Advanced Composting in the Derwood Demo Garden

Hi, I’m Susan Eisendrath and I’m a master
gardener with the Montgomery County master gardeners. And we at our demonstration
garden in Derwood, Maryland, we have our own composting operation
where we produce most of the compost for the garden. And one of our innovations is
we have installed perf pipes. There are one, two, three,
four perforated pipes, which are at the bottom of the
compost. And we placed those in, in the compost area and then layer
in the compost and it provides air circulation in through the compost. And we have been able to increase our
temperatures in the compost up to 149 to 150 degrees, which is the desired temperature for
being able to kill weed seeds and also destroy some of the diseases. It also speeds up our composting and
we found that another key element in improving our composting is the watering. We water and you might
be able to see over here, here’s a compost pile and they’re
perforated pipes underneath it. We, we water every single
layer that we put in of our, our compost. We use a three carbon, to, one nitrogen ratio of layers of, of compost material. And again, putting in the water at each layer is
a huge improvement and speeds it up. So our final finalized
compost is down at the end, and that’s where some of the
master gardeners come in, they sift it or not, and then
use it for various areas of the, of the garden. So we turn every week. So that’s something where we’re able to
produce compost anywhere from four to six weeks. That’s it for the
composting. Please do it.

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