A Nursery and Organic Farm Tests a Walk Behind Flail Mower

Hi there, my name is Mark Lovejoy and I’m
the lead farmer and owner here at Garden Treasures Nursery and Organic Farm. I’ve been farming here with my wife, Patricia,
since 2005, and we farm for the public at our roadside stand and have a you-pick operation
in the back of our farm. We really don’t see the you-pickers liking
to travel through a lot of weedy crops to do their pickings. So, keeping the grass mowed and tidy out there
has always been a challenge for us in the past as we’ve used different types of mowing
systems. For me, it’s more like finding a machine
that you can actually adjust to your height because it’s really hard for a short person
and I’m a pretty short person. So, it will be nice to have like something
that, instead of doing it over here, you can actually do it to your body-type. That will be excellent.

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