A Quick Update (in a very sleepy garden)

[birds chirp in the background]
Ok, so I thought it would be nice to film this video in the middle of a garden except it’s also March and it’s still very much winter, so it’s not very aesthetic, but here we are. I was going to post one of those text post things saying that I wasn’t going to post a video this week but then I decided that nobody really sees those text posts and I should just film it. So here I am with a video this week. The point is, I have no actual content this week, just a quick little update on some things to come. So if you’ve been following along with my Instagram stories, I’m so sorry, you’ll know that I’ve been under an editing rock for the past couple of days – weeks – as I feverishly try and finish up this corset series. I’ve realized, I’m part of this online…costume…corsetmaker’s… community called Foundations Revealed, if you’ve heard of it, maybe. And it turns out they’re opening their new membership enrolment at the end of March for a couple of days and so I thought it might be nice to just push this corset series out just in time for that, because I did use a lot of resources from that during my process and I thought it might be nice that if anyone is interested in potentially signing up and joining this community then they can go ahead and do so. She only opens membership for like, a couple of days… per year. A very momentous occasion worth shouting out if anyone is interested. I know I get a lot of questions about where I go for resources, not only on research and, you know, how historical garments work, but also on physical sewing like “How do you sew?”, tips on sewing, “where do you learn? Where can I ask questions? “Where are there people who know things that I can, you know, pose my questions to?” This is the place, this is the place. This has been, like, one of the most invaluable resources during this process and so, of course, I want to share it with people. I feel like I’m going to be talking about it a lot in the next couple of weeks but it’s so relevant and I don’t want to sound sales pitchy because it’s not. This whole project, all of this, is not sponsored at all. Cathy Hay, who runs the website, is of course a very dear friend of mine and I do want to help her out as much as I possibly can. I will say this a thousand times more but it is a service that I pay for myself, that I personally find extraordinarily useful for all aspects of sewing, costume making, corset making, everything, research. So yeah, the point is, I have very official release dates for this corset series. Part one is going to go up on Tue– No, no Part one is going to go up on Friday the 22nd of March and part two is going to follow on Tuesday the 26th. From there, I think my tentative Saturday upload schedule is going to be momentarily disrupted as I try and just focus on marathon finishing all of my Lady Sherlock projects before I have to leave for England at the end of April. So I think I’m going to try and come back round to the 20th of April but we shall see. I don’t want to promise anything because I may end up vlogging something interesting and wanting to put it up before then. But, the point is just keeping you up to date on what’s going on for the next couple of weeks. Lots of sewing diaries, probably some vloggish adventures whilst I’m in England and, of course, general over-excitement for small historical geekery still to come! So, I hope you will stick around and I shall see you next week with some corset things!

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  1. So many exciting things to come 😊Likewise I’ve got a deadline in a month to finish a bunch of costumes for an event! This year is flying past 🙄Looking forward to the corset videos next week!

  2. how do you film a video about not making a video, and it’s still interesting?? 😂💜 love you the most 😘

    I’m a small YouTuber if y’all want to be youtube friends 💕

  3. Can I express how much I adore that this video was filmed in a park🥰🙈 so excited to see all of the neat stuff to come. (P.s. please do some vlogging things in England🙏)

  4. Just so grateful to be able to tag along. What a lovely (albeit still wintry-sleepy) spot to update us all from.

  5. When in England I have a tiny tip, in Derby, just outside the city centre there is a woefully unadvertised museum called pickford house, which has a massive collection of period clothes in a Georgian house set out mostly in period, they don't have room to shoe most of their collection but the ladies who work there are lovely and will be able to say what's on display at any time, its a free museum (the derby museum used to have the local army uniform from the mid seventeenth century on display but took it down last time i was there for a wall of Chinese embroidered shoes and footbinding, ) its one of the great secrets of period clothes and it might be worth calling or emailing them to see if what they have on display is something you're interested in because it's only two hours on the train from london

  6. I can't wait for overexcitement over small historical geekery, and your lovely voice conveying that excitement 🙂

  7. I found this channel a couple of days ago and I'm already in love. I normally don't watch this type of content but your personality just fits so well with your videos, and especially how excitedly you talk about everything just makes this so enjoyable. You seem like such a lovely person and I really look forward to see even more of your content. Thank you so much for being on this platform.

