3 Reasons Why Compost Tea Doesn’t Work & How it Can Improve Your Garden

All right, this is John Kohler with GrowingYourGreens.com. Today we have another exciting episode for
you, and we’ve got Josh from the Boogie Brew company back in the episode today – for
a very important episode, actually. This is the top three reasons why compost
tea doesn’t work. And I know you guys are thinking, but John,
you love compost tea! Why are you saying it can’t work? Because you could screw anything up in life,
right? You could screw – can you screw up sex? I don’t know. Anyway, you can screw up anything in life,
and Josh is going to quickly share with you guys three ways how you could screw compost
tea up. Three ways to screw compost tea up. Number one, you could use a really weak-ass
pump that barely liberates the beneficial microbes that are in even a weak-ass compost. I mean, it’d be pretty hard. You’d have to almost want to screw up compost
tea for it not to work, John. So number one, you know, using inadequate
equipment – like using a tiny ass air pump. We mandate one liter of air minimum for every
liter of tea. Number two, you could use, like I said, a
really poor compost and almost sterile worm casting, almost inert level ingredients. Some just cheap-ass products. And number three, you could brew it too warm,
too long, you could let it go sour. I mean, go to Boogie Brews website and look
at all the do’s and don’ts of Boogie Brew. Because it gets pretty involved. But it’s pretty easy to make the tea. Infuse it and use it before you lose it. 24 hour brew, use good, chlorine-free water. You know, use decent compost. It doesn’t have to be world class products,
like the stuff we like to use. But, you know, get in there with a good, basic
biological mix, activate it with air, chlorine-free water, and you’re done. I mean, yeah, you could screw up anything
in life, like I said. And even compost tea you could screw up, you
know? There’s some people that don’t like compost
tea out there, and they’re promoting the message that compost tea isn’t worth the
wait and you shouldn’t even waste your time on it – which I think is totally bogus. Like, you know, there’s just a dichotomy
in life where, in our society, we’re taught to think right-wrong, good-bad. But what if compost tea, yes, it could be
done poorly, it could be done bad, and some people may not need compost tea. But there’s plenty of people, in my opinion,
that compost tea will totally improve their garden. So what we’re going to do next is actually
ask Josh some very important questions about compost tea, since he sells some of the best
compost tea that I’ve found. And, you know, I would encourage you guys
– if you guys want to do compost tea, number one, buy his staff. If you don’t want to buy his stuff, that’s
all right. You know, go to a video I did with Josh on
his open source compost tea recipe, where he’s releasing his secrets to the world
and telling you guys exactly the ingredients to put in. So you guys can get good results, instead
of just using some compost you made and saying it’s the shit, and then your stuff doesn’t
work and then you’re spreading out this information – misinformation in my opinion
– to many people on something that could be quite beneficial. All right, so Josh, let’s get into questions. All right. Put me on the spot, John. Does compost tea get people excited about
gardening? Oh, I mean, of course it does. It’s dramatic how well it works. Most people call us because they’ve heard
from one of their grow bros just how well the tea worked for them. And it’s a fun thing to do, you know? Like I said, infuse it and use it. It’s wonderful to see that infusion come
to life. It’s very low labor. You can go in there. It’s sexy. That foam. And, you know, just go in there and be creative. It encourages creativity. And anything – you know, we have learned
more from our own tribe of Boogie brewers out there in five years of selling the tea
than I ever did in 10 years of being an organic weed grower in the Calijuana Republic, thinking
I knew it all, you know? And that’s going to continue to occur, so
get creative. We’re appreciative that people love our
recipe so much, but yes, I can’t keep up with business. I’ll be careful what I wish for. That’s good, yeah. So, I mean, anything – if it gets you excited
about gardening, I’m going to just be all for it. Even if for some reason it doesn’t work
in your garden. If something gets you excited about gardening,
gets you to grow your own food – whether that’s compost tea, some heirloom seeds,
whatever it is – I want you guys to do it because I’m just that kind of person. So Josh, you know, there’s some videos online
and maybe one isolated incident. One guy does compost tea in his garden, he
takes it down to the lab, gets it tested, and you know it gets poor results. So the question is, do you think one isolated
test of compost tea in a video that’s on YouTube should be the judge, jury and executioner
as to if compost tea works, and/or if it’s good or bad? Well, of course not. I mean, long before I even – when I was
too lazy to brew my own tea, I’d still heard about tea and I would buy it at the grow store. And even a poorly brewed batch that all the
things had been done wrong, it still made my plants dance. It made them rage. So I knew years ago compost tea works. And look at all the videos that are out there
which say it does work. I mean, if you’re going to judge a product
– whether it’s your own recipe or even a company like ours – if you’re going
to judge it based on one isolated video, well I mean come on. I think it’s a good thing that there’s
naysayers out there, because it means there’s more attention being given to naturally, enzymatically-based
forms of farming. You know, biological methods work. And the powers that be – are you hearing
me, oil industry? They’re afraid of that. Yeah, exactly. I mean, some people that are promoting anti-compost
tea videos are really working for the chemical companies? Or who knows? I don’t know. Oh, the planet is filled with shill-dom. YouTube is filled with shill-dom. But here’s the thing. Like, if you guys want to believe one video
that’s not even scientific, that’s not even journal published, that’s not even
some kind of accredited person making it, that’s you guys’ right. I don’t care. You guys could be, you know, scammed. There’s a lot of people scamming you out
there. But anyways, I want you guys to look in the
journals. You know, this is a scientific journal published
study, effects of aerated compost tea on the growth promotion of lettuce, soybean, and
corn in organic cultivation. Published in the Plant Pathology Journal,
you know, 259-268, 2015. And, I mean, there’s references in here
on other journal publications that they’ve done compost tea for pathology and all kinds
of stuff. And even in here, I mean, you guys could look
it up. I’m not going to show you guys this. But here’s a picture. The picture shows that there’s way larger
roots when they use more compost tea, and they also got higher yields. Journal published study, I want you guys to
believe this stuff. But why does everything have to be in a journal,
John? I mean success leaves clues. Follow the clues. That’s exactly it, Josh. I mean, here’s the thing. Unfortunately there’s not a lot of published
studies on compost tea. And why is that, Josh? Or why do you believe that is? Well, because again, the powers that be, the
people that control these ag universities – I mean, look who’s actually funding
them. At least in this country, it’s the mighty
M, Monsanto, more dollars go. I mean, I’ve seen comments on your own videos,
