Aerating your compost bin the easy way

You know one of the great ways, that you can
actually help the environment and recycle and have a beautiful garden is by having a
good compost bin. Now we have our vege scraps today, let’s head
out there and I’m going to show you a really easy way to aerate your compost bin using
the Power Planter. So we’ve got a pretty big compost bin here.
This is carries our kitchen scraps for about 3 or 4 months for us. So lets take the lid
off and have a look inside. Now we’ll just bring the camera in close and
have a little look here. Now we’ve got a whole mixture of things in here. We’ve got some
straw, that’s gone through, got some wood shavings because we’ve got chickens as well,
and then we’ve got you know, bits of Cauliflower and pumpkin, eggshells. All those things in
there. I saw before we even had a bio-degradable plastic bag that was in there as well. So the important thing with a compost heap
is you need to be able to aerate it as well and so you should do this every week and you
can use your garden fork and turn it over and its not too hard to do but if you want
to get down to the bottom its pretty difficult to try and churn that up. So what I want to show you today is using
the Power Planter to actually do that really easily, so let’s just grab it over here. So
what I’ve got here is the longer power planter which is the 324 model. It’s 600mm long here
and its perfect for this job. I’ve attached it to my Dewalt Drill. Now you can use this
on any other drill as well. I recommend a cordless. That’s the easiest and safest way
to use it and so I’ve got it on slow speed number 1 and then I’ve got the side handle
on here and I’m using the screwdriver mode so that I’m protecting my wrists from any
twisting as well. So here we go, we’re just going to put it
in there and churn it all up. *Drill Noises* So what is happening here is I can actually
see the organic matter from the bottom of the pile start to be churned up towards to
the top and I can go a even a bit deeper with this one. *Drill noises* Now if we have a look up with the close up
camera. This is organic matter from the bottom of the pile which is really nicely broken
down and getting rich there and that’s been churned up with the top and you can do a whole
compost bin in a matter of 2 minutes and its basically no effort, its actually even fun
to do and the other thing is if you want to improve your compost add in some manure in
there as well because the manure adds nitrogen and nitrogen helps the compost break down. So look theres and easy way to aerate your
compost heap. You should do it about once a week using the 324 Power planter and attaching
it to your drill.

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