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3 Types of Rocks. My Study. About my study. On the bases of their formation, rocks are broadly divided into three types, namely igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks and metamorphic rocks. Igneous rocks. Igneous rocks are found in volcanic regions. Volcanic region. This is an igneous rock. Yes, it is. You can find it over there. Be careful, it is very hot. Don’t worry. I have super bikes and protective suits. Igneous rocks are formed from magma, which is a molten material found deep inside the earth. This molten magma comes upwards or even erupts from a volcano in the form of lava. When this lava cools, it leads to the formation of igneous rocks. Igneous rocks. Now i know about igneous rocks. What is that? Pumice and Granite. These are also some types of igneous rocks. What type of rock is this? This is a sedimentary rock. How does it form? Don’t worry. I will show you. Natural processes like wind, rain, flowing rivers carry soil particles, sand, dead plants. Over time, sand, soil, dead plants, etc. get deposited on top of each other. They are called layers of sediment. Over time, these layers press over one another to form sedimentary rocks. These rocks take thousands of years to form. Have a look at these rocks. Sandstone, coal and limestone. These are some types of sedimentary rocks. What type of rock is this? This is a metamorphic rock. Let me show you. These are sedimentary rocks. Heat from magma. Pressure from upper layers. Over a period of time. Formation of metamorphic rocks. Look at limestone. It is sedimentary rock. When limestone is subjected to pressure and heat. It forms marble, a type of metamorphic rock. Quartzite and slate. These are also some types of metamorphic rocks. Now, I know about the types of rocks. Thank you for your great help. The End.

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  4. What's a coarser rock? I find this on a book!! Can someone tell me in which catagory it belongs or how it created?!

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