John, where people have said, unfortunately I went to ag school. The first six months, we learned how to do
things organically. The next five semesters, we were taught by
the same professor, well, that’s not the way to do it. Here’s how you do it, with all these numbers,
all these soluble fertilizers and so on. I mean, we could talk all day about that. We don’t have time. We’re talking about whether tea works or
not. I mean, come on, it’s a ridiculous question. It’s a no-brainer. Of course it works. If it didn’t work, why would I sell so much
of it? Yeah, and the other thing I would say to you
guys is, I mean, don’t believe me on YouTube – don’t believe anybody on YouTube. You know, they could be full of BS. I want you guys to try this stuff so you guys
can see for yourself if it works in your garden or not. It may or it may not. I have a strong intuition, on a large probability
and a high percentage of people, it’s going to work for you like it’s worked for so
many of my viewers. John, nothing is stronger than – the only
thing stronger than the BB, the Boogie Brew, is the BC, the Boogie Challenge. Bring it on. Bring it on. So, does compost tea actually add bacteria
to your soil, Josh? Well, of course. I mean, when you’re brewing it you’re
creating trillions of microbes. And it’s unfathomable the amount of biology
you can create in a five gallon bucket, and then dilute and spread across very wide areas
of real estate. Well here’s how it adds nutrients. The way it adds nutrients is by increasing
the quality of your soil. For instance, our product is not sold or registered
in any form as a fertilizer. We make no fertilizing claims. And yet, it works quicker in most situations
than hydroponics, with synthetic fertilizers being directly driven to the roots. And why is that? Because our product is a microbial product,
it’s an enzymatic digest, and it’s a food for soil. And it makes the soil so active. So what your soil gets is much increased metabolic
efficiency, absorption of nutrients that it breaks down itself – which it’s always
done. Remember, before the ag revolution, what they
call the original green revolution, ha-ha, you know carbon farming methods as recently
as the ‘40s or the ‘30s, it was always done that way. Nature did it for us that way. And tea just is like compost but on steroids. It just greatly increases that whole web of
life rhythm, that metabolic cycle. And it’s your soil, feed your soil. We’re not what we eat, we’re what we absorb
in our guts. It’s the same with your soil, you know? Yeah. We need beneficial bacteria in our guts, and
so do our soil, to digest the food that we feed it. Which is the compost and the organic matter
and the minerals that are in the soil. So Josh, do you think using compost in your
garden is enough, and is the same as using compost tea? Or will somebody see benefits from using the
compost tea? Absolutely they’ll see benefits from using
the tea. And is compost enough? Of course it’s enough. Before people were using these pumps and fish
tank aquarium style – AACT, actively aerated compost teas – of course. Up in Scotland, they were using great compost,
burying sheep horns in the ground and making it biodynamic and so on. But like I said, the only thing stronger than
the BB is the BC. So do your compost. Do it as cost-effectively as possible. Compost is like the horsepower itself, the
torque in the motor. Compost tea is a high octane fuel that’s
going to absolutely increase the efficiency of whatever compost enriches soil you’re
using. Awesome, Josh. I mean, the other thing I want to mention
to you guys is, as much as compost is important – you may think you guys have the shit compost,
but you know, send your compost in and get it tested for bacterial activity, you know,
food soil web testing, and maybe you’ll see that it’s maybe not so good. It’s like people think their shits don’t
stink or their farts don’t smell, right? Well, I mean, here’s the thing. Even the world’s most esteemed, knowledgeable,
true soil scientists know less than one per cent of what’s going on in the soil beneath
them. When I formulated my product, I did the same
way, no science behind it, of a spirulina power smoothie when I was a bike racer back
in the ‘80s and ‘90s. That intuition of, ah, these things are going
to work. You can smell it, you can feel it, you can
sense it. And if you communicate daily with your plants
and your garden, you know what’s going to feed it. You know what’s going to make those plants
dance. There’s no fooling nature. Yeah, for sure. So Josh, would you say that synthetic fertilizers
are more nutritious in the soil than compost tea? Well, they may immediately, under a microscope,
appear more nutritious – especially when it’s a salt based. These things are made from oil and gas, so
what are you putting in there? I mean, in the long run you’re just going
to strip it and turn it into a heroin addict. That’s what these things do. And then your plants require more and more
and more, and you end up stripping all the life. You end up killing your soil. I mean, most of America’s topsoil has been
ruined directly by these chemical methods of farming. But under a microscope, sure, I would have
to admit that – okay, how are you judging nutrition? Are you judging it by the life, the life condition? You know, by the health of your soil? Or by the number of, you know, MPK values
and soluble salts and parts per million? So that’s a tricky question, but the honest
answer is throwing chemical fertilizers into your soil, in the long term, is only going
to cause irreparable harm. Feeding tea to your soil is only going to
help your plants to dance, because they’re going to have a happy, super bed of microbial
ecology to live in. It’s not going to be a soil when you add
tea to it religiously, and do your high horsepower compost and your own castings and all the
methods that this man espouses, it’s going to be an LMC – a living microbial colony. So what do you want it to be? This dead, inert substance that you’ve poured
a bunch of chemical salts into, that’s more nutritious? Or something that’s alive? That’s going to keep nourishing your plants
for decades? I mean, look at you, you’ve had this thing
for five years now. These things, they’re just self-replicating
systems. He tops them off. It’s beautiful. A beautiful thing. So Josh, would you say – some people say
that when you make compost tea, you could be culturing bad bacteria and spraying E.
coli and crap on your plants? Like, is this a valid concern? Should people not do compost tea because they
could be culturing bad bacteria and they’ll get sick from it? Well, I mean, when you make compost it’s
going to have bad bacteria. I mean, there’s bad bacteria and good bacteria. When you make a proper compost tea recipe
that’s minimizing the potential for pathogens to begin with – i.e. like Boogie Brew – and
entirely veganic. And there’s nothing wrong with composting
cow manure or buffalo manure or bat guano. You experiment and make your own teas and
use those products. But we really steer clear of animal-based
products and go for limiting – because we have to think of liability. And somebody screwing up and making the tea
itself anaerobic by not using enough oxygen, by cooking it at a high water temperature,
or letting it go too long. I mean, there’s endless ways to increase
the bad bacteria in a compost tea, just like a yogurt can go wrong. So is there the potential for when a lady
– like my wife, she loves to put yogurt on her skin, Leah. If it’s a fresh, healthy, living yogurt,
