2019 Sweet Potato Harvest

hey everybody its Rob the backyard
gardener and we just had about three days of freezing temperatures so I’m
probably a little bit late on harvesting my sweet potatoes typically you want to
catch them before the last frost or at least the morning after the first frost
and we had a couple of days of frosty temperatures so I couldn’t get out here
and do it because it was raining it was ice-cold anyway we’re gonna see what we
get from this sweet potato harvest I didn’t plant as many sweet potatoes as
last year I planted from the slips that I’ll put a link to that video anyway
long story short we’re gonna see what we get I’ll bring in on some of the harvest
and then I’ll give you a wrap-up of what we get in total this time alright let me
go and flip the camera around and I’ll show you the plants are we pulling up
and the frost damage that we experienced so this is the greenhouse that I use
throughout the year for tomatoes and for sweet potatoes you can see clearly the
sheer number of sweet potato vines that have completely perished so we’re gonna
hope that there are some sweet potatoes under the ground out here I’ll tell you
I also planted a couple of vines over here and I do see at least one sweet
potato sticking out of the ground over here so that’s a good sign so I had a
slip here another slip there and several more kind of placed throughout this
great house if you will anyway I’m gonna get some gloves on we’re gonna
get the camera set up and we’ll see if we have any stew potatoes worth
harvesting well I guess we’ll start with this one plant over here since we know
there’s at least one sweet potato with it we got a small one here slightly bigger one there and for sake
of time I won’t bore you guys with all of the digging that I do but let me go
ahead and pull out these finds and see if we happen to get much more over here
these were the ones I planted later I’m more concerned about what’s in there let
me see if I get anything else over here and I’ll loop you back in around over
here and it looks like we will have a couple of more small ones again nothing
to write home about wasn’t expecting much over here but I wanted to bring in
for that one just in case we had a little bit bigger ones over here so just
rooting around here back against my house looks like we got our first decent
sweet potato along with the smaller one of the harvest I’ll take it bring it
back in if we find more all right so we finished the harvest on the little side
of the yard not in the greenhouse yet but I figured I would go ahead and bring
you in for this one cuz as I pulled this up I noticed there was one attached so I
felt like let’s dump this out and see if there’s anything in this pot that I
planted just doesn’t after thought we got one here odd shaped we got one here one here one there another one there one there so a bunch
of smalls in this pot which is what I figured
we had rabbits chewing on all the leaves of all of these vines throughout the
year and they never really got a good chance of establishing a good top growth
system to support larger shoe potatoes but in a small pot we planted one or two
slips I’ll take that small harvest any day so this is what we have so far from
a few of the slips that I planted outside of the greenhouse again I’m
hoping that we have a decent harvest in here then again my soul levels in here
my nitrogen calcium the phosphorus levels have always been out of whack I
did a slight amendment beginning of the year so I’m not quite sure how they did
but we had a lot of foliage as you can see so my first step is I’m just gonna
clear out all these tomato cages and make it a little more manageable in here
and I’ll bring you guys back in to see if we can add to our small but as
expected small harvests so far so I’ve cleared out about a third of it I’ve got
this leg done still got the back leg and then this side over here but I thought
it was funny and I’ve mentioned other videos as I was pulling the vines up I
noticed that they had spilled over outside of the raised bed and we’re
actually already starting to produce potatoes outside of the bed and in
pulling out I did see that we had a couple of sweet potatoes hanging out in
here let me grab these out really quick we have to do with the film filming
going on but I don’t want to damage them too much and they’re really small
because these ones were extra shoot potatoes that grew from the result of
the vine sending down new roots outside as it had moisture touching it so still
it’s always nice grabbing us small handful of cheap potatoes
unexpectedly and we even have a s’more that I saw back over here and ICS –
potato peeking out on this side so hoping for a pretty good harvest over
here let’s just keep adding them in and go home from there well if they’re
really kind of cold this area a lot better but for now I’m just gonna run
through it and see what kind of action we get should be a lot of smalls again
we didn’t amend the soil I just had some slips that I grew from some older sweet
potatoes that was just curious to see what kind of potato harvest we get off
of using older slips but in the meantime let me just go ahead and run through
here and give you a recap after I’ve got this leg completed alright moving right
along it’s getting pretty full we found some
nicer ones I found one that was pinned up against that down there crazy but
looks like we’ve got a casualty a tomato here that didn’t quite get picked in
time but I’m already starting to see more sweet potatoes coming up and I
believe there’s another one right here so we are starting to get more now and
some of these are decent-sized we’re not breaking records like I said this year
with my sweet potato harvest this was a new bed then I decided to give a shot –
and that one’s not too bad of a one right there looks like we got the top of
a nice one here so there’s some pretty good sized ones for sure and I know
we’re gonna have a lot more in here there’s another one and here’s a few
more right here so we’re starting to see some progress here now on size and
quantity I’m gonna continue to move along continue to fill that up and I’ll
bring it back in with another update once we’ve got this back leg cleared out
so we’re rooting right along and we’ve got quite the big one back here
and it’s been exposed to the frost a little bit but we’ll take that one for
sure don’t know we’ll see any other stuff in here but that’s a couple more
nice ones for sure so continuing on and I’m slightly worried because I’m
starting to see some about four inches deeper than I thought I would find him
over here which probably tells me I need to run back through this with the garden
fork one time and just double-check because I didn’t think anyone be as deep
down as some are getting it but that being said I bring in because we’ve got
a few more over here I don’t know if there’s gonna be a third one but I’m
finding them in clusters of twos and threes I saw two figured I’d bring in
and yeah that’s getting full we’ve got about four feet more to go and as I was
pulling the tops off I did see that we are breaking some of the tops and cuts
another nice one alright let’s finish this dig alright we
have harvested the entire raised bed within this greenhouse and am i
confident that I got it all probably not I mean there’s probably some that I
missed at a little deeper level or against an edge that I just didn’t quite
get to I had to be careful by using the garden fork because of my irrigation
system and I was more afraid of damaging the irrigation system and I wasn’t
finding one more mid-sized soup potato that being said we’ve got quite the
bucket here I’m gonna go take it over to the hose now rinse them off let you guys
see what these look like rinsed off and then we’ll do a weigh-in
after the rinse off well I’m starting to run out of daylight
here so I had to kind of hurry and not get as much filming for you guys as
possible but it was gonna be another Frost night and I just couldn’t afford
to let these guys go to waste but we do have a rent stop now the school of
thought here is you shouldn’t really rinse your potatoes right after you
harvest them because technically you could damage the skin and then they
won’t last as long I do like to get all the Texas clay and mud off them and I
want to get a true weight of what I got here so this is what we have not as big
of a harvest as last year which is fine because we didn’t even go through all of
my soup potatoes that I got last year and I’ll have a video posted up here a
link at least you guys can check it out – huh how much of a harvest we had
during last year’s harvest but I knew I had to actually plan a little bit less
this year because I did not want to waste as many as I ended up wasting
throughout the year I have to cure these now so I have them in this cooler bag
I’ll zip this up and I’ll let them sit for about three to five days and high
humidity and a nice warmer room in my house and that will bring out even more
of the sweetness now because we did have a frost these will be ready to eat
pretty much right now but I do prefer them sitting in a pantry for about a
week or so maybe two weeks if you can wait and hold off on eating them and I
do have a video as well on how to cure sweet potatoes and I’ll post that link
above here as well let me go and get a scale and weighed this bad boy up all
right so I’ve got the potatoes in here I know the bag weighs about a half a pound
when it’s dry it’s a little bit less like 0.3 so we’ll call a point 5 pounds
let me get my scale 0 it out with some slack on the line and we’ll see if we
can get a weight on this here we go looks like it’s gonna be right around
9.1 pounds so at 9.1 pounds even if we call it
point six pounds for the bag and some water weight eight and a half pound
harvest I’ll take that I’m pretty happy with that
obviously it’s a lot smaller than last year but that should be enough potatoes
the last mean there’s also some of these that really are really tiny and at the
end of the day but all we’ll end up doing with these is cutting them and air
frying and making some fries out of them but the rest there’s a lot of bigger
ones we can go ahead and cut up into a meal hopefully you guys enjoyed this to
potato harvest I know I didn’t show a lot of the digs but like I said we are
about ten minutes away from darkness and I had to budget my time because I got a
late start on this today hopefully you still enjoyed the video if you did I’d
appreciate a thumbs up and as always everyone happy gardening and thanks for

