20% in waste bills saved at Yelo thanks to BioPak Compost Service

We’re just here Yelo cafe in Trigg who joined the BioPak organics revolution over four weeks ago. By doing so they’re going to recycle over 115 tons of organic waste yearly. They’re going to divert over 218 tons of CO2 emissions, but that means that they’re also going to be able to compost any of their juice containers including the straws smoothie containers even including the thicker straws, and in the coffee cups and lids including cutlery, trays and napkins. Because they’re using all the BioPak compostable range of products, it makes it easy for staff to segregate internally but it also makes it easy for us to collect on a weekly basis because we know that the contamination risk is very very low. We’re just here with Mike, the owner of Yelo, and he just want to touch on a couple of points and the reason why they’ve made the switch to compostable options. So for us having a closed loop solution in terms of our waste removal is really important. So we use all BioPak products which are all compostable, even our plastic cups So, what it means is all our food waste and all our packaging you can go in this green bin When it is removed from site, it’s all actually turned into compost within I think eight weeks So for us being so close to the ocean here at Trigg and then using such a high volume of packaging at Mount Hawthorn and Subiaco, it’s just the ultimate solution for us where we’ve got nothing going to landfill, we’re doing the right thing by actually being involved in an initiative that turns our waste back into compost, and we also save I think over 20% in our waste removal costs on site.

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  1. Amazing to see what can be done with the right products readily available now and some committment from business owners, well done Yelo!

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