it nourishes, turns it silky smooth and glistens. But would she put a bad one? An E. coli or whatever? Whether it’s E. coli or I don’t know what
kind of bad microbes can fester in yogurt So of course it’s all about common sense,
preparing it properly. The use it and infuse it before you lose attitude,
and so on. Yeah, I mean, it sounds like people are just
trying to scare people out of not making compost tea. Which is kind of insane to me because, once
again, I think it could only help – whether you buy Josh’s stuff or whether you make
your own high quality stuff by following his recipe and following his specific ways to
make it. It’s very important. There is no one specific way. You know, I do not sit here and hold the keys
to compost tea wisdom. Far from it. I’m proud of our recipe, I’m proud of
you all for supporting us and purchasing it. I try my hardest to make it as affordable
as possible. I’m kind of insecure, that’s why I talk
so much. And I did the same thing. I want everyone to like me and the product
too, so I almost made our tea, you could argue, too rich and uber of a tea recipe. It’s not always necessary to use a tea as
good as Boogie Brew all the time. You can do your own. We encourage people to be cheap about it and
do filler teas. You know, you can do two applications a month
with our product and then do some in between with a simple vermi tea or something. All right, Josh. Some people say that maybe compost tea works
because you’re actually watering more and you’re getting more water into the soil. And it’s like, with regular watering, your
plants are going to do better. And when you’re spraying out compost tea
you’re watering an extra time that you maybe wouldn’t have watered. Who says that? I don’t know, man. I’ve never heard that. People say all kinds of stuff online, and
I don’t know if I would believe it. That’s totally bogus. One of the reasons I started using compost
tea myself was to make it a more stoner-proof method of horticulture, because I would forget
to water my plants. He’s a stoner. Trust me, he misses all kinds of stuff. Yeah. With the amount of THC I ingest, I mean, I
want my plants as strong and healthy as possible. So if Leah and I go to the beach for the day
and go ride our bikes and then come home, oh honey, I’m too tired to water your – she
just has a patty. We don’t grow cannabis any more, just for
the record. But I’m just saying, you know, with tea,
they’re only going to be stronger and they’re going to be able to go another day in a desert
climate, in a less than hospitable environment. So that’s absolute nonsense. Compost tea is totally proven. It builds such a healthy web of life in your
soil. Your soil is more resilient. The beneficial always outweigh the bad bacteria
when it’s prepared and infused properly. And that creates an environment that the total
web of life allows critical relationships to occur. You have this matrix, this living glue, instead
of this stripped-down – like I said, heroin addict is the analogy, where everything just
drains through. So if you want to go use chemical fertilizers,
be prepared to water a lot more. You want to use compost tea, be prepared to
witness astoundingly tough, in fact, soil. The most amount of microbial reproduction
in the cycle is not when you feed tea. It’s when you let the soil dry out between
your watering applications. Whether you come back and feed chlorine-free
water or come back and feed tea, that’s when the microbial repopulating explosions
take place. So Josh, can compost tea create an imbalance
in your soil? I mean, I guess, if you went totally bat-shit
crazy with a super rich recipe like Boogie Brew, and you were just religious about pouring
it full strength at unnecessary expense. I mean, at full strength, it’s as little
as 25, 30 cents a gallon, but why would you go pour that every day? I mean, I guess with a recipe like ours there
is that potential, but I’ve never heard of it. And no, far from it, it’s always going to
build a better, more resilient web of life system that’s going to encourage much healthier
critical relationships – between everything. Between the arthropods and, you know, all
those blah-blah-blah, the nematodes, and everything that creates this web of life that we really
know nothing about. We’re clueless. It’s a miracle. It’s a miracle. Watch that video that I did, why you should
never buy a compost tea tank brewer, because what’s his name August, the guy with the
CTS company, he says our dollars should be backed by soil. In seven years of being into this and watching
John’s videos, I’ve never heard a more magnificent, poignantly stated sentence than
that. It gives me goosebumps. So our dollars need to be backed by this stuff. It’s worth so much. The soil itself is worth gold, people. Get out there and make it. Use teas, use your own compost, do what it
takes. Josh, the type of water – is that important
when making compost tea? Like should you use rainwater, tap water,
filtered water? Absolutely, of course. I mean, your typical water, thanks to Dick
Cheney and defense, Homeland Security, the CWA – which was part of Nixon’s and then
Carter’s era – the clean water drinking act has been gutted in this country. Thanks to, oh, we need fossil fuel independence. You know, thanks to fracking, all kinds. Thanks to the depletion of the water table,
the PPMs are going up, the heavy metal loads are going up. It’s harder and harder to get clean water. So I encourage you to filter your own water
if you’re on municipally treated. Because there’s water and there’s treated
water. If you’re on a treated water system, you
need to scrub that treatment right back out of that water. Absolutely, especially when you’re preparing
the tea itself. Now soil is very resilient and it can actually
do quite well with chlorinated water. But why? When for not even a tenth of a penny a gallon,
life span, you can get one of these affordable house mount filters and use clean water? Rainwater is even better. For tea, for PH balance and everything, the
real big boys – you know, the guys who use it for cannabis and invest hundreds of dollars
in nice RO systems – they claim they get a more PH stable and an even better quality
tea. So of course quality water is always going
to create a quality tea. Look at the beer makers. They spend a fortune on their water treatment
systems to make a better beer brew. Of course you want to use it for a better
compost tea brew. Cool. Now, does compost tea grow giant crops? Just go and watch on Boogie Broadcasting’s
own page, where we have a lot of John Kohler videos and some enviro news videos. We also have people like Hammering Hank right
here from Marijuana Land. Some good consciousness going on. We have people like Growing Up Garden. We now have Boogie Brew Canada, The Big Kahuna,
and people posting the results of what they get – which stunned me. You know, I used to use it just for cannabis. I can show you letters. We’re finally compiling a web page. Boogie Success, the best BS you’ll ever
get, direct from your own world-class tribe of Boogie-bassadors that are out there. And the stories are just amazing. I can count on one hand, in five years of
selling it online, the number of people that have ever complained and said it doesn’t work. And that was when they used it with a chemical
base, fertilizing with a hydroponic system. When they used it in tandem with nature, it
just made everything fire. And of course – I mean, go look, just go
look online. Does it grow giant crops? Go check it out for yourself. Go look at all the countless videos that are
out there about just that. Yeah, I mean, I’ll attest. My stuff grows great and I believe it is because