15 thoughts on “2019 Sweet Potato Harvest

  1. 2019 Sweet Potato Harvest!

    It's time to harvest my sweet potatoes. I used a space approximately 15 feet X 2 feet for planting and the soil was basically last year's base along with a foot of compost as the top soil from my home made compost!

    The sweet potatoes could not have been left in the ground any longer as we had 3 nights of frost and I needed to get them out. I also planted them in beds that were only a few years old so I was just hoping for a decent harvest this year.

    That being said, the sweet potato patch is roughly 30 square feet and I started with about 8-10 slips in total. I was hoping for 1-2 lbs of potatoes per slip when I started this patch and I ended up being pretty pleased with the final harvest!

    Sweet potatoes should be cured for at least a few weeks. 3-5 days minimum at high humidity and 80-90 degrees, then another 3-5 days minimum with high humidity and 50-70 degrees. Ideally, they should be a few weeks at both stages for the sweetest tasting taters, but it's up to you – I'm going for about a week in both conditions.

    Here's a link to my sweet potato curing video, if interested:


    Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed my best sweet potato harvest ever!

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  2. Never grown sweet potatoes, they can be grown here in Oregon but you have to use plastic to help heat the soil. Though I have grown probably several tons of regular potatoes over my 7 going on 8 decades, mostly various types of russets, some reds, golds and a few blues. My red, white and blue potato salad always has been a hit during July 4th picnics. ……… From your videos I can see that you do a fantastic job of utilizing every square inch of the space you have available. If you are anything like me you will always have a tiny speck of garden soil under at least one of your thumb nails. Keep up the good work.

  3. Great haul do you can them? I will look to see if you have a video on starting your sweet potatoes. The things that I've wondered about I noticed that your bed was level when it came to soil content. Did you Mound your sweet potatoes like you do with potatoes?

  4. Hey! I finally decided to grow slips myself, first in water then in soil. I can only hope to harvest of a fraction of what you got. Wow. I'll document it all, success or failure.

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