Aerobic Composting Waste to Wealth – Swachh Visakha

Quite a few women in Vizag have developed a keen interest in composting and are using their household waste to produce good quality compost. These ladies say that composting is very simple and feel that we can make a huge difference to our community if we devote just 5 minutes to it, and wish that everyone takes up composting. Hi Friends, I am going to introduce you to simple ways of making your own compost at home. What is compost? It is Nature’s way of recycling organic waste. In a natural way, we can easily make compost using all the wet waste generated at home. By producing our own compost, we can not only reduce the garbage that goes into our city’s dump yard, but also grow healthy plants. To produce compost, all we need is…. An earthen pot with lid and a few holes drilled into its bottom and sides or a khamba or a food grade plastic bin with holes drilled into its bottom, sides and lid. A tray to collect water at the bottom of the compost bin. Greens: Greens include vegetable peels, fruit peels, seeds, tea powder, coffee powder, flowers, egg shells. If you are starting composting for the first time do not add non-veg and cooked food Browns: Browns include dry twigs, dry leaves, cardboard pieces, coconut husk, black and white news paper, or shredded office paper. Do not use newspaper with color print. Sour butter milk or diluted cow dung. Microorganisms in these liquids will help kick start the composting process. So, let us see how to prepare compost First add a layer of dry leaves in the earthen pot, then take all the wet waste from home and add equal amount of dry leaves, then add 2 spoons of sour buttermik, mix well and add to the earthen pot. Repeat the same procedure everyday until the pot is full Once in 3 days mix the entire pile with a rake or stick for air circulation Make sure the contents are moist. If they are dry, sprinkle a little water to keep them moist. Place the pot away from direct sunlight and rain. In case of a khamba, start with the first and top most container. Fill the waste as mentioned before and once the top container is full, swap it with the middle pot. If we keep filling this pot as well, in nearly 2 months, almost both the pots will be full. The contents in the first pot will be converted into compost. In nearly 2 months time all the waste will be converted to earthy smelling compost, which can be sieved and used for growing your plants. If we do composting in the right way, there will be no foul smell, nor any insects. Now Kalpana will share her experience with us. Like most people, I also thought that composting will smell bad and attract cockroaches and other insects. But only fruit flies will be attracted. Even these can be prevented by placing a newspaper on the top of the pile. The process of composting is very easy It is a hygienic and healthy process. So let us take responsibility for our own garbage and turn our waste into black gold, grow nutrient rich vegetables and nice flowers, and protect our health. Happy Composting !!!

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