It’s a nice cool morning out here at Hoss HQ and I’ve been busy in the greenhouse the last week or so And I want to show you guys kind of what we got going on what we got growing in here and talk a little bit about seed starting in Germination and what might give you really good germination and maybe some reasons why you don’t get really good germination So let’s go in the greenhouse. It’s full See what all we got going on This is one of my favorite times of the year To be gardening. I love starting seeds. I don’t know what it is about it. Just love growing transplants So, let’s see what we got here. So this little 16 foot greenhouse here is absolutely stocked full of seed trays and Seedlings that were growing transplants for fall. Now most people would say wow that is way too many Seed trays way too many seeds way too many plants. What are you gonna do with all those? Well, we’re not gonna sell them We’re gonna use them all and we don’t really let any go to waste If you think about how many gardens we’ve got to fill with these things there’s quite a few we’ve got my personal garden We’ve got dad’s personal garden Mrs. Hoss has got her own little raised bed garden and then I’ve got a consulting farm that I’m growing some plants for we’re gonna Plant there, their greenhouse is a little hotter this time of year. So it’s harder to grow stuff in there So earlier in the fall, I’m growing a lot of plants for them as well So everything here will get used nothing will go to waste Now, let’s take a look at the varieties we’ve got going on here and See what kind of germination we’re getting. Alright, so right here. We’ve got a Savannah Sweet onion And if we could look down here, we’ve got some of these little guys coming up already They’re not all emerge from the soil. They’re starting to come up So we’re gonna grow our own onion plants this year We’re also gonna get some from Dixondale, but we’re gonna grow our own onion plants to see how those turn out Over here looks like dad has snuck in here And tried to jump the gun on me and planted some lettuce He’s got some Cherokee, some Buttercrunch, some Skyphos, Calshot all pelleted lettuce Varieties there and I think it may be a little too early for lettuce, but we’ll see. We’ll see how he does with it I’m gonna wait a few more weeks before I start my lettuce And then we’ve got here we’ve got some Calendula, which is a cool flower and these take a little longer to get up but uh They’re starting to emerge there. So we’ll be planting those in the garden help get some beneficial insects in there for the fall We’ve got some Kestrel beet here. We’ve got some Early Wonder beet here see what we got here some Laurentian rutabaga really good germination on those Over here we’ve got two flats of these Matejko leeks this is a hybrid variety of leek And you can see there. We’re getting some good good germination on those guys excited about planting some leeks in the fall We grew leeks In January last year and did really good But I’m gonna grow them all throughout the winter this year and then the last few flats over here We’ve got some cabbage. We’ve got some Cheers cabbage, some Charleston Wakefield, and some Rio Grande cabbage on the end. We go over here to the other side of the greenhouse We’ve got some of this southern giant curled mustard But you can direct seed that but I thought I’d try some in seed trays just to see how it worked if I grew out some nice transplants and spaced it out further and Then we’ve got some Scarlet kale and right here. We’ve got some nice Touchstone gold beets and beets are traditionally multi germ so each seeds gonna give you Two or three little sprouts there and I need to come in and thin those out but those are gonna be some nice beet transplants early fall and if we scoot on over here, one of my favorites for fall is This Green Magic broccoli and I’ve got two flats of that planted everybody loves fresh broccoli And we got some cauliflower here some Snow Bowl and some Purple cauliflower and then over here We’ve got some brussel sprouts. We got a flat of the green Jade Cross ones a flat of the Red Bull and then on the end here some of our famous Tiger collards one of the most productive crops you can grow in the garden. Now like I said earlier, this greenhouse is only 16 foot and we’ve got a shelf on each side So we are a little bit limited in space this time of year when we’re trying to get everything going We do fill it up pretty quick but since it’s warm outside Mornings been getting a little cooler What we’ll do is once this stuff actually germinates once it sprouts inside the greenhouse here We’ll move it outside and put it on a pallet. Just let it get Sun out there This works really well. If you’re around your greenhouse or your trays all day and can keep them watered. They really need water Three or four times a day. It seems like if you’re working all day This might not be the best strategy but it works for us because we’re here by the shop all during the day. So Once they’re germinated we put them outside. Let me show you what that looks like So once the tray gets completely germed out we get everything coming up nicely in the trays we’ll move it outside and we’ll just put them on a pallet like this right here and The pallet is gonna help them drain. You don’t want to sit them just right on the grass or the dirt they’re not going to drain very