100 thoughts on “3 Natural Fertilizers I Use For My Plants

  1. Rice water is not nutritious. White rice itself is bad for you.

    But I do dump my old loose leaf teas into the garden.

  2. I had to watch your video twice as your so attractive I did not listen to what you said the first time!  Still thanks for the tips. Egg shells are good for the garden in general as they make healthy soil for worms as it neutralises the PH.

  3. Aloha from da island of oahu hawaii pacific palisades pearl city, Wassup sista reynelle how u stay thanks for da info fells real good looking at one local sista. Aloha reynelle

  4. hey, just a quick word about using eggshells, they are great but in the form you get them in after use, the calcium is locked up with other elements. if you add your crushed eggshells to vinegar, the acid breaks down the calcium carbonate, and you are left with water and pure calcium eggshells which are more readily available to the plant immediately. regular eggshells ( calcium carbonate) takes long to break down in the soil.

  5. wow never thought about using egg shells ……always great to get awesome advice from your elders …they always seem to know what to do right?

  6. to be honest i am not sure how caffeine effects plants? it sure isn't good for people all the time. I would suggest using herbal teas without caffeine on plants personally, like nettle, mint, berries. Maybe making a mix would be cool 🙂

  7. great job on your video. I've been doing this plus making compost teas, and adding and mulching my compost as fine as I can. BTW very beautiful 🙂

  8. i have heard that rice (in particular) has some (a lot…?) of arsenic, hope ur rice is fully organic 🙂
    mine is not, so sadly, i have to throw it away

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  10. sweet cheeks- Zap the shells for a minute or so- cool and crunch, or stick in a oven next time you are cooking- salmonella is horrible, and can be deadly! don't forget coffee grounds! very cute!

  11. Hi,
    My name is Myint.I am from Singapore.I am new flok for orchid…
    Do u use all this 3 fertilizer on ur orchid.How often u apply it?Is there an sequence?Do u do it after or before watering?

  12. Hey that's really cool!! I am going to grow cilantro and curry leaves plant will definitely use this trick.. Hope it works!! Keeping my fingers crossed 😉

  13. right at the moment i saw you, i though you were hawaiian…!! ohh how i like hawaiian girls..! your so pretty! omg!

  14. right at the moment i saw you, i though you were hawaiian…!! ohh how i like hawaiian girls..! your so pretty! omg!

  15. right at the moment i saw you, i though you were hawaiian…!! ohh how i like hawaiian girls..! your so pretty! omg!

  16. Thank you for sharing these natural resources we have right at home. Environmental friendly, taught by your grandma in Maui.  To think, the every day things we take for granted today. Our grandparents are the key to knowledge. How wonderful and honorable. Mahalo for sharing..Aloha.

  17. Thank you for your post,I will give it ago.Trying to build up my soil for a small vegetables garden.

  18. I recently tried something new with excellent results. Take a plastic garbage can and cut the bottom off. Find a place out of the way maybe by the back fence. With mine I placed rocks around the outside to hold it into place. You could drive stakes if you don't have suitable rocks. All of my organic waste goes into it. Food garbage, lawn clipping , egg shells, tea bags etc. I do storage auctions and frequently get expired can goods. It all go's in. Every once in a while I will wet it down. Sometimes I just leave the lid off if rain is expected. What happens is everything compost of course; but worms also come up through the bottom to devour the smorgasbord of goodies and leave their casting in the process. The only thing you don't want to throw in is citrus I guess as your worms won't like it much. Each year I work this material into the garden. Still playing around with it.

  19. Here in Colorado we don't have the best soil to start off with, so you do need to try to build the soil up. Another thing I tried last year with good results was mulching. My neighbor gave me all his grass clippings every time he mowed. By the end of summer I had a 4 inch layer of mulch on top of the garden. What I found out, was this accomplished two things for me; I didn't have to spend a bunch of time weeding; but more importantly the mulch holds the moisture in and I didn't have to water so frequently. If your unsure if you need to water; just dig down into the mulch with your hand, and you will be able to feel how wet your soil is. I guess it's the way the lazy guy does it. All the mulch from last year worked right back into the soil, and it was difficult to tell there had been a 4 inch layer of grass clippings. It all pretty much, composted naturally.

  20. Thank you. Also- ferment your rice water 5 days, strain, add milk, let stand 5 days, cover loosely, strain. Add Molasses in equal amounts, then add good quality water. This is a probiotic organism food.

  21. Do you ever get issues of mold forming when using the rice water or tea bags? I poured rice water on the soil and this happened, any tips or suggestions on how to prevent this? Thank you!

  22. Reynelle, thanks for the video, really good info there. Have a question about the eggshells. I use them too, but I rinse any egg residue out of them, then let them dry. After that I put them in a glass bowl and pulverize them into tiny pieces with the bottom of a glass. Should I be rinsing the egg residue out of them, or is any little bit of egg left coating the inside of the shell beneficial to the garden (or does it not matter either way)?

  23. you should look into vermicomposting, I add my eggs, and tea to my worm bin, and it becomes soil. I should do a video on, but I have a feeling that would listen to you more, hahahha. I am curious about the rice water, and why it is beneficial.

  24. I don't want to tea bag my plants =( However, I think I'll try the broken egg shells =) Thanks for the video! You're super hot =P

  25. Good video. Do you think that tea bags and/or coffee grinds would make a good growing medium? They are full of nutrients, and full of cellulose for the orchid to break into sugars.

  26. I want to use lucky bamboo for a tarantula of mine. It will be webbing up on the bamboo because it is an arboreal tarantula. The only idea I have to keep the root system healthy is to basically have a fishbowl at the bottom with gravel for nitrogen. Is that a good idea or a bad idea??

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