5. Worm Bin

This is our worm bin, where we house our pre-consumer waste from the back of the cafeteria, which is vegetable waste, fruit peelings, egg shells, coffee grounds. Right now it’s wrapped in styrofoam, because it’s cold out and the worms could actually freeze if it gets too cold. There is a heat lamp underneath. So this is our worm bin, we are, all of the pre-consumer waste gets brought out here is chopped up with a very advanced piece of machinery, by hand inside of a bucket. Then it gets dumped into the worm bin. There are about 40,000 worms, estimated, inside of this thing. The bottom is actually open, there is a winch that runs length wise down the bin. When we want to harvest compost we turn the winch on free wheel one end and engaged it scrapes along the bottom and all finished worm compost falls down below. We harvest it, put it into wheel barrows and take it out to our Learning Garden. We’re doing an experiment right now with our rocked compost to see if we can feed the rocket, our pre-consumer food waste, just for a week. Then feed the rocket stuff to the worms, and see what will happen. That is because we have an issue with labor. Chopping up, people get lazy and forget to chop things up really little. This is heated because worms can’t live below 40; and they can’t go above 90;. So, we water them constantly in the summer and we heat them in the winter. All of the branches from the bushes and the trees and stuff that fall down across the district, all eight campuses and centers, is brought here. You can see kind of the beginning pile here. And then twice a year all of this stuff is chipped up and it turns into that big mulch pile up there and that’s the mulch used across the district. So, all the mulch that you see here on the grounds anywhere in PCC, is all in house. We don’t bring anything in from outside. Right here is probably the most diverse area at PCC Rock Creek when it comes to plantings. This is where a whole bunch of Landscape Technology students have planted stuff. You can actually see grafting on the trees, tree branches, trunks, all the way down this road right here. This is the most diverse area, there’s all kinds of interesting, cool plants all the way down to the greenhouse out that way and the pole barn out that way. Most plants that were planted her at Rock Creek were planted by landscape students. Really interesting and unique to the campus.

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