of the Boogie Brew, as well as all the other practices I do. I mean, it’s not just like compost tea is
the answer to all the world’s problems or all your gardening problems. But it is one of the many answers that I want
you guys to incorporate into your garden, to take your crops up to the next level. I mean, maybe some people out there are jealous
of you growing stuff bigger than them so they’re like telling you not to do it. I have no idea. Honestly, we’ve lagged on giving his garden
more attention ourselves, because we’re so busy shipping product here in North Cal. And I got to tell you, I’ll be straight with
you, the few applications he’s done here have been miraculous. But there’s something way more powerful than
compost tea that works for you here, John. It’s called vitamin L. It’s the love he puts
into doing what he does here. Let’s be straight about things. Yeah. And I want you guys to make love to your compost,
Josh. And I want you guys to make love to your garden. Yeah, go make love to your own soil. Have mouth, stick foot in it? I thought that was my middle name. All right, Josh. The other thing I want to talk about is, does
compost team grow giant crops? My comments are that they can be helpful to
do so, because some of the people at the Heirloom Expo that I attend everywhere, and they have
a large pumpkin contest every year – you know, as much as the seed variety does make
a difference, once again it’s all these components make a difference to make a big, giant pumpkin. It’s not just the seed variety. It’s seed variety, having good microbial action. I mean, I’ve grown huge beets. I’ve grown huge – all kinds of different
plants. But it’s a combination of things. But that being said, one of the most important
combinations, beside just having the seeds and using chemical fertilizer, right? You could blow those guys out of the water
just trying to do it like that, if you have the horsepower in your soil, such as the different
bacteria and fungi that really digest the nutrients and feed it to your plants. I mean, why do plants send down exudates into
the root zone, to attract bacteria? Right. I mean, because they want them there. They want a lot, because those help them take
up more nutrients. And you’re isolating your plants from that
relationship when you use chemical fertilizers. You absolutely are, you’re isolating them
from that. You’re stripping them of that biological privilege,
that right that they were given by our own creator for the soil they grow in. It is utterly evil. Chemical-based farming has to stop. Yeah, I mean, even if you’re just growing
in compost, you’re probably not going to grow one of those huge, giant pumpkins without
compost tea or micro riser or some kind of other bacterial and/or fungal. Well, I mean, look at this from this analogy. My other passion was bicycle racing, and I
just followed the Tour de France. It’s the summer season. And Chris Froome, the British guy, he’s a
wonder man. And his team is Team Sky, Rupert Murdoch’s
company, but they win by a system called marginal gain. So it’s not just the watts, it’s not just
the 400 watts he’s pushing up the Alps in the Tour de France. You know, that is the horsepower. It’s a system of marginal gains. It’s the super carbon fiber bikes, the amount
of rest and recuperation, and using the right nutrients in their own diets. And imagine if they ate like you. They would never have needed to have doped,
you know. There might be some doping going on in there. But, no matter what, it’s a system of marginal
gains. And using the tea is a marginal gain. If you use Boogie Brew – I will challenge
any farmer, no matter how green thumb they are, and no matter how biodynamic and creating
their own uber everything. I mean, some of my best customers, who are
far more green thumb than myself, I can testify. You know, like Kirk up in Grass Valley, I
hope you’re watching this. Like, oh my God, these people are good farmers,
you know? And yet, every time when they’ve used the
Boogie Brew, that marginal gain. It just pushes it. You’re going to absolutely. Do the side-by-side. Send us back your – we want your feedback. We’ve been too busy shipping our own product
to compile testimonials and so on. We need more. We now want them, so send them to us please. Cool. So Josh it’s my opinion, and for you guys
out there, it’s my opinion that for almost all gardeners and farmers, compost tea is
going to help. But maybe there’s a class of farmers or gardeners
that are way up at the top and compost tea won’t even help. And I’ll give you guys a clue about this. Potentially it’s for no-till farming and constantly
bringing back a lot of compost and doing other practices properly. And I’m not going to get into any more about
that in this video because we’ve got to keep moving. Well, let me just say this. I remember when we sponsored the Bounty Farm,
when we ended up tripling their yields, their hard, clay-packed soil in Petaluma. And one of the girls who ran it, who is actually
a paid staff member who was a graduate from the Santa Cruz organic farm school, where
they teach you how to go and run a community farm. She said using Boogie Brew was like cheating. They got to build that web of life within
three months instead of two seasons. So if you want to go out there and cheat – I
mean, I like doing things the easy way, the less back-breaking way. If you want to go in there and do it all without
tea, like I’m going to prove we can do it without tea. Fine, go do it without tea. Yeah. It’s just a lot harder. It is a lot harder. I mean, can you clean a bucket? Can you dry out an air stone between brews? Boom, you’re done. Go out there and infuse it. It works. Yeah. I mean, I want you guys to do things the easy
way. Everything is too hard, right? Why make it hard and just use only compost? I mean, I think that’s stupid. But that’s what I think. Anyways Josh, let’s keep moving on. So boiler feeding of compost tea, spraying
compost tea on the leaves, the underside of the leaves, the plants – is it beneficial
or harmful? Some people you can be spreading, once again,
that bad bacteria. Hey, fear mongering works. I mean, after all, look at recently the Republican
convention. Donald Trump is popular for a reason. Fear mongering really works. Well, if you want to focus on the bad and
say, geeze, there’s a few bad organisms that have made it into this? How about focusing on all the good? If you make a proper tea recipe and you go
out there and spray it on leaf surfaces, most spores that are naturally there in the environment,
especially in Sonoma County from our chemically-based, monocultural grape farming system – that’s
when it all went crazy in the ’90s with the powdery mold spores. You go in there and you spray with something
that’s so populated with beneficial microbes that you’re going to totally out-populate
the bad guys. It’s the same with your gut. You go putting fresh yogurt in there, you’re
going to repopulate it with all the good stuff. Make some fresh sauerkraut yogurt. Absolutely. And you know what? Add some of that pure protein. I’ve got to do a plug for the PP. If you stranded me on a desert island and
allowed me one product only, it wouldn’t even be the BB. It’d be the PP. Add some of that protein power, the aminos,
to that cocktail of microbes. I mean, go out there and do foliar campaign
with that twice a month. It’s ridiculous. It’s not even legal how well you will do. Absolutely. Does tea work foliar? Is it sketchy? Should I not spray it? Geeze, is there some bad stuff in it? Hell no. Go out there and use it. Look at all the results on YouTube. Again, success leaves clues. Follow those clues. Yeah. Well said, Josh. Can compost tea be used in contained garden
