2000 Composting Red Wigglers Ordered From Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm😎

Hello I just purchased some worms from
Uncle Jim’s worm farm. They came in a box like this I ordered them three days ago
and they arrived exactly three days ago so and it comes with some instructions
on how to take care of your worms I purchased two thousand of them and
they came in a bag just like this from Uncle Jim’s worm farm and I
had the same worms red wiggler worms last year but I had a huge learning
curve that I experienced in the winter living in the Midwest the winters get
really cold below zero and my wife didn’t want these critters in the house
so I kept them in the shed and um what happened the bin froze because it got
too cold so um that’s a learning experience so I have them in the house
this year I’m gonna keep them in here all year around but also I also will
have a worm bin outside that will eat my my leaves and my grass clippings from
when I mow my yard I put no chemicals on it it’s all natural so I’m not worried
about pesticides also getting into my garden or anything but I’m definitely
looking forward to using these worm castings have I purchased 2000 I have two
bins that I’m going to split I’m going to put more in one bin the other
because I would like for one bin to have more worm castings rapidly so I can
put them in my garden a lot sooner so my veggies and my fruits will thrive a little
bit about my worm bin is um okay I use a tote have two totes one for the drainage
and one for my worms to be on which are stacked together
I am drilled some holes in the bottom and I’ll drill some holes on the side
and I drill some holes and lid so my air my worms can get air and the bin would
be not stinky you know the reason you drill holes on
the bottom is for liquids to drain out and um think about these worms they’ll
take about a week to get used to the new home so uh I’m gonna feed them just a
handful of scraps right now only thing I have in here is um I have some some
leaves some wet newspaper not the glossy section but the black-and-white section
and um also have some cats some soil from my last bins that didn’t make it so
this dirt and they’re also to get the bacteria started so my worms can get to
town and start chowing down on this stuff this bin was set up about four
days ago so the ones could have an atmosphere that’s already broken down so
they can start eating so I’m looking forward to a yeah that’s getting these
things started once again so um once again Uncle Jim the good place for
worms to uh to purchase your worms and what I would do I will open my bag up excuse me for a second I set you down it’s open I’m gonna put some pour them in
but I’m gonna grab a handful and put them in my other band so this is what
the worms are gonna look like there’s 2,000 of them you’re happy they’re gonna
find where they want to go so I’m not going to move them around the best thing
to do is leave the lid off for 24 hours but we have a cat so I will not do that
so I’m once a week I will give an update on my worm farm so you guys have a
blessed day bye

28 thoughts on “2000 Composting Red Wigglers Ordered From Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm😎

  1. Sorry about the recording of this video. I did not know about turning my camera sideways. It goes to show that it is always good to learn something new.😎🌱

  2. Like 21! New friend 136 🔔! How are you AJ? That’s a lot of worms! You can put them in the refrigerator for winter! Have a great rest of the weekend! 🔔🙂👍❤️

  3. AJ's green topic. I'm watching your video. Oh too much cold below zero. I give support to your channel. Good luck & God bless

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