6 Crops to Plant in August for Late Summer Harvest πŸŒΏπŸ…πŸ₯’

hi everyone will I always want to have
fresh vegetables to pick from my garden and today I’m gonna plant six new crops
here in August so that when my summer vegetables are finishing up and starting
to die out I’ll have some fresh new vegetables ready to pick now I know what
you’re thinking if you’re like me your garden beds are full well not a problem
because today we’re gonna actually create some new space by growing
vertically on a really simple inexpensive trellis and in containers
and we’re also going to tuck these plants into little holes in the garden
beds now the crops I’m planting today are easy to grow and go from seed to
harvest in about six to eight weeks that’s why I’m planting these particular
vegetables because there’s still time to get a harvest before the cold weather
hits now most of these can be planted directly in your garden beds which makes
it really easy if you want to you can start from seeds indoors under grow
lights but I just started these seeds in a tray here right outside on my deck the
weather is nice and warm and they sprouted really fast now I just planted
these on July 11th about three weeks ago ago and you can see how big they already
are and they’re ready to be planted now the first crop we’re going to plant
today is cucumbers now if you’ve grown cucumbers before you know they’re a
vining plant and they can take up a lot of space so we’re gonna grow them
vertically up a trellis now I am really excited about this trellis it’s gonna
make a nice little arch over the garden bed and I got the idea from Gary at the
rest of the garden when he visited his house in Maryland about a month ago this
is called ladder mesh I picked it up at Home Depot it’s about 350 apiece so it’s
really inexpensive I have two pieces here that we’re going to zip tie
together and make a little arch over the garden bed so first off what I’m gonna
do is attach my two pieces of ladder mesh with some zip ties I’m just gonna
line it up and to end so I overlap the ladder mesh just a little bit I’m going
to attach them as zip ties they’re nice and secure and I’m also attaching the ends of each
piece of ladder mesh to the other piece that way we don’t have any sharp edges
sticking out now that I have my two pieces of ladder mesh attached I’m just
gonna arch it over at these two garden beds here now the great thing is because
we’re growing vertically our cucumbers are not going to take up a lot of space
and neither is this trellis so look for a garden bed or two garden beds that you
have a couple holes in pop the trellis in and you’ll be good to go with your
cucumbers so it’s super easy to install just gonna push it down into the soil
soil is nice and loose here and then arch it over but I’m really excited
about this I think it’s gonna really add some texture and dimension to the hill
here it’s gonna look really pretty you’re putting it right down into the
soil here now what I’m gonna do is just pound in a bamboo pole into my trellis
here to just give it a little bit of extra support now I’ve had these pieces
of bamboo around my yard for a lot of years you can use anything you have
around your yard just something that’s nice and sturdy that will provide a
little bit of extra support for your trellis okay now let’s go to the other
side now the variety of cucumbers I’m planting today are the space master
cucumbers and the reason why I really like to plant these right now in the
late summer is because they’re are more compact quicker growing variety and
these are in my late summer garden seed collection which I’ve packaged together
to make it really easy for you there’s seven varieties in here of quick growing
vegetables and they’re on sale right now at my website 15% off with the code
August so pick them up and you can get your garden planted so we’re just gonna
pop these out here and I am gonna add some her mysterio worm castings to the
soil you do want to make sure you’re amending your soil because if you’ve
been growing in it all summer it definitely needs some more nutrients so
you can see here I have three little seedlings in my little seed
cell here but don’t worry about it you can grow cucumbers really closely
together but I’m just gonna put them in here plant them right at the base of my
trellis and they’re gonna grow right up over the trellis and be absolutely
beautiful now I’m really loving the look of this trellis so far I mean this
literally took me about five minutes to install and it only cost me about $7 so
it’s really quick and inexpensive so besides planting a couple of
transplants there you can also plant cucumbers from seed which I’m gonna do
here on the other side so that when this batch over here is dying out I’ll have
some plants at different stages of harvest so they’ll be ready for the
picking then so I’m gonna pour a few seeds into my hand here maybe about
three seeds and just poke them right into the soil and cucumbers are so
fast-growing as long as it’s still warm weather where you live they’re gonna
sprout within a week or so and start growing there’s nothing more delicious
in this summer than a fresh cucumber now because I want these plants to go really
fast I do want to feed them with a good water water soluble fertilizer right off
the bat so I get going really fast so I put a couple of pumps of the good dirt
plant food now I’ve tried this in my garden for several years it is really
gonna get these plants off to a great start it has a 10 in nitrogen so it’ll
give them some nice good leafy growth and then I’m also adding some of the
vermis Terra worm tea to my watering can here and that just adds all the good
beneficial bacteria keep your plants nice and healthy
so I water my cucumber transplant with it here and it is gonna be amazing to
watch these plants grow you guys can do this too get out there and get some of
these planted it’s so so easy and you’ll love having the harvest later in the
summer now the next vegetable that we’re gonna