areas, or is it only for like big gardens like I’ve got, or big farms? I mean, container gardening is such a restricted
gardening method that it almost mandates the addition of extra things that are high octane
things like compost tea. I mean, clearly container gardens love compost
tea. The only thing that I would worry about with
container gardens is adding too much things like C90. Too much natural fertilizers can still accumulate. And again, getting in there with the tea is
going to help digest. It’s going to help break down. If you’re worried that your container farm,
your $50 geo pot, 45 gallon special filled with all these goodies. If you’re worried that geeze, things are out
of balance here, measure the run-off. Use a cheap PPM pen or get a good one. At least get a $30 one, you know. And measure the run-off. And if the run-off is coming out about 1100
then you don’t want to feed it anything. And if it’s above 2000 then it’s definitely
out of balance. And you can go in there with diluted teas
and that will help fix it better than just water, absolutely. And if it’s coming out below 1100 you can
safely feed it up to 900 parts per million. All a combination of a strong tea, some top
dressings that you scratched in, and always measure the run-off. All these hydro growers are obsessed about
what’s in their reservoir. Is it at 2200 or 2500? Forget about what’s in your reservoir. Measure the soil. Measure the run-off from your soil. Communicate with your plants. Ask your soil, do you want me to feed you? Use one of these intelligently priced modern
miracle meters, the electro-conductivity meter, to tell you what’s going on. And then you can go in there and make an intelligent
decision about, you know, adding a modestly priced top dressing. Scratch it in and then activate it with your
own compost tea – or, better yet, with mine, with Boogie Brew. I guarantee it, your plants will dance. Keep it simple. All right, Josh. I want to talk more about that compost tea. In this video, we’re talking about actively
aerated compost tea, AACT, and not any other kind – because there’s all kinds of compost
tea. People put shit in a bucket with water. I do not recommend that kind of compost tea
at all. That’s the kind you can get in trouble with. Right. So actively aerated compost tea. Or there can be different qualities? So, like, why would somebody want to buy Boogie
Brew instead of just taking their compost, some molasses, and a cheap bubbler they get
from a fish tank and bubble it on up? Well, because I made a pretty bitching recipe. But I encourage them, as I said earlier in
the conversation, to do both. Money is like manure. Spread it around. If you can buy some of our super high octane,
super high grade veganic super tea, go for it. If you want to experiment and make your own,
there’s a million videos out there. And go read our stuff. We’ve got a great article, harnessing the
benefits of compost tea in your garden. It’s a fabulous article edited from a magazine
years ago. We make no mention of Boogie Brew in it. It’s just about intelligently using teas as
part of your total gardening system. Awesome, Josh. And yeah, if you want to make videos about
how compost tea doesn’t work, get some Boogie Brew and you’re going to have to totally screw
it up to make it not work – because there’s so many people that show it works. I mean, we’ll put a link down below to Josh’s
channel where he has people sharing this. So Josh, do you think it’s fair for somebody
to say, you know, to make basically – they make compost tea, they test it, they take
it to a lab, and then they say it doesn’t work because I did and it didn’t work? What sort of lab? A lab that’s testing for NPK, for quote nutritional
value? Right. I mean, I think that you need to take it to
a food soil web lab to really kind of show what’s happening. Because besides just like the NPK values or
fertilizer values in the compost tea, that’s not really why we do compost tea. No. You want to measure the life. You want to measure the life that’s in your
tea. And no NPK test, no fertilizer industry testing
company, is going to give you. They don’t have a clue. To them, this is all double Dutch. These people have been almost like fascist-ically
trained by a greater empire – you know, by a greater network. It’s a very evil industry. The ag industry is filled with scum. And that’s why we’re so honored to sell a
product to good people like you, who are the exact opposite. And that’s why we’re so blessed and lucky. And we slave ourselves. We’re not getting rich from doing this. Anyone that wants to try my job for a week,
have at it. Even without the weed consumption. All right, I’m telling you. So I talk too much. I never talk poop. Our product works. You want to measure the life potential that’s
in your tea. The group is great for a very basic look at
what’s going on for fungal counts, for microbial counts. But you need to go to a company called Microbial
Matrix, run by a woman called Lynn Rogers. And she’s not cheap, but she speaks species
in her sleep. She can take perfunctory look at an electron
microscope slide and start telling you what’s going on with your tea. It’s an amazing experience when I’ve chatted
with her in years gone by when we initially used to test our tea. Our latest recipes we haven’t even bothered
to test, because we keep improving them. We now have a new HHBB, the Heavy Harvest
Boogie Brew, more flower-focused formula than ever. It may sound like I’m just hog-washing testing. I’m not at all, but they are very expensive
and we run a tight ship. We do have some new data about the castings. I’m really curious how the OGFs are going
to do back here, because they got back from Lynn Rogers record fungal counts and record
Chitin counts. I mean, stuff I already knew because when
I went there and saw the place, first of all it’s like a biological humidor of vermicultural
excellence just going in there. And the guy spends honest dollars feeding
his worms. I mean, he’s still losing money on his worm
operation, right? That’s how we met him. We brought him CBD minerals, the California
salt deposit. And then we advised him, add the frass and
so on, improved so the top deck became like Boogie’s deck of OGS castings. And sure enough the product, which was already
by far – for a commercial casting I have yet to find one better. And I go all the way to SoCal with my flat
bed once a month, just to get the product. That’s how important. Even though we’re talking only 20 per cent,
18 per cent net of Boogie Brew’s recipe of good casting, it’s 80 per cent of the biological
horsepower, the firepower of a compost tea. So if you people out there who are making
your own castings, buying these sensible vermi farms, these kits or whatever, hats off to
you. If you want to use Boogie Brew, add that. If you have your own castings, add that to
it. It’s just like home made yogurt, home made
ice-cream, sorry. You know, home made juices are better than
store bought juices. But for a commercial castings, those OGS,
I mean with the fungal counts and everything. I know the tea under a microscope blows people. People tell me all the time, dude I have a
$10,000 electron microscope. I looked at your tea, it was insane. But I don’t tell about that stuff. Success leaves clues. I want to see how this stuff actually works. It does work, exceptionally well. My comments are simply this. Number one, if you’re not using worm castings
in your compost tea, you’re an idiot. I’ll say that again. Worm castings are one of the essential parts,
