Hello Friends, In today’s episode we will
list out the 7 miraculous uses of this 100 percent organic magic powder for plants and
gardening. We will also learn how to use it and what
precautions to take. Coming up!rec
Before we start, please make sure you are subscribed to this channel along with the
bell notification. Well, this white powder is rightly called
MAGIC POWDER. What exactly is this powder which is 100 percent
organic and has got several important uses not only in gardening but also in medical
field and multiple other uses. This powder looks and feels like chalk powder
and has great porosity and abrasive properties. This is not so expensive and I will reveal
you about this shortly. We will first quickly list out the 7 very
important uses of this powder in gardening. 7. Ant Control
Why is it so important to control ants in your garden? Actually Mealybugs and Aphids have a symbiotic
relationship with Ants which protect these pests from predators and also carry them to
the plant tips. The Ants in turn get the honeydew sugars excreted
out of their anus as their gift. How to use this powder for ant control? Sprinkle the dust over the infested plants
and also over anthills and you should get great results. 6. Get Rid of Slugs and Snails
These creatures eat away a lot of your plants in your garden overnight. To get rid of slugs and snails, apply this
powder in a circle around the plant and when their soft bodies come in contact with the
powder, this inflicts tiny cuts on the skin of the creatures and the dehydrating effect
of the powder causes them to lose too much fluid and they eventually die. 5. In Compost Bin
Maggots in your unfinished compost pile can be a nuisance. Just sprinkle this powder on your compost
pile and get rid of maggots organically without using any chemical pesticides. 4. Mix it in your Potting Soil
Although it doesn’t have much to offer by way of nutrition, it has the properties to
hold the nutrients from fertilizers and then offer it as a slow release to the roots. Plus it also makes your soil well draining
and well aerated. 3. Prevent Rodents and Animals from Entering
your Garden How to use it for this purpose? Do You know most rodents and animals run away
from the smell of citrus and peppermint? You can use small containers with this powder
and add few drops of the essential oils of lemon or peppermint and keep these near the
entry points of these animals. The powder absorbs these oils and retains
the smell for a longer period of time unlike some cotton balls or a piece of cloth soaked
with these oils. 2. Control Other Insects like Flies, Ticks and
Mites These are not only troublesome but can transmit
diseases in humans and pets and hence dusting this powder on your plants and around them
will keep your garden clean from these insects. 1. As an Organic Pesticide
This is a non-toxic and 100 percent organic pesticide for your garden. It is very effective against all types of
pests on your plants like aphids, mites, thrips, mealy bugs, caterpillars and almost every
pest. The mechanism of action is it’s a contact
poison which kills pests by extreme dehydration. How to use this as a pesticide on plants? First of all Water your plants for the day. Then dust the plants with an applicator or
just sprinkle the powder on your plants. This will help the powder stick to plant surfaces. Since dehydration is the main mechanism of
action, moisture on your plants renders the powder ineffective and also in rainy season
– apply when there is no rain. To avoid killing beneficial pollinators like
bees and butterflies, do not sprinkle on flowers. So Finally, What is this Magic Powder? This is nothing but Diatomaceous Earth or
in short DE. You can purchase this online from a link in
description below. This is a naturally occurring organic substance
obtained from certain natural rocks. It is made up of fossilized diatoms having
a silica rich shells. So, there you have it folks. With DE powder and neem oil, you can eliminate
most of the pests in your garden safely and organically without using any harmful chemicals. Please Like, Share, Comment and Subscribe! Happy Gardening!

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  2. Dr Sahib Namaskar 🙏❤️
    Thanks for sharing a good product information. Dr Sahib can we spray as well by mixing in water, if yes what %age?
    My regards 🌹🙏💕

  3. Did not see the link on its availability. Some of you who have used could give the source to get it There is one brand available in Amazon India but recommended for bed bugs. Is it the same one for gardening too

  4. Great video..If we use diatamaceous rocks to cats drinking water,one can see supershine fur and will ever see danders on any surface they sit..This is tried and tested and I have housed 200 or more cats in my home with this technique with a highly allergic spouse. In Middle East Oman..I knew where I could collect these rocks from the beaches of Sultanate Of Oman…I am so glad to see this video..Thanks a lot for this presentation..

  5. It is safe for human consumption. It is excellent at killing parasites and promoting hair and nail growth. It regulates BM as well. research for yourself.

  6. Could you please let me know what to use my lime (kagzi) plants tips are getting curling. It's not growing properly. It's a 3years old plant and giving fruit around the year. Please help.

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