About My City Plants

(upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Juliette and
I’m here to tell you all about My City Plants, the place where with just a few clicks
you can order beautiful and healthy plants for
your home or office. No matter what plant knowledge
and experience you have, we are always here to help you to choose the right plant and provide care advice. Our goal is to make sure
that you and your plant have a stress free and happy relationship. We offer the largest variety
of plants in our online shop. Plants are available potted
in self-watering planters, regular pots, as well as in grower’s pots for use in your own planters. Here at My City Plants, we hand-select every single plant from
local growers and nurseries, so you always get the healthiest and the best plants available. We use very special soil for potting and it’s named Good Dirt for a reason. Its unique formula
provides an ideal porosity and plant roots have an ample
room to grow and breathe. Sustainably harvested
peat creates a condition for optimal water retention,
ensuring your plant has an adequate hydration throughout. We provide care
instructions for each plant that will help you to
understand your plant’s basic needs and
requirements for its growth. Plants are safely wrapped and
hand-delivered to your door. At the checkout, you can
select the delivery date, delivery timeframe, plus
add a personal message if you’re a sending a green
gift to someone special. If you want to visit us
and meet some of our plants in person, come to our Long
Island City retail shop where you can always find
something special and unique. Getting a plant is like getting a pet. It is a commitment and will
require your time and attention. I know how exciting it is to
have a lot of plants around, but if you are a first-time plant parent, we recommend to start slowly. Get one plant, learn how to care for it, see how it effects your
life and you’re sure to be getting more. Have a great day.

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