and if you’re just using compost and all this crap, you’re stupid. I’m sorry I’m saying that. I apologize for calling you guys stupid. Don’t do it. That’s what I want you guys to do. Number two – Worms excrete the most magnificent hummus
right out of their guts. Our of their ass. Yeah. My wood chip compost that I go to great lengths
to cure and age and mature for 3+ and spray it down with like a barley malt yeast extract
from the brewery to improve it. Worms in one day will produce a finer hummus
than an aged wood chip product. So he’s wrong, you’re not an idiot if you’re
doing a tea without worm castings in it. You know, strictly vegan, it wouldn’t even
have the worm castings in it. But of course a good casting in even nominal
recipe tea is just going to make it kick ass. Of course it’s going to improve it 10 fold,
absolutely. And for pennies, for pennies per gallon. And so here’s the thing, too. If you guys get food soil web testing on your
compost tea results and it’s not coming out good, what’s that telling you? That’s telling you you’re doing a shitty job,
man, and you need to up that game. You need to put some other things in there,
get some other sources of compost. Josh has sourced – and I’ve been around
with him to source some of the highest quality stuff that he puts in his tea. And that’s why I use it, so I don’t have to. Coming up in a future episode, we’re going
to take John deep into some of our suppliers’ worlds and really show it. It’s pretty fun. A fun industry on that level. Cool Josh. So, another thing you know I know, what percentage
of Boogie Brew customers are repeat customers for you guys? Because that will tell you if the stuff works
or not – because why would people buy the stuff and keep coming back if it doesn’t work? You mean what percentage of initial customers? That’s a weird – wait a minute. So initial customers, how can they be repeat
buyers? They’re my initial ones. After they buy it once, how many come back
to you and buy more tea? Not any of your other products? Quite a few. I would say, being really honest, lie detector
test honest, putting me on the spot honest – 60 to 70 per cent. That’s pretty high. And I would say the only reason there’s not
more is because we encourage plug and play, and making your own, and open source. And also because we’ve never done a bulk tea
special on your GYG page with you. But I mean, yeah, huge percentage. And everybody that is a repeat customer keeps
on repeating 100 per cent and buying it. Yeah. I mean, I keep using this stuff. I wouldn’t use it if it didn’t work. It does work. That’s why I can’t keep up with the demand. We all know it works. So Josh, is there instances where your compost
tea won’t work for somebody? Well, there was someone recently that put
in a request saying this didn’t work with my hydro system and I want a refund. Now, we have a purchase policy on our website. Unfortunately, they were past the 10 day thing. That’s where my wife, the real Boogie boss
comes in and say, uh, this was obviously a chemical-based system where probably things
were already, if you want to use the word, high octane with chemical amounts. And the tea, like I said, we’re not what we
eat. We’re what we absorb. So the tea greatly increases the metabolic
efficiency in the root zone and the rhizosphere. And so her plants, I think it was a lady that
said oh it didn’t work in my hydro system, my plants weren’t happy – very, very likely
was already getting overdosed. And the absorption of the tea, making the
team more absorptive or more efficient at absorbing other nutrients, other chemical
nutrients, created a system where that threshold was then, you know, too high for the plants
to remain healthy. So in an extreme situation where you have
a hydro grower and they’re going for this consciousness, or lack of consciousness, of
high parts per million chemical fertilizers, that’s the only place I could see Boogie Brew
and any compost tea in general not working. Other than that, you have to have an extremely
black thumb for tea not to work for you. Yeah. I mean, I’d encourage you guys to do soil
gardening. Not that – I don’t say hydroponic is bad. Because, once again, I want to get you guys
out of this dichotomy, good-bad, right-wrong. Soil not oil. Soil not oil. Let me get that real straight. They recently have published – I heard about
this from some of my own customers, more than one person, so I know it’s true. They’ve published research showing that we
get a serotonin increase in our brains from dirt, from soil getting into our fingernails. And I totally believe it, because even though
I’m a lazy stoner – no, I’m a busy, stressed out entrepreneur that doesn’t get to come
over here and help John more – every time I do, I feel great. You know? You don’t get that buzz working around hydroponics
or even aquaponics. It’s fun. It’s a scientific experiment. But only do you get that connection – and,
truly, our hands were built to pluck, you know, fresh figs from your tree and dig around
in the dirt. And now science has proven it. Yeah. I mean, I’m high on life, I’m high on my soil. That’s why I’ve got dirt in my fingernails. I don’t get high off cannabis and I don’t
encourage you guys to do that, but if you want to that’s up to you. But I don’t do that stuff because people in
my videos are like, John you’re so stoned in that video. He does not. Do I get stoned? I have access to some of the best stuff anywhere
and I don’t give a shit. He has a home right here in the heart of the
707 grow code. There are grow houses right here in the hood. There’s so much weed in Sonoma County, and
John Kohler is the cleanest, straightest, non-imbibing. You know, loves cannabis leaf juice for its
health effects for his body. Absolutely does not – he detests what most
people love about cannabis. Let’s face it, 95 per cent of cannabis is
consumed deliberately for its side effects, which are healthy. There’s nothing unhealthy about them. I totally believe that, okay? Maybe being naturally ADD already, it just
compounds that. But the whole damn garden industry is ADD,
especially at this time of year. So it doesn’t matter, you know? As long as people accept it. It’s this whole weird – why should you be
crucified if you were a stoner? Why should it matter if you did enjoy smoking? That’s exactly it. It’s your message that you’re getting out
there. I want people to get the health benefits from
the THC, not the high benefits. But if you guys want to get the high, that’s
up to you. I don’t care whether you like getting high
or whether you’re strictly against it. Keep watching John Kohler, high or not, because
he’s the YouTube university right here, okay? More powerful than all these ag schools funded
by Monsanto’s might mad dollars put together. We all know this. Thanks, Josh. But hey, we’ve got to start wrapping up this
video here real quick, and we got way off topic. Of course. Me talking cannabis or not. Now we’re talking about compost tea, Josh. We’ve got a couple of minutes left on the
battery. So here’s the thing I want to do, Josh. I always have a special for you guys out there,
and this is a special dedicated to compost tea haters. And this is the compost tea hater box that
got Josh to put together. The hater box, I love it. That’s genius. Those guys that are haters or never tried
it or don’t believe in it, we’ve got a good deal for you guys, so you guys could get started. The base price of this system is $60 and it’s
going to include Josh’s all new Heavy Harvest Boogie Brew compost tea. Yeah. We upped the brewer’s yeast a bit. It’s definitely a more flower-focused tea
