30 days of using jeba hair fertilizer results

hi YouTube welcome back to my channel is
SHINee and today I’ll bring you an update on my 30 days using the jabber
and vixen mixture that I made it’s been over 30 days but I did miss a couple of
days I went to Dublin for a few days I didn’t use it then and I’ve had some
little slip-ups during the week where I’ve forgotten to put the item in my
hair so I just want to come to you to show you what my hair actually looks
like right now one thing I’m gonna say is that I should
have learned to check through the 30 days which I didn’t so you know this is
my hair it’s not really stretched I actually did not even braid down my hair
last night so this is what my hair looks like I slept on it and I just like
combed it out a bit and sprayed it with some water so it’s not liking this fully
stretch today it’s like a half way stretch today because I just I was so
lazy last night I literally just parted it down the middle and pull it into
parts and put a second cup on it I went sleep when I woke up satin cap was not
not there anymore and neither were the bubbles sorry I’ll keep clapping I need
to stop doing that I wanna show you not much of the mixture I have left so this
is the the mixture that I’ve been using for last 30 days and I’m nearly finished
it all I love jabber hair fertilizer now like I cannot live without this stuff it
has made my hair not only thick car so if you are someone looking
that has thinner head you’re looking for something that’s sickening to your hair
but you don’t use hostel because cos it all just gives you that sort of heavier
feeling that I would recommended jabber I did have because I do have
stress-related alopecia my main objective was to grow the back of my
hair and I think he’s made some progress not huge not huge amounts but definitely
I have definitely seen at some major progress you can be the judge of it for
yourself so I’m gonna turn around and go so this is the back of my head currently
now you can see where I like the hair is just starting to like flourish around
the area that gets affected this is the year so I hope I’m looking in the right
place but this is mainly the affected area that the alopecia seems to affect
um I must say last week I did have some burning sensations in this area of my
scalp I try not to watch it I mean I try not
to scratch it or itch it what I did is I used them some form of exfoliating
shampoo that I got from as Vdara but like the edges like these bits were
never there and they are just growing absolutely crazy so I’m having to work a
little bit harder in this like hot section of my hair but like this is all
new growth this is just soft it’s thick would say that having put my routine my
regimen into gear and having washing my hair every Wednesday and deep
conditioning my hair every Wednesdays definite improvement in my hair
manageability and add in the Jabar in has made my hair just it’s soft like I
know I think the first or second time actually did like check the side of my
hair so I’ll just do it again I don’t know if there will be any use to you but
it might give you your guidance like okay so my hair is growing it’s a couple
of inches and it stopped here before that I dunno so it’s definitely grown
I’m finding that the healthier the hair is this Java fertilizer works fast on
you know so if you’ve got healthy growing hair and you use this Jabbar at
guaranty you are gonna grow some inches in a few weeks like seriously I cannot I
can’t believe you know such an old-school thing that I used to use back
in the early 2000s is the thing that I’m going back to now in 2017 with all the
products that on the market has proved to be my hidden gem I will never be
without chipper I’m actually going down the road to buy some more today before I
can’t find it any more as I said before it might be a few
videos before and the reason I don’t use virgin hair fertilizer is because I find
it to be too heavy on my hair and I also find it just creates way too much
build-up especially when I’m trying to put a gel in my hair so say I put the
virgin hair fertilize it in at night when I’m coming to start my hair in the
morning I’ll try and put gel on it it is worse like I know I get bubbles when I
mix a job with the jumper but not as much as the virgin so build up aspect is
less the smell you know because virgin hair fertilizer has a very mentally
pepperminty smell this has a horrible extracting smell so it’s more of a
natural scent and it seems to disperse a lot quicker I usually find virgin hair
fertilize if I put it in the night before when I wake up in the morning I
can still smell it and I don’t know if it’s because I’ve got a sensitive nose
to smell so that doesn’t work for me you know it’s a great product I give it its
thumbs up but for me it’s a no-go because of the smell of it so I would
definitely recommend the gel hair fertilizer I I’m still going to be using
this and I’m still going to be coming and giving you my update I’m going to go
for 60 days 90 days also another update is that I will be visiting the Belgravia
clinic very soon hopefully before Christmas to actually find out the
underlying condition in my actual scalp now we know it’s just related alopecia
but I have never seen a scalp specialist and I’m going for free they do free
consultations if you look online I’ll I’ll put the link in the description bar
if you’re suffering from hair loss or any hair worries you should contact the
Belgravia clinic and they give you some great advice they really help my friend
she was transition out of relaxed to natural she was having some breakage and
she went there and they gave her some solutions and treatments to
make her help her more more stronger so she could grow out the relaxing without
havisham successfully she’s got a beautiful full head of beautiful natural
hair and she says it’s thanks to the belgravia clinic and had my shea butter
mix I’ll put a link up there yeah she she says that my shea butter mix is this
thing that makes her hair grow and also visiting the Belgravia clinic and
actually getting more other underlying if more information on the underlying
issues that may be associated with your hair and I do think I have a farm or
some sort of fungal infection in my hair that comes and goes and I feel like it’s
going out because I’m using this Japanese mixed with this and I heard
Vic’s actually does combat some fungal
infections I just think my may be running a little bit deeper below the
epidermis of my scalp sorry I just had to check that because I’m really trying
not to look over there but I don’t know sometimes my camera starts recording and
anyone is on that screen I’m really trying to be focused on you guys so and
not be destructive on my face but yeah that is my update and I hope
the information I gave you in this video is really helpful if it is please pause
up this video leave a comment below and I’ll be back with another video very
soon I’ll see you my next video bye you

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  1. Thank you for the detailed review and demonstrations, love it💕, your results, given the time frame are stella. I am going to go and buy the Jeba and the Vicks, this weekend.

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