Hello Friends! Today am gonna reveal you an interesting story
on my 5 adeniums or desert rose plants. I will share my complete experience on growing
adenium plants and reveal three nursery gardening secrets to grow adenium from seeds with 100
% success results. I will also show you the comparison between
adenium seeds purchased from amazon vs the fresh seeds harvested from adenium seed pods. Please watch it till the end. Before we start, make sure you have subscribed
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another useful episode. Well! To begin! I received these 5 bare rooted baby adenium
plants about an year back, gifted by my dearest gardener friend Ram from terrace gardening
channel. These travelled over a 1000 miles to reach
the destination in a great condition, This is because these are excellent drought tolerant
plants and rightly called desert rose. So, you can safely purchase adenium plants
online if it’s not available at your local nursery. For beginners, Adenium Obesum is a succulent
plant which stores lot of water in its stem and also the modified part of the stem called
the Caudex. We have discussed these in detail in my other
adenium videos. You can check the adenium playlist from description
below. Before I reveal you the three nursery secrets
on growing adenium, I will quickly brief you on 5 important care tips for adenium. 1.SOIL: This is the most important factor
for successfully growing adenium. It’s a desert rose and hence prefers a sandy
soil. Make sure you have atleast 50 percent sand
or perlite mixed in your potting soil. For details on the perfect potting mix for
adenium or any succulent, I have detailed episode on this topic. You can check that link at the end screen
of this video. 2.WATERING: If your soil is really well draining,
the frequency of watering does not matter much, like for instance if you have lot of
rains in your zone, its almost like daily watering. And also make sure, you have good drainage
holes in your container. Otherwise, generally watering weekly twice
is the general rule for adenium like any other succulent. 3.SUNLIGHT: This is a very important factor
for proper flowering. Adenium needs maximum sunlight and good humidity
for flowering and growth. Atleast 6 hours of direct sunlight is a must! 4.FERTILIZERS: Most recommend chemical fertilizers
like water soluble NPK, but I always use organic ones like simple decomposed cowdung or vermicompost
like a handful of it once a month. And during repotting mixing a table spoon
of steamed bone meal will do the job and induce enormous flowering in all seasons except in
it dormant season – that’s winter. 5.PEST CONTROL: Its commonly affected by sucking
pests like aphids, mealy bugs and mites. Weekly spray of 10 ml neem oil in 1 litre
of water will easily control this problem. Now, lets look into the three Nursery secrets
on how to grow adenium from seeds. To start this story, I purchased adenium seeds
from amazon and followed all tips perfectly to germinate adenium seeds. I have shown this in a detailed video some
time ago. You can check a link to that episode in the
description below. But the result of these amazon seeds was really
bad, not even a single seed germinated. Then recently, one of my adeniums started
developing a seed pod. First thing you need to do when you notice
adenium seed pod is tie some thread around the pod to prevent spillage of seeds before
the seed pod matures and releases seeds. It has a special seed dispersal mechanism
by wind, where each seed had this fluffy stuff which is easily carried away by wind. Here you can see, I have protected the seed
pod from its natural dispersal mechanism. When the seed pod starts drying and cracks
open, it’s the time to harvest the seeds. Separate the seeds by gently pulling this
fluffy stuff as shown in this clip. So these are fresh adenium seeds we just harvested! Now the first secret to get a great success
rate in germination? These seeds are very delicate and are more
prone to fungus. So what you need to do immediately is pour
in some antifungal powder like bavistin or any antifungal powder like Carbendazin + mancozeb
combination like the SAAF brand powder. Coat the seeds with this antifungal powder
whether you keep them aside for storage or plan to sow them immediately. Now the second nursery secret: The growing
medium. You can use pure sand or some cocopeat mixed
in it. What they actually do is, take fine sand and
sterilize it by keeping in full sunlight for atleast 2 or 3 days or if you are growing
in small scale, you can even microwave this sand. I think if you are using anti fungal powder,
this step is perhaps optional. Now the third secret and then finally the
results of this process on day 6, day 10, day 12 and day 15. And one more thing: You also mix some antifungal
powder into this sand or cocopeat. And while sowing the seeds try to maintain
a space of atleast an inch to avoid overcrowding. You can do this better, here I have not done
this perfectly. Then finally, you also mix some antifungal
into the water or spray can and use the same solution to spray or gently sprinkle some
water once every two days. Do not flood the seeds with water, this can
damage the seeds. Now the time for results! You can see on day 6, there is some activity
already the little ones are trying to push up the sand. On day 10, some more activity. You can see little babies popping out more
and see this little baby adenium in this zoomed view. On day 12, more improvement and formation
of these tiny babies. Then on Day 15, you can see so many beautiful
baby adeniums. You can repot these into independent containers
after a month or so. So, there you have it folks. That was an interesting story of my adeniums. Please Like and share this if you found it
helpful. Also comment below with your feedback and
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  2. I did the.samr and got great results… another thing I did was to wash the sand to get rid of mud in the sand …I'm not sure it helped but results were awesome

  3. Jay Bholenath πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
    Mice carry on…

  4. Instead of anti fungal chemicals, use hydrogen peroxide (maybe 1%, 1 part 3% h2o2 and 2 parts water). Let it sit for a day then flush with water or let it dry out.

  5. Thank u dor information..I had soaked my seeds for 2 days in water and then just threw them in cocopeat within 3 days they terminate and within 1 week they are like 1 inches grown…☺️☺️

  6. Dude, you're such a great gardener, so why do you still grow with terra cota pots? You have so many better choices!

  7. Namaskar πŸ™ Dr Sahib
    Beautifully explained as usual.
    You never HIDE rather REVEAL the Secrets. It's a great Help to your Veiwers. God Bless
    My regards πŸŒΉπŸ™πŸ’•πŸ’•

  8. Hello sir,
    Aap tho excellent video ,correct time pe banaya,
    Actually mere paas bhi adenium ka seeds hai.
    Thank you so much

  9. I bought seeds from amazon all 10 seeds germinated u have to buy checking reviews seedsnpots are best in adenium seeds my plants are now 4 months old now raining in kerala leaf rot is one problem also found fungus on soil and cow dung compost i made neem pesticide and sprayed all gone placed them under shade

  10. Sir i have a question, totally unrelated to this video
    Is it healthy to eat foods that have been grown with npk a chemical fertilizers?
    I have never used npk in my garden and vegetable patch because it destroys the health of the soil. But I was considering hydroponics given that I can throw the waste water somewhere away from my property. But that too has negative longer environmental impact it seems.
    Would u please care to elaborate on these subjects?

  11. Hi Sir, I'm new to indoor gardening, I have a dracaena marginata plant and it going to die. Please help me how to save that from Saudi Arabia.

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