  49. Are the seeds in the store safe to plant? Like how do I know if they weren't soaked in chemicals, like GMOs ? I bought some seeds at the family Dollar store…

  50. Ty for your info , shared on FB , subbed & liked , great info ,keep it up , I want to grow my own food too without chemicals

  51. Thanks for saying what I think but never say, because everyone thinks I'm a "nut". Now I know there's others that think like me too

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