Abkhazi Garden (Part 1) in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

And here we have Anne Marie, in from Vancouver
for the weekend – Victoria Day. You’re not supposed to pee on the flowers. Yes, so we have to watch the …
That’s actually an instruction for the dogs. Yes. They haven’t said it to me. Probably goes for us too though. I haven’t seen any men here yet. Don’t know if they follow instructions. Yup. We’re far enough from the downtown it shouldn’t
be a problem. Okay. So this is my favourite kind of hosta. It’s got the big bluish leaves. It’s not that common but this is the biggest
one I’ve ever seen of the big blue leafed hostas. Did your Mum have that in her Oak Bay garden? No. I’ve only seen it …
It’s not that common. We have lots of ferns here. All these different kinds of ferns. I love this one. I don’t know what it is. But that’s a gorgeous fern. Very green. And this I think is a maiden hair. Oh, okay. Nice. And that’s an arbutus probably straight
ahead? This? The one in there with all of the gnarly …
Yes, that’s probably … Or it could be a kind of rhodo. This is the rhododendron garden right here. Yes, and it’s beautiful right now. It’s rhodo season. Yes. And Victoria’s very nice in the summertime. Oh, look. These are actually orange flowers. Yes, that’s unusual. So these actually are rhododendron trunks. But this one’s already finished flowering. Yes, this is a huge rhododendron. It could date back to the ‘20s or ‘30s. When did they build this garden? I’m not sure. We’ll have to look. I think it’s the ‘30s they bought this
place. Oh, cool. Yeah. So these were probably on the property even
before then? Well no. They probably planted them in the ‘30s or
something. I don’t know. But you can see the canopy of blossoms up
there. My dad loved azaleas and rhododendrons. It was a bit of a challenge trying to get
them to grow in New Brunswick with the snow and the ice. Yeah, it’s pathetic. Anyone in Toronto or Montreal or the Maritimes
Just look at these rhodos. You have no idea how big they can get. Yeah. Was it in Vancouver that a couple got lost
in a rhododendron … No, that was in England. People got lost. Evidentally they’re invasive in England
because they like the climate so much. They orginally come, I think, from the Himalayas. No, there is a west coast one. In India in the foothills of the Himalayas,
you see them like 30 feet high. Huge red rhododendrons. Very tall. Yes. They’re very beautiful. So here we have strange little flowers on
a super big leafed … See, they’re much bigger than the penguins. Whatever they are. We will find out. What did you call this? Oxalis? Yeah, oxalis. Which shamrocks are a type of. But they’re bigger than shamrocks. See, they’re quite big. How can you tell if it’s a rhododendron
or an azalea? Well I think the rhododendrons are the big
ones. Yeah, I’m not sure what the difference is. So this one you think is the azalea? Yeah, I think that’s the azalea. Yeah, azaleas usually have smaller leaves. And they’re also a little tougher than rhododendrons. Cool. I think they had the yellows, reds, and oranges
more. Yeah, well rhodos and azaleas come in every
colour. Some of which they should not because they’re
ugly. Oh? Which are the ugly colours? The ones that clash. Ah. Yeah. Nobody ever thinks about what colours to plant
them. But this one is nice because it’s got white
in there too, so it’s not quite as gaudy. Like some of them. Interesting plants in here. I have no idea what this is. Do you know what the white one is with the
dark leaves over here? That’s kind of cute. I like it. Yeah, it could be …
Nah, I was thinking it might be a sort of cultivated variety of Queen Anne’s lace. I’m not sure. Could be, yeah, it’s sort of like that,
isn’t it? It’s just got darker leaves. And then, Forget me nots. Is that what these are? Yup. Those are forget me nots which are – my
mother considered a weed. Oh, I love forget me nots. I know, I love them too. But you have to pull them all out or you get
sort of… Oh, you get lots of them? Well yeah. They kind of go ugly after they’re flowered. Ah. And then these’ll probably be allium? Maybe? Yes, that’s a cultivated allium. Nice big purple ones. And they look so good with that red thodo. I approve. Cool. The taste police. No, this is a beautiful rhododendron garden. Oh yes. Have you been here before when they’ve been …? I don’t think I’ve ever been here when
they’ve been in bloom. No. I just like the colours. Yes. I love that. Look at that pale yellow one. That’s gorgeous. Yes, it’s very nice. It’s really quite a formal little English
garden here. It’s very cool. And these are certainly full of colour. And these are weird. This one is purple iris. Which I used to have in my backyard. I think they’re all gone now. They’re purple German irises. Oh, really? And these ones will be birds of paradise. About to flower? I doubt that. Well they have the upright …
I know but I don’t think bird of paradise grows outside here. That would be interesting to know but that’s
not the leaf of a bird of paradise. No? Oh. You’re feeding false information. Oh, well. Don’t feed false information or we’ll
be zapped on the Internet. By all the horticulturalists. Oh, well. If anybody knows what these are …
I guess we come back in about 2 weeks. Yeah, we’ll find out. And see if they’re bird of paradise orange
or not. And these look like peonies down here but
I don’t see any buds at all. No. So might be something else. Kind of odd. So this is wisteria. The vine. It only grows on the west coast of Canada. Oh, really? Yeah. It won’t grow anywhere else in Canada. Oh, ‘cause, yeah. Then a Japanese maple. Oh, it smells really good. Oh, nice. Oh, that was the most amazing smell. Sniff, sniff, sniff. Oh, a tree peony? Oh, yeah, I had tree peonies in Ottawa. They’re always such big blooms. Yeah, and they look like they’re pretty
much finished. That’s really early. Yes. And here we have massive Japanese maples. I had one in the backyard but like hostas,
they are the deer’s favourite food. Oh, look at this! This is incredible. It’s huge. See! A huge flower. That one’s pretty much finished.

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  1. I can see why you find it relaxing, anyone would! Looks so peaceful and relaxing being covered in green and colorful flowers.

  2. Wow, what a spectacular garden. Those giant leaves were so cool. Loved all the shades of green. I have heard good things about British columbia this makes me want to book a trip!

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