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– OK, Mary. We took a lot of stuff
out of your cabinets, and some of the items that
came out were these cans. And I thought that,
since you’re a cook, it would be great for you
to have a fresh herb garden. MARY SANCHEZ: OK. LAILA ALI: And I want to inspire
you because I’m sure that you use a lot of seasonings, and
most of those seasoning jars have some of these spices
in them– thyme, and basil, and sage. They really enhance the flavor
when you use fresh herbs, and they’re just good for you. We’ve got some organic herbs. You ready to get
your hands dirty? Well, not really dirty– I mean, we’re gonna
get our gloves dirty. – We’re gonna get the gloves–
– You know what I mean, yeah. So let’s get started. Now we’re gonna put
some of our soil mix into the bottom of the cans, so
I would say take maybe a scoop or two of this herb mix. We’re going to take the herbs,
kinda loosen up the roots, kinda shake it, squeeze
it out of there. And then we’re gonna
put that into the can. And then we’re going to add
more soil mix to the top. That looks good. OK, I need a little
more soil in here. That looks good. When did you start cooking? – When I turned 18.
– Oh, really? And you been in the
kitchen ever since? I’ve been in ever since. All right, so
our herbs are done. So now all we have to do
is go ahead and water them. Not only are these
wonderful to cook with, it’s just nice to see the
vibrancy to the kitchen that I think you’re
really gonna enjoy. If you want to learn more
projects similar to these, go to homemadesimple.com. We were able to take
just recycled cans out of your kitchen and put this
beautiful herb garden together. It’ll look good, very
nice in my kitchen. LAILA ALI: Yes it will.

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  1. Please don't drag women down by burdening them with this nonsense straight from horrible magazines like women's day and good housekeeping!? Unless GQ has started including this stuff so men can join in on the 'fun'!?

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