plant is beans now beans are one of those vegetables that you can plant and
grow all summer long because they grow so fast so if you don’t have any space
in your garden beds definitely plant some in a container these were planted
about 10 days ago believe it or not look how fast they’re already growing
and you can pick one of these containers on my website but I also want you to
look for some holes in your garden bed so right here I have a little space
that’s empty that’s a perfect spot to tuck some bean seeds so again I’m just
going to add some of the worm castings to the soil to amend the soil I’m gonna
plant right here along this drip irrigation hose and you will be amazed
at how quickly these beans grow it’s so much fun to see them pop through the
soil within just a matter of a week or so and these are the Blue Lake Bush
beans from the late summer garden seed collection a really tasty green bean so
we’re just gonna plant the seeds maybe an inch or so apart cover them with soil
and we’re good to go now the third quick growing vegetable
that I’m gonna plant is squash now you can plant any variety of squash that you
like I’m gonna plant some of the crookneck squash from the late summer
garden seed collection and I’m just gonna get it out of the container here
by loosening it up and you can see here I’ve got three or four different
transplants growing and I’m actually only gonna plant one in this particular
spot and I’ll look for another little hole in my garden to plant some more and
squash is another vegetable that you can also plant seeds directly in your garden
it grows so fast and I’m telling you guys this is gonna be ready to harvest
probably in another month or so and whoever stops by he’ll be sharing your
squash with I’m going to gently separate the seedlings there we go get it in here
I already added worm castings to the soil let’s pop it right down here in
this hole and squash likes full Sun so the spot gets a lot of nice full Sun
during the day squash does like a good little bit of space so this squash will
spill over this garden bed and look really pretty but if you want to save
space when you grow squash I’ll show you right here I have a zucchini plant
that’s actually growing in a tomato cage so you can see here I’ve been weaving
these leaves in throughout this tomato cage to help save space the plant grows
up and doesn’t sprawl over the garden bed now the fifth vegetable it’s
actually an herb that I’m going to plant today is basil basil is such an easy
herb to grow so if you don’t grow any other warm weather herb grow basil
so here I have some little seedlings again started about three weeks ago I’m
gonna pop some here in this container and we’re also gonna pop them in a
little hole that I have over here in the garden bed you can also plant seeds
directly in your container or in your garden bed and it doesn’t really matter
if you plant basil and clumps like this it does just fine it’s very quick and
simple to pop into a container and it grows very very fast you can see the
leaves are already developing really nicely and these will be ready to
harvest probably in about three to four weeks we’ll have a nice little container
of basil right outside the kitchen door so now I’m gonna tuck some basil in this
little hole in my garden bed so just look for holes in your garden you don’t
need a lot of space just little spots where you don’t have anything growing so
I’m gonna plant some in here next to this larger basil plant which will start
to die off and then I’ll have some new little seedlings to take its place so
the worm castings loosen the soil just gonna pop in the seedlings you could
also plant basil seeds right here and that way you’ll have them coming up very
soon to be ready to harvest in about six to eight weeks now the six vegetable I’m
gonna plant today is chard chard is a super quick growing heat-loving
vegetable so it’s perfect to plant now in the late summer and again I’ve got a
little hole here in my garden bed so I’m just gonna tuck him in right back here
sprinkle in some worm castings and chard you can easily plant from seed as well
actually let me move the leaves back just a little bit so I can plant
directly in the soil so you can start from seed or I’m going to plant these
little transplants here I’m gonna plant the red chard today these are little
transplants and you can see how the stems are absolutely gorgeous so if
you’ve never grown chard before you have to grow it it’s delicious green not only
is it heat tolerant it’s it’s really cold tolerant too so this chart will
last you in the winter time as long as it’s established before the frost hits
now chard is a super super hardy plant and you can even once it gets larger you
can cut it off at the stem here it will regrow so what is definitely a
must-have plant for your garden well these are looking just a little bit
wilted with a little bit of water and some sunshine they’ll perk right up now
a little bonus plan that I’m gonna pop in here that’s also in my late summer
garden seed collection is the Thumbelina zinnia it’s because we don’t want to
forget about the pollinators keep on planting those flowers to bring the
pollinators into your late summer and fall garden so these are small little
variety of zinnias and again we’re just gonna tuck them in this little hole here
zinnias are so so beautiful they’re brilliant colors the bees and
the pollinators love them and you are gonna be so happy to see these beautiful
bright colors growing in your garden and you can also plant zinnia seeds directly
in your garden beds too well there you have it six quick growing crops and a
flower too for the pollinators that you can plant now so that you have harvests
in the late summer and into the fall well grab yourself a late summer garden
seed collection 15% off with the code August through Monday August 5th
comment below let me know if you wanna be planting any of these vegetables in
your garden look forward to hearing from you thanks so much for watching we’ll
see in the next video

