Adam and Eve | In the Garden of Eden | Animated Short Bible Stories for Kids | HD 4k Video |

Background piano
music playing. When God created
the world, he made the sun the moon, and the stars. He separated the
water from the land. He built the mountains
and the forests. He made different kinds
of plants and flowers. He created them in
different sizes shapes and colours Background piano
music playing! He also made all the animals, big……
and small. He created the fish that
would swim in the sea, and birds that could
fly in the sky. He created small insects
that could fly and crawl. He was very pleased with
whatever he had created. Then after he
created everything, he felt he needed
somebody who would look after his
creation He then created the
first man from the mud He breathed life into him…… and named him Adam. Backgound music playing, Where am I? Who are you? You are in my garden, the garden of Eden. I am your creator, your Lord. You can live in my
garden all your life. You will enjoy all
the beautiful things I created for you and take care of them. That’s nice. But how
did I get here? You are here because I
chose to have you here. You have been created
in my likeness. You have powers
over everything I have created on earth. You are the master
of everything and you will take care
of them like your own. This is my wish and
my design. I am so hungry. Can I have something
to eat? My garden is filled
with trees and plants with the most delicious
fruits of all kinds. You are free to eat the
fruits of any tree here, except for the tree
that stands in the middle of the
garden. That tree….
is called the tree of knowledge. If you eat that fruit, you will die. Background piano
music playing. God had created everything
from the trees, the plants, the animals, and the birds but he had not
named them. So, he asked Adam
to name them. Adam named them
one by one. Adam felt alone. Nothing that God had
created could be partner So God made
Eve. Background piano
music playing One day when Adam
was sleeping he created Eve
out of his rib. Eve proved to be the right
companion for Adam. Of all the creatures that
God created on earth, the snake was the most evil
and clever of them all. Backgroung music
playing One day, when Adam was tending the garden the snake went over to Eve and started talking
to her. Hello Eve. Hello, Who are you? I have never seen any
animals speak here! Oh! I have been in this garden before you and Adam
came along. None of the animals talk
because they believe Adam to be the
master of them all, so they are afraid to ask. God only speaks to you. He loves you more
than any of us! Oh, I see, and you are not afraid? No I am not. I think you are
good and kind. I am amazed by your knowledge
and your strength. I can see why God made
you in his image. Ok, that’s nice. So, what was it that
you wanted to ask me? I was just wondering… You eat every fruit
from this garden except the one from the tree
in the middle of the garden. Why is that? Adam told me that God has told us
to not eat the fruit of that tree. He said, if we eat that
fruit, we will die. I don’t think that is true. I think God knows that if you
eat the fruit from that tree, you will become wiser and
stronger, more like God. I don’t know about that. the fruit sure
looks tasty, and it smell good too! Yes… yes…. It looks amazing, and I’m sure it tastes better than anything
you have had before. But
I wonder if ……. Background
Music Playing. I don’t think anything will
go wrong if you eat it. Go ahead…. Try it. Piano music plaing in
background It sure is a wonderful day. I found a new kind of fruit
in the garden today. I think I’ll call it a melon. Back ground
music playing That’s great! I like the way you
name these fruits. Adam, I wonder why
God asked us not to eat this fruit. They look so nice
and plump…. And they smell so
good too! Back ground
music playing I don’t know Eve, but God said we would
die if we eat it. We should listen
to what he says. I think that’s not true. If this fruit was so
poisonous and bad, why would he put it in the
middle of the garden, right where we can pluck it?? I’m sure it’s some
kind of a trick anywayWhy do you worry so much? We have so many other
fruits that we can eat When God gave us
this warning there should be some
reason behind it. We should just stay
away from it. Hmm… yes, but I don’t think it
would hurt to take a little nibble, would it? I would love to
know how it tastes I don’t think God
going to notice. background piano
music playing Saying so, Eve stood up and plucked the bright red shiny fruit
from the Tree of Knowledge. She looked at it,
admiring its beauty. She then looked at Adam and
took a bite from the fruit. Piano music She then gave the fruit to Adam and
asked him to take a bite as well. Back ground
music playing Adam took a bite from it. He smiled at Eve. Background music
Playing Together they
finished the fruit. Back ground music playing Adam and Eve were
sleeping under the tree in the center of the garden
when they heard God’s voice Background
music playing When they woke up,
they were afraid, They felt guilty…. and full of shame. They tried to hide themselves
behind the bushes. Adam, where are you? Eve… why are you trying
to hide from me? Sorry my father, we are naked and we wish
to cover ourselves. Backgroun
music Playing But how did you know
that you are naked? You were naked before and you were never ashamed Why do you have
such a feeling now? I don’t know
father. Did you eat the fruit of
the tree of knowledge in the center of the garden? The one I told you
not to eat from? Forgive me my father!! Eve gave it to me and I ate it! I am sorry I
disobeyed you my God Background
music playing Eve, why did you do this? why did you do this? God, the snake tricked
me into eating it. I was confused, I did not
know what I was doing! I’m sorry my God! I gave you everything that
you would possibly need. Anything that your heart would
desire is available in this garden. I gave you only one
rule to follow. But you disobeyed me. You have both failed me. Forgive us Forgive us my lord! We will not make
any more mistakes. Forgive us this one last time! We were unaware of
the consequences. We thought it was
just another tree! It was not my fault. It was the snake
that confused us. The snake will get his
share of punishment. That does not mean you are free from the consequences
of disobeying me. Why did you find it so difficult
to follow just one rule?? You had everything else in
this garden for yourself No…. once you have eaten the fruit
of the tree of Knowledge, you can no longer stay
in the garden of Eden. You now know what is
wrong and what is right. You must leave the
garden at once, and live the rest of
your life on earth. But what will we
do there my Lord? You will have to work hard, suffer, and grow your food
from the soil of the earth. You will suffer
pain and sadness, and finally one
day, you must die. That is your punishment. Now go!! Back ground
music Playing Adam and Eve
disobeyed God, and they were cast out
of the Garden of Eden. They now had to very
work hard to grow food. They had to build a
house for shelter, and they eventually
were going to die! They could have lived in
the paradise forever, if they had obeyed God’s rule!

