2019 Organic Pea Harvest In Central Minnesota

– The pea combines are here. (dramatic music) (upbeat instrumental country music) (engine roaring) So the canning company is
just finishing up the peas. They started this morning about 5:30 from what I understand and they’re wrapping it up. Three combines. One cart. (bird squawking) Slow job. You guys better like your peas! So in the next few days, what I’ll do is, take the discbine, not the discbine, So in the next couple days what I’ll do is I’ll take the Batwing, the mower and mow everything flat and run the disc over it and get it black. And I’ll probably work it a couple times and then, the plan is mid September put it into winter wheat. That machine must have some
kind of a self leveling thing on it as they go up hills. When I was a kid I remember they used to pull them
around with tractors. So this is what it looks like when the combine’s gone through. Just the shells, or the, nothing left. It’s wet. They’re done and they’re going off to put the trailer away over there. There gonna go blow off, clean off and head out to the next field. These guys worked about, well they worked 12 hours a day, or night. These guys started at six o’clock tonight and they’ll work until six
o’clock tomorrow morning. All right well that’s the peas. Thanks for watching and remember to subscribe and catch you next time. (dramatic music)

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