5 TRASH REDUCING TIPS for Families – How to Reduce Household Waste and Save Money!!!

hi guys it’s Melissa and today I wanted
to talk to you about five ways that my family reduces the amount of trash that
we’re putting out into the world so these are five trash reducing strategies
that I wanted to share with you it’s been brought to my attention that my
family is maybe a little bit unusual and this came up at mommy and me when we
were talking about my girls collecting worms on a rainy day on the sidewalk
because they love worms so today I want to share these with you in case it’s
helpful to you or just to see what another family is doing since I know
especially with the holiday season and a lot of buying and gifting and giving and
spending there’s a lot of trash that comes along with that here we are by my
compost bin where our trash kind of goes out the back door towards the trash cans
we do produce trash in our family we have the black bin the green bin and the
blue recycling bin but in addition to those bins we have this going on so my
first one for you is soup scraps so this bag gets used over and over until it
can’t be used anymore and this contains things like chicken bones the core from
a cabbage the tops from carrots onion skins celery stalks any sort of
vegetable or meat bones that would go into your soup stock normally I keep in
my freezer until I’m ready to make stock I do my stock in really big batches in a
stockpot and then I decant that into either chars or gallon bags freezing
them flat and I have my homemade stock that’s really flavorful and that’s ready
for me when I’m ready to make soups like lentil soup or chicken soup or I did
tortilla soup this week so this is a real money saver time saver and trash
saver eventually when I strain this out these things do go into the trash but
they’ve had two lives tip number two compost and this is my compost pail my
compost can go into two places the first one is into my compost bin and
in here goes veggie and fruit scraps eggshells coffee grounds anything that’s
not a meat or greasy item here is my compost pile now we live on like a
quarter acre of land which is very fortunate but it also means that we have
a lot of yard waste so when our gardeners
come they put the leaves the grass clippings all of that in here for me and
then I am putting my compost pail into here that when I empty the bottom of
this composter a few times a year turns into this this is a destination for that
trash to go that then produces a product in the form of nice rich compost you can
use this in your garden or as a top dressing on top of your flowerpots it
has a lot of nutrition and it’s also very alive it has beneficial bacteria
little worms and things in it so it really promotes a healthy garden without
having to go and buy compost and also a lot of the compost that you buy is
sterilized meaning it doesn’t have all of that rich microbial life in it this
is not a lot of work it’s very passive and then just a couple times a year I
dig out this composter and we start over worm bins are the other destination that
this periodically will go into I would say once a week or less I will take any
of the delicious sort of more tender scraps from my compost and I give them
to my worms they also like eggshells and coffee grounds these are two bins one
was like a side of the road freebie this one was a five dollar Rubbermaid
container it has holes drilled in the top and this was a birthday gift to our
older daughter we gave her a batch of worms that I
bought from someone I know and have been and we let her and her little sister put
it together and since then we’ve had a year of wonderful worms they like to
live in dampened newspaper around the texture of like of moist rag so it’s
dipped in water and wrung out and here they are they’re here with grass
clippings uh-oh something has gone moldy in there that shouldn’t happen normally
grass clippings leaves and coffee grounds and here are some worms they’re
just full friendly these are red wiggler worms you can order them online you can
get them on Craigslist you could get some from me and they’re working they’re
like hard at work turning leaves and a little bit of kitchen scraps they really
love fruits and they’re turning it into black worm poop
the newspaper helps them sort of keep the light out and stay moist and safe
under there they don’t like the light they will eat a half-full bin in about
three months this is like hyper rich very fine compost it’s much more rich
and fine than that over there and if you sift it it has like almost no big pieces
in it so it’s good for planting seedlings you can see it looks almost
like coffee grounds but this is all nutritious all kinds of like scrap
materials as well as shredded newspapers they love corrugated boxes so if you
have a lot of packages delivered things like a corrugated cardboard box
especially the brown ones that are not colorful my children love to soak these
in water and a bucket outside and shred them with their hands the smaller the