well and the plant roots are gonna try to Root down in the grass or dirt. So putting them on a pallet like this works really good and You can see we got really good germination with all these guys. Let’s see what we got here. We’ve got some Blue Knight kale which is a more kind of frilly kale we’ve got One of our favorites there the Lacinato kale we’ve got this All Top turnip, which is a new variety. We just started carrying That’s doesn’t make much of a root or no root at all all turnip leaves, which is kind of what I like And then we’ve got some Kohlrabi here some Purple Vienna kohlrabi Nice germination on that we’ve got some white Or green kohlrabi there on the end and then here is our Flame Star cauliflower nice Good germination there so we put them out here and this will kind of help to harden them off and help to finish them off and Give us a lot more room in our greenhouse. So now that I’ve shown you everything that we got growing in here the main reason I got you here today is I wanna tell you three reasons Why your seeds may not be germinating? So these are three important factors that are going to give you really good germination If you do all three of these you should be in good shape If you’re not doing one of these three and you’re getting poor germination, this could very well be why. so the first one I want to talk about is Moisture, okay So our seed starting mix we use this Pro mix right here This stuff when you get it is pretty dadgum dry Especially if it sits out in the greenhouse like this now, this is a really good commercial grade seed starting mix We firmly believe in it. We’ve tested a lot of the others and this one is the one we go to But like I said, it’s really really dry. And so what will happen sometimes we look at the seed tray right here Get that in focus is that you’ll feel this guy up with soil and People will water it, but they don’t get the water all the way down here they’re just watering the first Top half of this cell it takes a lot of water To get this stuff wet initially and what we see a lot of times is people think they’re watering their whole tray But they’re really only watering the top half of it. So you need to suck this soil in really good Before you start to plant here some moisture Really important having enough moisture and also having trays like these that drain really well In addition to soil moisture. The other big factor on getting seeds to germinate well is heat Now that’s not near big a player this time of year as it is in the spring So this time of year, there’s plenty of heat to go around we’re actually wanting it to cool off a little bit So we don’t have to use heat mats But in the spring we do have to use heat mats to get that soil to a certain optimal germination temperature So if it’s cool where you are you certainly need to make sure that soil is warm enough So those seeds can germinate usually at least around 75 degrees or so, if not warmer for some crops So heat is really important but this time of year we don’t have to manufacture that heat the sun has given us plenty Inside this greenhouse here and then the third and probably the biggest reason I see people have trouble with Getting their seeds to germinate or getting a good germination rate is that they just bought sorry seeds You know like a lot of things in life you get what you pay for and if you buy cheap sorry seeds You’re gonna get sorry germination. That’s just the way it is There’s a lot of seed companies out there. They’re too worried about putting non-gmo all over everything and all these other things and they’re not really concerned with their germination and you can tell it when you Buy those seeds and you plant a whole flat and you only get half of it come up or it comes up really slow We don’t do that here. We believe in really good germination rates and sending out really high-quality seed and we stand behind that and for that reason That’s why we always put the germination rate On every seed packet we send out and you can see with these Jade Cross Brussels sprouts there you’re getting a 97% Germination rate even tells you the date tested that was tested in August of 2019 so not long ago at all, so We’re testing our seeds every six to nine months around here So you’re always getting fresh seeds if we test a batch of seeds and the germination rate comes back low We throw them away. We don’t try to save them and sell them. We don’t want any old bad germ seeds in our warehouse We’re gonna send you only the best what we’re actually using to grow in our gardens as well. So I hope you enjoyed this little Walk around the tiny greenhouse here a little tour of what we got going on what we got started what we’re growing This is gonna be a busy place the next few months Just getting lettuce going in here getting some more onions going lots of stuff going on in this greenhouse Man, it’s just really fun to be in here starting these seeds and watching them grow it’s just really really enjoyable to do it if you have a greenhouse definitely use it. If you don’t have a grow room or a greenhouse I would highly consider You building one or purchasing one. It’s one of the most fun things you can do on the homestead is starting seeds and getting excited for fall planting. I’ll put some links below to our fall seeds so you can check those out. Hope you guys enjoyed this video. We’ll see you next time.


