Abono Orgánico Fácil – Los Caballos y las Gallinas Hacen Compost

Good morning and welcome to our channel once more! Today we are going to show you how the horse and chickens help us make compost! Let’s do it! Here we don’t make the typical compost where you make a pile and turn it every certain amount of time We take all the organic garden waste like weeds from the garden, small branches from pruning, etc and we bring it all to the horse paddock and here is where the magic happens! Today we are going to clear out some garden beds seo we are gonna take you along through the process We are here in the garden and it has rained a lot in the last couple of days that goodness it has not been very catastrophic here In any case, now we are going to remove some of the summer crops that are dying off to make space for the fall/winter crops se we are gonna start pulling out plants, Annika has already started and we will put them in the dumper here and we’ll take it to the horse paddock it’s looking a lot better now the dumper is pretty full, and there’s more to come what now? YAAH! F*** IT’S HEAVY! AH! OH! oh dear.. my god.. oh.. SO HOT! These seeds here get stuck to everything and they are so hard to get off.. not even the washing machine… the dumper is now full we’ve cleared out this bed here so let’s take it to the horse paddock Annika is gonna show us how she starts the dumper AGH! ARGH! OARGH! whats up? I tore my pants! let’s see! sh**! yeh! get back! yep! here, the other day the gardeners in town brought us grass clippings i’m gonna put in a video here of that day so you can see what it looked like.. as you can see they’ve spread it all out you can barely see it anymore now we add the garden waste on top now the horses and chickens will eat what they like and what they don’t like they will step on it, pee and poop on it and it will slowly decompose and turn into compost that we then use in the orchard, the garden and as potting soil for seed starting! if you haven’t watched the seed starting video, check it out! And once we see the compost is well made we pile it up in the corner here so we can use it and get it out of the way to put more organic waste on the rest of the paddock we’ll give some to Alazán… ..these are the damaged tomatoes we didn’t keep… Another good thing about making the compost here see how it’s muddy here? here we will bring more organic waste when we get some before, everything would get muddy like that now here, after adding so much organic matter it helps infiltrate rain water better and it absorbs the water as well, that way it doesn’t get muddy like it is here.. And the organic matter will retain the nutrients from the animals deposits that way we have a nutrient rich compost It is two days later, and as you can see it has reduced a lot in volume so this will slowly decompose and turn in to this… As you can see this is a very easy way to make compost we always do it this way and we’re very pleased with the results So if you have horses in a paddock like this i recommend you do this even if you don’t have a use for the compost, there’s always someone that will want it or even willing to pay for it And as well as making compost you avoid having a muddy mess in the paddock, so… as I said, I highly recommend it I hope you enjoyed the video if you liked it give us a LIKE If you aren’t already subscribed SUBSCRIBE We’ll see you in the next video! See you next week!

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