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World perceptions on animals are shifting and many farmers are starting to question the industry’s practices. Award-winning documentary “73 Cows,” directed by Alex Lockwood, tells the story of Jay Wilde. He is the first farmer in the UK to trade his beef farming business for organic vegan farming. You realize that they do have personalities and they experience the world Uh, they’re not just, um sort of robots that eat and sleep. After becoming friends with the animals, Jay gave his herd to a sanctuary where they are now living out their lives happily. Elmhurst, a 93-year-old dairy farm in New York City, now makes the first commercially available peanut milk. Elmhurst was New York City’s last remaining fluid milk facility, before it shut its doors in 2016. Having experienced significant financial losses with the declining dairy market, the company rebranded to Elmhurst Milked in 2017. It switched its focus entirely to plant-based milks. Today we’re featuring some varieties like walnut, both our unsweetened hazelnut and almond, and our grain milk, it’s the oat today. But it’s actually really, really good. It’s like slightly sweet but not too sweet? The facility now has a range of “milked nuts” including almond, cashew, peanut, and hazelnut milk. Farm Transformers is a Blue Horizon initiative. Its mission is to “disrupt the food system by building a sustainable, direct plant-based raw material food chain.” Its aim is to enable farmers to get more out of their assets, as many suffer from financial constraints in the animal protein market. To be able to reach out to our community and teach other people how to transition their space if that’s something they’re interested in. To transition from animal agriculture as well. Farm Transformers’ AI-driven platform supports farmers making the switch, by matching supply and demand of plant-based protein. With its growing database of producers and suppliers, the company hopes to see a time where animals can be cut out of the food supply chain. Even chefs are advocating for sustainable farm transformations. I’m Derek Sarno, and I am working with Tesco to create some amazing new plant-based recipes. Today I’m going to show you how to make some wicked mushroom tacos. Derek Sarno, the Director of Plant-Based Innovation at Tesco and the chef behind the chain’s popular line of vegan-ready meals, Wicked Kitchen, is also working to help turn former chicken farms into mushroom farms. I’m starting to work with different growers and, because they’ve seen what I can do with their mushrooms, and they are just fascinated. Along with his brother and Wicked Chef partner Chad Sarno, the two hope to launch Wicked Meaty, a mushroom-meat company using the mushrooms grown on the former chicken farms. If you liked this video, let us know in the comments. And don’t forget to subscribe, and hit the red bell, so you’ll never miss out on LIVEKINDLY content.

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  1. Vegan farming is the new paradigm that will engender respect for all living beings and save our planet from destruction. – Director, CRY OF THE INNOCENT: The Voices That Can't Speak http://www.cryoftheinnocent.com

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