468.Flower Composting/Organic Fertilizer πŸ’―% Free ghar me kare easy Flower composting 🌱🌻🌼

Hi, guys this is Ritu these are flowers used in poojas and also some spent flowers from garden this is first method of flower composting at home without spending a penny if you want to do in large scale so collect used flowers from pooja pendals or temple this is one weeks used flowers and the one in pot is from my garden things needed are a container either of plastic with small holes in it covered with mesh to prevent insect to enter or of terracotta the prepared product is totally smell free and is ready in 30 days this is cracked terracotta pot with out any hole in it dried flowers can also be used for this if garland flower is used remove thread from it for culture take sour curd container should be cleaned and dried add all flowers to maintain moisture sprinkle some water use 3 to 4 tsp of sour curd or diluted cowdung or sour buttermilk or readily available composter powder every week put layer of flower sprinkle some water and culture keep in place where there is air circulation either in sun and shade cover it with lid this is the ready product after one month totally odorless thanks for watching happy gardening

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