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  1. Adam forgot the warning
    "of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die.»" Аte and died like a man, because he turned into a sheep!
    As in the famous tales of the transformation of man into an animal!

    GOD BLESS JEW ✝️UBE 4:24✝️7
    IPAD MINI 4:24✝️7
    CAR✝️MAN BRAH 4:24✝️7 SOU✝️H PARK 4:24✝️7

  3. WOAH<WOAH< Back up one minute. Adam and eve were innocents, they knew not wat good and evil even was at that time. Then the worlds biggest deciever was placed with them. How was adam and eve even to know the snake would lead them astray. This smells like a set up to me.. If I told my 2 year old dont eat that candy over there, then I left, and another adult told him it would be ok, well you get the point.

  4. now why put the damn tree in the garden in the first place, then he tells a WOMAN not to eat from the tree , and points the tree out to her.
    What an idiot lol. and why did he make them ashamed of the pubic area , why not the nose , women would then have nose knickers

  5. Rivers & Garden of Eden FOUND! The Truth. Biblical and Geological proofs provided!

  6. Absolute bollocks. So if Adam and Eve were the first humans, they would have had a boy and girl, they would have insested each other to produce a mongrel bread of inbred humans, noting they are white Caucasian, so where do Chinese and African humans come from? If you believe in this shit you are completely deluded, good luck being a wanker.

  7. Man I dont want technology I want enternal life and fruit but now we got suffer same fate as our ancestors Adam and eve

  8. Almost same story discribed in quran..just doinh some bible,what adam called the name of his god?is it my god?father?lord?jesus?

  9. I like how "God" is portrayed as the thing that knows all so if he knows all why did he not know they would eat the fruit, even if he gave them free choice God still gave them the option to eat the fruit, so he should've gone to hell, not make other people suffer for his lack of thinking. don't promote this to kids..

  10. ever since this happened. God regrets everyday he gave you free will to think like him
    he was supposed to have destroyed humanity long ago and started again
    but being God he prefers to remain patient and see what will happen next

  11. The epistemology of the Christian I declare as Adam is based not on rational means but empirical means of a conscious observer, primarily a brain scan by a psychotronic technology by heaven's standards. I say as the son of God is this: he was just named God by his parents based on my ancient aliens theories, and it was observed by less evolved angels who removed the artifacts of evolution from their genome in more modern history since then at that point that gave evidence of them being of evolution and they claimed he was the concept of the noncontingent Absolute in myth and legend as a more evolved and powerful being, over him as a higher being male fucking a woman they could not see (a black hole) and creating a galaxy, for they as more a primordial dwarf, their conscious observation of the event was like a down syndrome funny farm freak, for even I have created galaxies and more than three dimensional universes with my wife Lucifer as his begotten son Adam and not the Jesus character. This idea Eve was taken from the rib of Adam as the first woman is an abomination to Islam, for I was Adam and later on Mohammed to resist the Catholic Church, for as Adam I was a begotten son of God and an unknown woman and Eve had a past life being married with Satan, and I was selected to marry Lucifer in the garden; I was created by God not as his surviving sperm with no womb to go into, but begotten of womb and sperm but I wasn't even human back then so it wasn't the same, for I predated Eden too. Lilith and Jesus were supposed to marry in the Garden and failed their own mission by God to do so. The Holy Spirit was a former wife of mine too and isn't God.

  12. Prostrate to Adam and they prostrated except Iblees (Satan)….” (Quran 7:11)

    come not near this tree or you both will be of the wrongdoers.” (Quran 2:35)

  13. but God ALREADY KNEW that they would eat the fruit, God set them up to fail. then the prick wants to punish them BUT not only them,
    OH NOOOOO he wants to fuck everybody over too.

  14. It says "they became one flesh" and as the first human beings they were commanded to multiply–it doesnt say they were married..

  15. if adam and eve were chinese, we won't have sins! why? because the chinese will sell the apple then they will skin the snake and turn it into a bag then they will create medicine out of the snake 😂

  16. dilan B10 Genesis tell us that Adam was created from the dust of the earth in the Mesopotamian region where the garden is located all the soil is colored God said let us made man in our image and likeness what would man look like he would look like god scripture says God made Adam in his image & likeness and in the Mesopotamian region where all the soil is of color Adam had arms legs a face and a skin color image and likeness of God Adam was a man of color so what do that tell you about God

  17. (8:24) O you who believe! Answer Allah (by obeying Him) and (His) Messenger when he (SAW) calls you to that which will give you life, and know that Allah comes in between a person and his heart (i.e. He prevents an evil person to decide anything). And verily to Him you shall (all) be gathered.
    Quran islam

  18. God exists in the minds of those who believe. Man created God so God could create man. If that sequence was reversed, then the logic would be sound. Bless everyone. Have a great day.

  19. 1. Why do they all have pink eyeshadow on?
    2. If God said Adam can control anything in the Garden of Eden then why could he not control that one tree
    3. How do snakes even talk? How is that possible
    4. How were Adam and Eve fully evolved humans when we know evolution is a thing that is scientifically proven?
    5. How are they communicating and understanding the snake when language had not been invented yet?

  20. So Adam and Eve makes us all siblings? And if this is a true story then we wouldn’t of existed If it weren’t for the apple it’s there fault we are here🤔it sounds crazy 😂but hey life on Earth isn’t all sadness that part was wrong

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