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  1. Hi Kim … I appreciate you so much and I’m so grateful for your videos! Ive been a gardener for a long time but I had never ventured into vegetable gardening until this past spring. I started with two 4×4 raised garden beds and after watching you got so excited about the smart pots. I’ve bought several seed collections from you along with the signature CALIKIM pot. Currently I am having a ball watching bush beans, space master cucumbers, the heat tolerant greens, thumbelina zinnias, and even my own butternut squash and zucchini growing from SEEDS!!! Thank you for all your encouragement and gardening knowledge that you are sharing with us and let me ENCOURAGE YOU in that it is so clear to me that you are doing what GOD created you to do!!! ROCK ON SISTER!!!

  2. My garden is finishing up here in NC. Out with the old and in with the new I suppose.

  3. Glad to see someone else planting squash and cucumbers this time of year. I’m hoping the squash vine borers are done for the year. SoCal doesn’t have a problem with those does it?

  4. I am a newbie gardener going on 1-year now I have learned a lot by watching your videos . I put sweet basil also cucumbers. keep up the good work God bless you I'm in Texas very hot and dry

  5. Great idea i can use next year because you didnt (LOL) tell me on July 11th. So is it too late on Aug 4th? I dunno. I'm in NJ and im sure we have 8 or 10 weeks left, possibly more.

  6. Thank you !! Your videos really help me out since I live in California too. I have been so confused about when you're allowed to plant certain things. Sorry if this is a dumb question but.. what do you do with all the extra plants you have after a harvest?? Like, they won't produce anymore, right? Do you just trash them?? I'm an absolute beginner lol

  7. Hi Kim!

    I really loved Garry's idea of the ladder mesh. I tried to get it here at Home Depot. Unfortunately, as with so many things you guys have access to in the States, Home Depot in Canada does not carry it. I just don't get why one company can be so divergent in what it offers Canada and the US. I am going to have to make another trellis out of six foot bamboo and use four foot bamboo as the rungs. Attaching them with zip ties.

