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Hi, everybody! Today we have kind of a
conundrum, because right now would be the time for
the second planting, so that we can get another harvest
in by the end of the season. So what I need to do right now is start harvesting what I have.
So, without further ado: Harvest Time! Oh, and by the way, I
already started. I think I need a bigger basket. Lily, how many eggplants do I have? One, two, three – um, we – We have ten eggplants. We have ten? Yeah. Okay. How many onions? Do you remember? -Um, there’s two over there!
-Uuhhhh, there’s forty. Forty! Maybe. Can I count how much tomatoes we have?
-And we really… Yes. Have fun.
-Don’t forget. Don’t forget. Free, and four and five…and six, and seven, eight…
– Tomatoes. And… um, fourteen… Fourteen tomatoes. Fourteen tomatoes? Okay. Okay, so this is a couple of days of harvest out of my fully organic garden,
because we ended up not using any pesticides, all the fertilizer was natural, you know… All that wonderful stuff. So, here we’ve got tomatoes; organic tomatoes at your average grocery store is roughly five dollars a pound right now. and I’ve got more in two days than I can lift. Literally. Okay, and for any smart aleck who thinks this basket isn’t completely full of tomatoes: let me, uh, let me show you something here. These right here, these little tomatoes here, they call them just generic grape tomatoes:
these are Sun Sugars, they’re sweet. I love these in my salad. A 8-ounce pack of these is almost six bucks. And you can see how
many I’ve got just in two days. And this – these go all
season long. So do these. These are – they – you – you might think
these would go in your salad, and they – they’re good in your salad. But these make excellent salsa! I can’t stress that enough. The green beans – I can’t even find organic green beans. Or organic onions. That must be an issue. So… I – I got, you know, all these eggplants, my peppers (they go in salads, and chili, things like that); corn. We had at least a dozen ears of organic corn, which is a dollar an ear. right now. Then – and then, there’s the herbs, which are a good three dollars an ounce. So that’s pretty pricey. And just even
thinking about a gallon of pre-made tea at the store: two bucks, average, probably more. If it’s organic, you’re looking at three to four for a gallon. I’ve made a good thirty, forty gallons of this stuff.
Tastes like peppermint, and it’s so much better for you
than any candy cane ever could be. So… And then all these herbs – I’ve got rosemary, and sage, and thyme, and basil and mint, and dried and fresh, and… I’m looking at a good fifty dollars or more in just herbs. And all I had to do – and they grow like weeds. All I had to do is go take a pair of scissors in the backyard and get what I need. So there we go. I’ve got, um – in the next coming weeks, I’ve got a whole bunch of videos coming. Going to make some ketchup, going to french us some green beans, I got some eggplant recipes… a Congo… So, yeah, just stay tuned. Please give me a like, share it, subscribe to my channel, all that wonderful stuff so that I can keep doing this,
and showing you great things. Love you guys, and I’ll see you soon. {Look! Children… of the corn! Haha!}

2 thoughts on “ADD Garden Harvest

  1. how awesome!! you harvested a whole lot! i look forward to your future videos. it's amazing what you can save by having your own garden. this year i bought a $1 pack of watermelon seeds and throughout the summer i must have harvested nearly 40 to 50 sugar baby watermelon (i lost count at one point) and it's amazing to know that in my own yard i produced nearly $80 worth of fruit. And I grew my own cucumbers, the plants producing far more than i could handle. saved money that way as well. also grew green beans and banana peppers. it's been a very cost efficient experience. next year i want to do eggplant and tomatoes and way more stuff. do you have plans for a fall/winter garden? i'm getting mine started already 😀

  2. I like you!! You have a sense of humour…and you don't look like a dressed up Kardashian wannabe like some ppl do on their garden harvests!! So I have subscribed!! More children of the corn please!! LOL!!

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