  8. Love your channel ❤️ So glad you’re coming to England soon. Best wishes from up North (Yorkshire) ❤️

  9. Does anyone know the cost of subscribing to Foundations Revealed? I just did a look-see of their website and did not find any info. Help!

  10. You look delightfully like someone out of Frances Hodges Burnett’s novel the Secret Garden with your red cloak and that garden background during this update vid! The birds bursting into song midway certainly added to the effect.

  11. Thanks for the update, but even though I am subscribed with a notification action, I do not get alerts for you videos and only see them pop up while I am watching others I am subscribed to, very frustrating!!

  12. thank you for posting, dear one! it's a joy to see and hear you even when you don't think you have anything to say. and it keeps us from worrying about you having come down with a cold or something. :}

  13. To the Honourable Miss Bernadette Banner,

    Greetings! I am an avid viewer of your content, I find your channel most delightful and mind opening as I myself do not sew. At all. However, I have found inspiration in your vigour and tenacity for the discipline. Your videos teach me perseverance in my passion even if some parts of said passion may be all consumingly draining and tedious. I tread on. And although I know that what you post is not the summation of your entire being and that these are merely snippets of your life, I would like to think that perhaps in some small non-creepy way we or rather I have been acquainted with you even if i have not or probably ever will met you in person (because I reside in the Philippines).

    And so perhaps what I am trying to say is thank you. I wish you the very best in all of you endeavours because to be perfectly candid your projects are amazeballs. Excuse the language. I aspire to also one day wear neo-victorian chic and pull it off as elegantly as you do.

    Sofhia Krizia Calma

  14. Just a thought on resources: Teen-age Laura Ingalls of the Little house books discusses her experience with corsets- she DIDN'T like them and couldn't bear to wear them at night as she was advised to do; also she mentions how her sister, Mary, couldn't fit into her newly sewn gown because her corset strings had stretched! Another series, this time a 1999 British T.V. program called, " 1900 House" , presents a middle-class english family living in a time capsule of that era. The women wear corsets and openly discuss their experience. Quite enlightening.

  15. Okay , enjoy english ! Looking forward to Lady sherlock. Looking forward to new videos when you post them . But never in a rush , when I see one it is just like a little present to view it while I see or knit !

  16. Seeing that you had a put up a new video on this less than stellar morning put a smile on my face. Thanks for sharing your adventures in costuming with us. Looking forward to the upcoming corset series 🙂

  17. Thank you so much for letting us follow you on your adventures! I'm looking forward to seeing what else you create.

  18. Dear Miss Banner, Having heard you talk about your trip to England in the summertime, I am very much looking forward to your vlog. And you may have already planned out many activities one hopefully meeting Dear Mrs Crocombe I would like to point out the living Museum in Beamish County Durham it's an open air museum its really a small village which sets out a time line from the 1820 to 1940's and having seen you research many of your garment most notably your Sherlock Holmes it would be quite interesting to see it in this setting. I do hope you find the time to go there but whatever you choose vlog and share with us, I know will be wonderful.

  19. Have I mentioned I adore you and if I could would fold you up and put you in my pocket.. just putting that out there.

  20. I don't really sew but I love watching you sew on your channel. It's really satisfying to see your work come together!

  21. Yeah, can't wait to see yoru corset videos ! I am really curious to see the adaptations you make to the pattern and how you compensate for asymetry.

  22. Bernadette, I was rewatching your ‘3 Basic Hand Stitches for Historical Sewing,’ and I have a couple inquiries for you dearie. First, I noticed you running beeswax on your thread in the start of the video. I am curious as to the reason for doing this, I’ve done a few beaded projects in the past in which I did that to the string for protection, because I was working with crystals and over time they will cut the bead thread. Is the addition of the beeswax to your thread on a similar thought process or done for completely different reasons? Second, the thimble you use could you perhaps discuss this with us. I am quite interested, I’ve seen obviously the metal, and my family even still has some of the wooden ones left, but I had never come upon a leather thimble before. All the best and good luck on your upcoming trip to England this April.

