Aerating Seeding Fertilizing As Maintenance for a Nice Lawn

Hello this is Stewart and I want to show
a yard that I’ve just aerated, seeded and fertilized. This is a
yard that I’ve been doing this annually for the last
five or six years and as you notice on this lawn it has some
unique things I really like the way it curves like this
the whole lawn is like this front and backyard. This is a core aerator that I’m using it’s small and maneuverable here for
the pacific northwest I particularly like this model. This is a calibrated seed spreader
that I’m using and I’m throwing out a golf course
quality seed today I’m running with a 15-16-16 slow-release starter fertilizer with
trace elements added here for western Washington and this seed
spreader that I’m using is a calibrated seed spreader and if you look on the side – the right
hand side of it – it has a border guard so I can go right along these curvy areas of the lawn and not get any seed
in there and this is really really nice
you can see this client is a high maintenance lawn here and Animals may come by in the middle of
the night and track some seed in there but I throw very very little seed
that gets in there when I am using this this type of a
spreader and I just wanted to show you this lawn and it’s in very very good condition and
this is just an annual thing that I like to do on
these properties that my clients like to have done and their turn on the dollar is very very
high the seed washes into the holes and keep introducing new seed into your
lawn and it’s a way to keep an existing lawn
really really nice bang for the dollar it’s a great way to go and and this is
Stewart hope you enjoy my video thank you bye

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