than ever. It’s very, very similar to the existing formula,
but not that much. We believe in marginal gains improvement. The new HHBB. Cool. So you’re going to get three pounds of the
Heavy Harvest Boogie Brew tea. You’re going to get a good quality air pump. Not one that’s like something that’s not going
to put out enough air. This is going to put up 7.8 liters per minute. Now, that will do two gallons. You can cheat and make your tea at double
to triple strength, and still get that infusion. But keep in mind you want one liter of air
for every liter of tea. So this is a budget price kit we’re talking
about here, but yes, this is a good pump. Hydrofarm, god bless you. You’re a great vendor and we love your active
aqua series of pumps. Yeah, and then you’re going to get two air
stones. Yeah, because this pump drives two stones. And then also the tubing and then you’re going
to need to supply your own bucket. You’re also going to get something I recommend
to you guys, the trace minerals. You’re going to get a little packet of C90. Go easy on the C90. Yeah. One teaspoon in one gallon of water, once
a month in your garden. That’s it. Don’t sprinkle this in your soil. Less is more. You could sprinkle this on your food. I actually don’t recommend that either because
it’s – but anyway, that’s another topic. And then the other thing, so that’s at the
$59.99 price. And then we’ve got the special bonus for you
guys. It’s the Boogie blue basic filter. For a $20 up charge you guys can get the filter,
so you want to make sure you make your compost tea with filtered water or some clean water. And then if you get the extra filter – this
filter or even the upgraded filter, the Boogie blue plus filter – you’re also going to
get a $20 value, this is the special bonus I got Josh to do, foundation. This is a micro riser. This is very important to grow high quality
plants. This is some really specific fungi that has
been shown to increase growth on a plant. That’s your top dominator species. JK actually helped me source this product
a couple of years ago. And this is water soluble. Yeah. That’s very expensive, a high grade water
soluble one. It’s the highest count per dry weight gram
of the top four dominator species. What are they all? I can’t even pronounce them. The blah-blah, the top four dominator species. The endo, okay? This is a great product and we spend a lot. We buy it in big buckets and it costs a fortune. So money is like manure. We’re spreading it around thinly, more thinly
than ever, for it to yield for us later. With your viewers, with the GYGers out there,
you’re more important than us put together. You really are. We believe in you, the movement. And I’m just happy to be a commercial conduit
to you. I’m also going to throw in just for this pack
a special – I’m going to throw in a very special product which has been soaked in a
unique activating compound, and let’s talk about that real quick. All right, thanks for waiting. And we’re also going to throw in a really
special product in this kit. Brand new, our super char bio-organic solution. OGS don’t just make what I believe to be the
world’s best worm castings with the highest fungal blah-blah-blah, microbial counts and
so on. But they also make a unique char that is sprayed
down with a worm juice. They can juice up to 2000 gallons a day from
their biological humidor home of vermi excellence, a liquid worm juice. They call it ambrosia. You know I don’t believe in selling liquid
products, but I sure as hell believe in the bio char that has been soaked in this product. And I’m going to give you approximately three
pounds of it. I’ve still got to go over it with the wife
exactly what we can fit in this box. But you’ve got to try this stuff. This is the supreme governator. Think of this as the chip on your soil’s engine. Bio char, especially an activated, triple
wash, PH balanced, proper particle size, and totally inoculated with this ambrosia – it’s
an unbelievable product. It’s the bio char we’re now using in our open
source compost tea recipe. I strongly urge you to check this product
out and read about how it’s made. We’ll have more info on this shortly on our
website on BoogieBrew.net. And you can also go to OrganicSolution.com
and check out these products. Because they are first class, baby. This stuff is some good stuff. All right, Josh. I’ve got to check that one out myself. I haven’t even used that yet. It’s an incredible product. There’s char and there’s super char. And this stuff is phenomenal. All right. Well, I’ll try it Josh. And let everybody know what I think about
it. But anyway, that comes included in this kit
too. And of course this is a basic kit. If you want to get the upgraded kit, you know,
it’s around $100 or over $100 worth of filter. And that’s the one I would recommend you guys
get if you really want to go for it. This is the basic kit for the haters that
don’t believe it, because we want you guys to try it and make videos with your results. That’s cool. We want to see what happens and, much like
all of Josh’s customers, you will get beneficial results. We’ve got to cut this video off, Josh, because
the battery is out. But really quick, you want to go to BoogieBrew.net/gyg. I’ll put a link down below to get the special
deal. Any last words real quick, Josh? Yeah. We’ll also give a hater’s coupon code. The coupon code is haterstea. And you’re going to get free four ounce foundation
if you go for one of our bigger, even better value, true IBM business model tea brewing
kit specials. Okay? And we’re starting a buyers club for you. That’s another video, man. We’ve got to get going. For those bulk tea heads out there that want
to be able to get the refill for cheaper than ever, we’re working on it. Trust me, we’re working with you. All right, cool. Anyway, we’ve got to go. So if you guys like this video with Josh,
please give it a thumbs up. Let me know. If we get a lot of thumbs up, I’ll come back
and make another video with Josh in the future. I definitely had fun hanging out with Josh
today and sharing his information about compost tea and my opinions on compost tea. I believe it works and I want you guys to
try it if you guys haven’t. I don’t want you guys to just poo-poo. It’s very easy to write a comment, compost
tea doesn’t work. It’s much harder to buy it, make it, brew
it, and spread it on yourself – and then see the results, and see that it works, and
know that you’re just dumb for not trying it in the first place. So anyway, go to boogiebrew.net/gyg, order
this kit. I want you guys to try it. Respond down below with the response videos
and let me check some of those out with your guys’ results. Once again, I’ve got to get right in here. The other thing I want you guys to do is to
actually click that subscribe button right below to be notified of new and upcoming episodes
I have coming out about every three to four days. And be sure to check out my past episodes. I have plenty of videos with this guy here,
Josh, and all kinds of information that we’ve shared with you guys. And people like our videos for some reason
when we get together and do one of these videos, so thanks Josh. Yeah. I miss doing these videos with you, John. So it’s good to be here. All right, cool. So hopefully you guys enjoyed this episode. Once again, my name is John Kohler with GrowingYourGreens.com. Until then, remember, keep on growing. All right, this is John Kohler with GrowingYourGreens.com. Today we’ve got another exciting episode for
you, and where I am in the world today is Miami, Florida area. And we’re here at the Fairchild Tropical Botanical