  23. Thank you for the update! It is nice to know what to expect. I don't have an instagram account so I can see your instagram posts but I can't watch your instagram stories.

  24. Ask the Queen if you can rummage through her attic?? Maybe go to Scotland and search through the foot board chests… Have fun

  25. Guuuurl, what are you up to in England? If you're in Bath I'll come say hi, or Swindon but why would anyone ever willingly come here?

  26. "I'm not making a video this week. Here's a video." XD I'm glad you are taking your time to produce such high quality videos, and also garments. If you released a video once a year I'd still subscribe!

  27. Is the Royal School of Needlework in your future? Check out the classes. https://royal-needlework.org.uk/courses/day-classes/

  28. Keep apologies brief, explanations about it keep brief. I am happy to hear from you with a quick update – perfect.

  29. Have fun! It sounds like your going to have a lot of work, but it sounds like it'll be fun work for. We'll be here when you get back, so don't worry on that end. You just have fun

  30. Hey! I know you must be very busy, but I was wondering; (and I know this is a work of fiction) would it be possible to reconstruct Violet Evergarden's dress to be more accurate to our world's corresponding era?

  31. Love your content, will wait for the goods 😃. Recently got my High School youngest child into your content. They love the vids too!

  32. Are you going to film a video with Hana while in London? I believe Mrs. Crocombe would love for you two to recreate another of her videos! <3

  33. Watching your videos has inspired me to get back into sewing; I haven't done any since middle school and now in college I seldom have the time, but I've quite enjoyed these and I now want to delve into the world of historical garment making! However, lacking the funds to invest in fabric at the moment, I wanted to just get sewing anything, so I decided to alter a pair of baggy thrift store jeans and I'm quite pleased with how they turned out. You create wonderful content – thank you for your inspiration!

  34. I'm so excited that you're excited, and I am looking forward to the upcoming videos! (cue imaginary girlish jumping up and down 🙂

  35. I love your manic energy. As someone who also has manic energy (about science and engineering haha) I feel your vibes in a big way. Your content is always great because of it. Keep sharing the energy!!

  36. Off topic question, I'm not sure if you are a fan of comics or manga, but there is a remarkably accurate manga set in the late Victorian era called Emma (not based on the Jane Austen novel) about a young maid who falls in love with a rich man. I know this is probably an odd comment as you don't really seem to post about comics or anything like that but as you are a huge fan of all things Victorian I thought you might enjoy checking it out, if not for the story then for the very accurate art of the clothing, everyday objects, and setting designs. I love your videos and I hope you have a good time in England!

  37. Random question: (you seem like you would be qualified to answer) If Elizabeth Bennet was a D&D character, what class would she specialize in?

  38. Your general demeanor and outlook is so calming and inspiring to me. I feel like sometimes I find myself becoming moody as a result of the daily grind and I hope you know that you are such a bright and positive influence for many of us! Cheers.

  39. I've been watching a lot of news about shops ripping off small creators and if you design say, history inspired modern dresses, you should really take the time and small amount of money to REGISTER them so you can prove it was yours. Also looks good to employers, paperwork.

  40. I have been watching your channel for a while now and I have a question: I am physically disabled and can't use a bra for any sort of support and I am considering trying out stays. Do you have any advice for a noobie-noobie beginner? Any would be greatly appreciated.

  41. Your videos are so therapeutic and calming!! I adore how well spoken and elegant you are! It’d be wonderful if you could make a video in the future about using the English language properly/how you’ve expanded your vocabulary etc. I hope that doesn’t sound weird xx Sending love from Australia

  42. I just stumbled upon your beautiful channel and I must say, you have a resemblance with Sue Ramirez, an actress here in my country.

  43. I think you're doing well getting anything done! I am enjoying even a sleepy little garden with a mysterious roped-off bench area.

  44. Excuse are you from Toronto, I just randomly found your channel. You sound like your from here. And if you are, did anybody teach you how to sew? Sorry if this a random question.

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