  1. excellent. My fall corn popped up in 6 days, it's been 6 days since that and they are 2-3" tall with a few less that that. Does that seem about right?

  2. I agree with the seed germination problem…I’ve bought so much see from local home store … they germinate poorly. I’ll order from you. Thks

  3. I like the Jiffy brand seed starter mix. It’s screened really fine and holds moisture well. I wet it in bulk before I put it into cells. Also, after planting the seeds I use a spray bottle to make sure the starter soil is moist at the seed level. Biggest issue I have is soil temperature for optimum germination. I don’t use heat mats so I occasionally have poor germination but more so in the Spring.

  4. I totally agree with you. This has been our first year of starting our own plants and so far they are doing great. I have enjoyed so much. Green house is almost complete and then we really get busy. Thank you so much Travis for all the info you share to help us get started and doing things right!!!

  5. Man, you are preaching to the choir about germination rates! We’ve stopped buying from some companies because they started shipping junk too often. We recently found you thanks to Jason at Cog Hill Farm (too late for planting this year) but we have been looking through your store. Great video again.

  6. Travis, is that liquid shade I see on the poly on your hoop house ? I've been using it on my seven houses for years and I love it. It is easy to spray on in two or three coats. I don't use any extra adhesive in the shade and most will was off by the next spring. It also will make your poly last twice as long. I've got a couple houses where the poly is 10 to 15 years old. My fall greens are ready to go in the ground up here in Indiana. We are about 35 days from first frost and mine will go in ground in the hoop house.

  7. I see you're getting excellent germination on cool weather crop seeds. I know it must still be hot in south Georgia. My temps are in the mid 90s here in zone 6b/7a. I haven't started any cool season seeds yet because I thought the temperatures would be too hot for good germination. I got this idea from another website that shows germination rates for different seeds at different temperatures. Poor germination due to high temperatures doesn't seem to be a problem for you. You addressed growing medium temperatures being too low in this video, but what about too high?

  8. Good timing for this video… just received my Hoss seed starter kit, drip tape kit and bunch of seeds yesterday. Appreciate your products and videos.

  9. Just bought a seed starter kit and I’m loving it. I’ve always bought my transplants and I’m excited to see how this goes. Thanks for y’alls help! ❤️ North Texas!

  10. Well, I have to do that WORK thing still so I'm not around all day… actually none of the day. But I start my mornings in the seed room, and the last thing I do before I leave for the day is water my starts… and the very first thing I do when I get home is beat feet out to take care of them… not doing as well as you, but it's the best I can do for a couple more years. I do like growing my own starts, and I'm really liking those seed starting trays way better than the big box flimsy things I was using.

    I do struggle with my starts being leggy, and so I'm working on that… will start hitting them with 20-20-20 as soon as the two leaves develop… hopefully that will help!

  11. I'm not going to name the seed vendor as they are a big seed seller in the market place, but I had an incredibly bad experience with seed germination this spring. I have purchased seeds before from this vendor and had good germination results. I bought well over a dozen different packs of seeds of various kinds. i had miserable results from ALL of them. I've been organic gardening on my land for more than a dozen years so it's not that I don't know what to do to start and grow seeds.

    I bought four kinds of pepper seeds and planted 72 of them. in batches of 18 seeds per type. The germination results printed on the package were all well over 90%. Of the 72 seeds I planted only 51 seeds germinated. That was well under the claimed germination rate.

    During the growing period before transplanting, many of the plants were weak and anemic, barely growing at all. Some of them died. I eventually transplanted the few good plants that looked strong enough to survive into nicely prepared raised beds with a good growing mix in them.

    Its now Sept. 11 and there are only 4 pepper plants left growing out of the 72 original seeds planted. None of them have produced a single mature pepper during the entire season. The plants simply would not grow and were stunted, weak, and pitiful looking. Other plants in my garden grown from seed from other sources have produced normally.

    Seed quality is critical. I'm convinced some companies selling seeds by mail order will simply ship anything and hope it works out. I suspect many seeds are left over from previous years and have become dry and no longer able to germinate and grow normally. Rather than throw them away, the seed companies may be selling them to unsuspecting customers.

    As a subscriber, I have found you guys seem to be responsive and concerned about your business operation's integrity. So I will be buying some seed from you in the future as my needs arise. Thanks for putting out good videos and caring about your reputation.

  12. I'm trying fall-planted bulb onion seedlings from seed this year for the first time. How many weeks before they're ready to transplant?

  13. I am mainly make stuffed cabbage which type of cabbage do you recommend for stuffed cabbage And why Do you recommend that particular one

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