    I wish I had more room to plant things in but I've already more than exceeded the amount of space on my deck. If by some slim chance I have space I'll probably plant more sugar peas or beans. I would love to try to grow a few rhutabagas. I'll have to see how things pan out. πŸ™‚

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  9. I used your tip to grow cucumbers in a tomato cage with another one inverted and zip tied on top and it worked amazingly! Looking forward to try the cave with zucchini because my 2 plants literally took over the garden! It's the only vegetable that I've ever witnessed actually move around the garden.

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  11. Hello Kim~

    Great ideas, especially the ladder from Home Depot. I live in SoCal, San Diego County and my HD doesn't have the ladder mesh. What county do you live in? I can search the HD by zip and find some (having the item# would also help). Love your space-saving, money-saving ideas. Recreated them in my garden.

    BTW been meaning to say Thank You for turning me on to the Smart Pots. Holy Man are they awesome! Purchased several different sizes, thanks to you. Amazing results!

    Keep up the great work! It's nice to have someone who promotes gardening in Cali. I believe your growing zone is similar to mine. When you mention certain varieties, I listen. I will be growing watermelon and cantaloupe, because you showed me it's doable here. Side Note: fresh mint and cayenne pepper on and around the cantaloupe will repel the critters. Worked for my white peach tree. Wish I could eliminate the Japanese Beetles and Wasps in my tree! Any ideas?

    Thank you for your generosity in bringing videos to all of us!

    Rita G

  12. Kim, hope you don't mind if I help everyone out a bit. For those of you wanting to know Home Depot Mesh Ladder info, here it is:

    MASON LADDER 6" x 10' for 8" BLOCK item #0000-213-470. I found it on an overhead shelf near the rebar rods in Lumber isle 32. Hope you all find your Mason Ladders! BTW don't count on the online info, wasn't reliable for me.

    Good Luck Everyone! And Thank You Kim for your imagination, frugal ways, and gardening expertise! You ROCK!

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  15. I just bought the late summer collection!!! I love looking for your videos to give me advice for my garden. The first video I ever watched was about how to start a compost, that was before I had a vegetable garden a year ago. Now, I have a growing garden!!! Thank you for your morning garden walks, Monday postings and your detailed videos!!

  16. I used to do gardening in Utah. I was doing my PhD at Utah State U in Logan. Every summer Ihe school rented garden plots for students at only US$20 per semester. I used to plant 20-30 types of veggies. It was fun then. Gardening then was also a socializing event, we gardeners would chat and exchange info with each other. Now back in Malaysia, I am also doing home vegetable gardening in my tiny plot of land

  17. Hi, Kim! Thanks for this video. I've been searching for ladder mesh on Home Depot website, and don't see it. Could you look at your receipt and give us the sku#? Thanks!

  18. Do you recommend growing broccoli in the fall? I planted seeds about 6 weeks ago and they since died.. when should i try again or is it only safe to start right after the last frost? We currently have a container garden on our back porch growing zucchini, yellow squash, cucumber, beans (not sure what kind πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ)cantaloupe and watermelon all of which were started from seed 4-6 weeks ago. Peppers didn't make it, neither did lettuce or spinach πŸ˜•

  19. I'm in zone 5 but a couple of farmers have told me that we are suppose to get an extended time of warm weather, an Indian Summer. I'm going to try this and if it gets cold I'll just put a hoop tunnel over it. Thanks.

  20. I love the trellis. Thank you Kim. I'm a new subscriber. I'm sure I can't have one like yours in my country. But I can do some DIY. And luckily I live in tropics, so I can plant all year long. My only problem is I don't have enough space. So your trellis is a wonderful idea.

  21. Omg, I about have tears in my eyes… I am the worst gardener. I simply can't go out and buy half a store to add to my soil. Is all of that really necessary? I have been growing beans for 2 months and they are so tiny. Also, it's 100+F , I have shaded all my plants. Only finally getting squash.

  22. I really liked your hack for a trellis. However Home Depot in NJ had no idea of what a ladder mesh is and could spit one online in their site either. Help please?

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