3 Options for Composting Your Kitchen Food Scraps

Here we are out in a backyard environment. We’ve got our Earth machine composter here
so we can take those scraps that we had in the kitchen. We take those, and we bring them over to the
bin here. So I’m going to take my bag, open it up,
and I slowly empty everything in, mix it around a little bit that way the liquid, let that
go in too. Another thing I want to show you here is this
bin over here. This is just using the ride along method as
we call it where you got a paper bag. I use it in here so it stays intact, and then
the trash driver comes with the landscape waste and they can either pull the bag out
or take the whole container and flip it into the truck. What we can do again is take our food scraps. We’ve got some potatoes, some egg shells,
grapes, so then what we do is we’re just going to take everything and blend it into
that bag. So now we’ve got everything sitting on the
top in the center, and then we’ll go back and put some more grass, or leaves, yard clippings
and things like that in there. Once that bag is full, you set it out for
your pick up. That’s going to ride along to the compost
site, and those food scraps are going to get broken down along with the rest of the grass
clippings, another method of managing your food scraps at home. We’re here with Jeannine Zipfel at Prairie
Crossing, and she’s going to show us what she does here in her kitchen. So, how does the process work here in your
kitchen and how do you get rid of it out of your home? How does that work here at Prairie Crossing? So what I do whenever I’m making food or
preparing dinner or cleaning up after dinner, any food, vegetable scraps, non-meat things
go. I keep this container on my counter, and I
just put things in there as I go. When this fills up, I take it out to my garage,
and I have a pickle bucket out there, which is a little bigger and we empty it into that,
and then each week there’s a pick-up in the neighborhood. We put a pickle bucket out at the curb on
Thursdays, and the farm truck comes around and picks up the scraps. So there’s composted right here locally,
and you can go and get that compost if you want it, the final product? Yes, we can. Yep. Closing the loop there. That’s a great thing. Well, that’s great. You’ve been doing a great job. We really appreciate your time today. Thank you. We’re here at the Grayslake public drop
off facility for food scraps, the very first one in the State of Illinois. We’re going to take the food scraps, and we’re going to bring them to the drop off right here, and we’re
going to put them in these cans. This is open to the public and can be used
by all the citizens here in Lake County. Please consider this as an option for your
composting needs. It’s as simple as taking the materials that
we had sorted, putting it in the organics recycling only container, dumping it in and
we’re done. Thanks.

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