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    Oh Canada 🇨🇦

  21. 38:25 – maybe her plants weren't used to asimulating microbes and bacteria so treated them as pathogens. Can be a problem when adding synthetics to a healthy living soil. Lots to say but good video.

  22. I ordered boogie brew im going to use it during flower im doing a organic run this time for the first time. Order was sent today..

  23. Ive been watching your videos for a couple of months and have found them to be very informative and entertaining. I plan on buying a B.B. bucket kit soon. Im gardening with my Grandmother this year and I’m glad I’ve learned some things to show her from you. Peace be safe and I’ll keep growing!!!

  24. Nootropic charged information overloads always sound like a meth-head, being called stupid is never anything but.

  25. The guy lost me when he said 'why does everything need journal studies' and to just 'follow the clues' because the 'powers to be dont want to share the truth.'
    A. A journal is the simplest form of science
    B. We want science, not a fucking mystery of clues
    B. ANYBODY can do a journal, that's what forums are for.

    I don't buy his bullshit. Havn't looked him up, but i already know his selling something.

  26. I'd like to see a segment on ferments and probiotics. Anaerobically produced fertilizer has its own benefits. For example, bokashi leachate is awesome by itself as a root drench fertilizer or foliar .

  27. “Misinformation” in “my opinion” he says 😂 oh boy Kohler, didn’t edit that out in the beginning.

  28. Science is not behind compost tea. Alberta Urban Garden guy did all the lab tests and proves it is a waste of time. It is not an isolated test. The major research is against compost tea. Your oil conspiracy is lame. It is not science fault compost tea does not do anything. It is just hype and you know it John? The clues are nothing, but facts are facts! Science proves that compost tea is not needed and it does nothing and a waste of money. Boogie brew must be paying you ? I challenge you! I am a chemist and graduated UNC. I lab tested boogie brew and it increased bacteria. But nothing of value. If you test the plants with and then without. You will see that it is no difference. Compost works an why not just use compost? Here is the proof. It does nothing of any value and of course boogie brew who sells and makes money off of selling nonsense………

  29. In this video, are mentioned the danger of compost tea made with air :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBVoEet8q7I .. he says by ading air to compost tea will stimulate beneficial bacteria but dangerous bacteria also , like ecoli .. so he recommending to not use air bubble to make compost tea… what is your opinion about this?

  30. Does your teA boogie brew (or any other worm tea) work well with bukoshi tea?
    How should I use them together ?

  31. What I want is that compost tea-shirt!! It rocks! Im buying this tea next time bcuz I like you. ☺

  32. I was listen to you.. up to the trashing of President Trump…. really…? I won't be watching anymore… don't know why you had to throw politics into your video…..dang..bummer

  33. I wonder why pot farmers don't share their input on these things… Cuz we get ready to make a big long scientifically referenced reply. Then I smoke the weed I grew using my no till soil, feeding with teas I brew my self, with a brewer I made my self and that shit got me high as a Georgia pine. You got so much good stuff on your videos man, then I see you trying to help sell this boogiebrew nonsense classic.

  34. Like seriously just type why doesn't compost tea work into google. I see what you did now name the video something controversial so a bunch folk watch, y'all some sneaky capitalists.

  35. Love how the guys bring up a study to prove compost teas, then mock universities whose only job is to study such things and pass them on, and mock the science they put out such as "solubilities." Are universities pushed to use Big Ag techniques, equipment, thinking etc? Undoubtedly. However, science is science. It is based on hard facts, and things like NPK are not scientific mumbo jumbo, just how the plant world works. Organic and scientific are not incompatible.

  36. Well just because I didn't know worm casting are essential I was called stupid. I would say ignorant if that's what you were going for. I only know what I've been taught.

  37. 2 guys who obviously have a marketing/sales background that have smoked a lot of weed. I can identify my own 🙂
    The best thing is they both have great passion and the majority of what they say works!
    Adding a mix of mainly good microbes to the soil is always a good idea.
    Keep on growing

  38. thats how the forests stay alive! dead matter falls/ lays on the forest floor, it rains the matter breaks down and feeds the forest. its not rocket science

  39. Can you do a side by side test with some different plants some with tea n some without I just started a worm farm with my granddaughter I want to make my tea from worm poop to brewing tea

  40. You’re amazing! Thank you for being you. Thank you for sharing all the information you have for free. I’ve learned so much from watching your videos.


  42. Compost tea does work! I made some for my garden. It hasn't been budging much all season with the fertiliizers I was using. I didn't have air pumps. But I put water in my bucket ,let it sit for 24 hrs ( have city water) then put compost from my bin in , put some handfuls of our guinea pig poo and stirred like mad for the first 12 hrs, then stired like crazy all day the next 12 hrs and continued to stir it while I was pouring. Two days later my plants just grew and bloomed so much! I can't agree more with these guys. Give it a try and see. I'd love to try Boogie Brew, couldn't afford it this year, maybe next year 🙂

  43. Compost tea is incompatible with water soluble nutrient mix, since the beneficial bacteria is there to break down insoluble nutrients, right?

  44. My local Hydroponics shop makes their own brew and they give out a free gallon of tea for each custome each Sunday….great stuff!!

  45. Funny thing is "Josh from Boogie Brew" advocates getting their product out there, I emailed their company asking for delivery to the UK, "With me paying the entire total costs"and I didn't even get a response after several email attempts.

    Even a simple no would have been appreciated since I was willing to cover all costs of the product. Some company heh :/

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