Abonos-Té de Compost

With solid fertilizers we can make liquid
fertilizers. Plants also need liquid fertilizers. It is good for them. They are sold for a lot in stores. But you all can make them as well. 2-3 kgs. of compost in a sack in water for
a week. It is stirred everyday and you have your leaf
spray. 1 liter of this with four liters of water
is and you are set. It can be applied with a handheld pump, an
electric pump, whatever. Just go and spread it on your soils and plants. If you have more land, make it on
a larger scale. Just keep the same proportions. If the property is larger, use a tank like
the one in front of use. We put it in the tank and leave it for 7 days. Then, we spread it on the field below using
the irrigation system. (Question to unrelated subject) This is the most easily made fertilizer. Anyone who says this is too difficult…ha

11 thoughts on “Abonos-Té de Compost

  1. Maguie,

    Por favor, deme su correo y le envío las cartillas que contienen muchas informaciones útiles.


  2. Olá Karina,
    Muy bueno este video. Estoy haciendo una pequeña compostera con lombrices en mi casa para alimentar una plantación de verduras. Usted puede enviar el archivo PDF con la receta del Té de compost para mi mail? ([email protected]) Gracias

  3. Saludos,  ¡que bien video!
    Estoy organizando una Feria agroecológica y queremos compartir esta información. Por favor si puedes enviar el archivo PDF con la receta del Té de compost a mi mail [email protected]
    Gracias 😀

  4. saludos de mexico por k la proporcion de las dosis le dan 1L por cada 10L y los biofertilizantes comerciales le ponen solo 2ml por litro de agua?

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