pieces you give to your worms the faster they’ll eat it so we love worm bins it’s
something kooky about our family evidently but it’s something that’s
really fun and people spend tons of money who buy worm castings if you were
one of my relatives you might be getting this for your holiday gift this year
number four these are things that don’t require any processing to get to their
next life we save our traditional recyclables these all have a Redemption
value for recycling and my children are the beneficiaries of this money so my
children take our cans and bottles to the recycling place by the market and
they get to keep that money so I feel like that is beneficial for the earth
it’s good for us as a family in terms of saving money and my kids learn about
money and saving by doing that the second item is what I call breakfast
compost and this is just a basin that I threw out my back door and I’ve been
throwing my eggshells and my coffee grounds this is only a few days of
coffee grounds but my eggshells just go straight out the door because I have a
lot of them probably more than I need to be composting and these and coffee
grounds do not need to be composted or processed before putting them in your
garden on your plants so breakfast compost is compost for dummies anyone
who eats breakfast could make it and if you have things like rose bushes in your
yard or if you grow tomatoes or vegetables in the summer
even like Montessori teachers do this these are out in the UV light like
everything gets killed when it’s out in the Sun for a few days and then these
becomes super brittle and this is an activity for my little girls I let them
crush egg shells and I get a big bowl of crushed eggshells and coffee grounds
going and then four times a year or whatever I’ll take this and scatter it
on top of my plans it’s nice to do in the fall and the spring and it really
promotes growth and root development and it gives food to the organisms that are
living in your soil breakfast compost my last category is just reducing of a
number of things that have to be thrown away at all sorry for the airport in
terms of reducing the things that we are consuming that turn into trash so we
take our own grocery bags but in addition to that I take my own produce
bags to the grocery store here they are so I have always a bag of bags all
different kinds and these I’ve shown you before I will link them down below I
love love love these are 100% cotton with a metal closure on them these are
little produce bags I constantly get complimented and I haven’t tallied but
that’s a huge number of produce bags if I’m going shopping weekly or a few times
a week then I’m not even consuming so I definitely recommend them and these make
a really nice holiday gift so I’ll put that down if you’re interested in this
in the same category in terms of reducing the number of things that get
thrown away I have been going through our house cleaning out items that we no
longer use anything that is a name-brand a quality toy a designer thing I am
selling on Craigslist Facebook marketplace eBay whatever so I’ve been
doing porch pick up with our old puzzles snow gear jackets anything that we don’t
need anymore I just put it on the porch when someone responds to my ad and I
come home and there’s like $5 under the mat or $20 under the mat and I have made
hundreds of dollars of extra spending money this holiday season just by
selling our old things the other thing that I am selling this year is amazing
trash that I see on the side of the road and I know you’re gonna think I’m crazy
but just work with me for a moment I saw a gardeners supply composter
disassembled and on the side of the road last week it retails for a hundred and
sixty dollars so when I saw it I was like I’m gonna go get that I actually
don’t have room for another composter right now so I’m gonna sell that for
probably $50 and that’s something that’s not gonna go in the trash someone will
benefit from it and I will get some extra spending money the other thing I
found recently is a really nice chandelier that was with a bunch of
stuff someone had moved out and put at the dumpster it’s just like a chandelier
that I own and so I know what the value of that item is it was in pristine
careful condition put out on the curb and I picked it up and I’m gonna sell it
for probably $40 when really it’s worth around 120 just to get it to its next
home instead of going into the dumpster those were my ideas for you today those
are five ways where we as a family are reducing the amount of trash that goes
into our black bin and goes to the landfill I hope you found it helpful if
so give this a thumbs up let me know in the comments below what you liked and
let me know what you’d like to see more of on my channel I am just a regular mom
living in a really expensive city raising two children and I’m doing my
best here and if I can be helpful to you that would totally make my day thank you
so much and I’ll see you back here soon bye bye

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