#60 Jardin des Plantes – Huge Botanical Garden in Nantes

Hello Everybody, In this vlog I’m gonna show you one of the new list by book “Le Voyage à Nantes” 2019 It’s called”Jardin des Plantes” It’s a Botanical Garden with large of 7,328 hectares. Johann le Guillerm who invests his works for the second time in this huge garden. Would like to see what kind of attractions he made? Check this out! Situated just in front of La Gare de Nantes Nord Really strategic place to allow a lot more guest to visit Also the entrance fee is FREE There is a space for children to play with baby goats Let’s go in! Look at their tummies! Big! There is some poultry as well. Ducks. Birds Attraction “Le Jecouvert” This small fountain jet is going up and down. The attraction of fake flower “Les Oscillates” This tulip flower pouring and taking some waters. And an optical trick “Les Bancs Processionaires” You will look bigger or the contrary depends on the size of the bench. A single letter with multiple characters “L’aalu” You’ll see a different character depend on the angel you look into the letter. The pipes around that tree will be moving if we turn the handle. And sure there are a lot of plants here. This is the unique one, a tree with smell of caramel They have a lot of flower collections. La Fontaine Wallace, works of Charles-Auguste Lebourg Statue “Femme à La Gerbe” works by D.Gélin A baby bear making hibernation. So that’s my vlog about “Jardin des Plantes” See you on the next vlog.

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