5 Reasons Your Compost Bin is Not Composting

So we’re back at HOTBIN HQ, this is a short
video for people who may be struggling to get up to temperature. We’re going to look
at 5 main reasons why this might be occurring. So the first main reason might be lack of
aeration, you need to be using your Bulking Agent or a wood chippy kind of material like
this to create air voids and air spaces within your waste. This will allow oxygen to circulate
and percolate up through the material you are putting in and the oxygen will help the
bacteria to work more efficiently to break down your waste.
Also you need to be careful if you are putting in a lot of wet waste so food waste and grass,
you need to be balancing out these materials with shredded paper or shredded corrugated
cardboard like this and this will just help to absorb any of the excess moisture that
you find in those types of waste. Another reason may be that you are not feeding
the HOTBIN enough, so you need to be feeding your HOTBIN a minimum of 2, 5 litre kitchen
caddies every week. This doesn’t necessarily need to be food waste but it needs to be ideally
easy to digest waste, like food, like grass, chicken pellets, comfrey and other items along
those lines. Another reason might be that you are putting
in too much woody material and not enough easy to digest waste. Waste like this releases
energy slowly and will not break down as quickly, so you will struggle to get up to temperature
if you are putting in too much woody waste like that.
And then finally there might be a problem with your valve setting, the valve needs to
be set like this so it’s flat and pointing up to the sky. A 2mm opening like so, not
like this and not closed, just open a small amount to let any water vapour out.
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to 40°C plus. Thanks again Bye.

3 thoughts on “5 Reasons Your Compost Bin is Not Composting

  1. If you find the bin goes cold use the Bottle filled with hot water and sprinkle some wood chip and leave for 24 hours also I find it helps to get a good rise in temperature if a trowel full of Chicken Pellets

  2. can we add dry leaves as bulking agent? I am really struggling with my hotbin as if I open the latch below, the waste is always too wet and sticky(I assume this is because the liquid from the food will naturally seep downwards) and i end up removing it all the time for it to get working again. i am too tired and exhausted doing this process now

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