AGADI THOTA-AN ORGANIC FARM ,KARNATAKA(Malayalam travel video)ಅಗಡಿ ತೋಟ my different travel

A welcome song was heard from a far .staffs of the Agadi thotta’s are encouraged the visitors to dance in the horse was really curious .Kannada folk song and drum beat in the back ground. interesting to see the indigenous method of welcoming the turban you can see the beauty of the place as you enter here .the beautiful way through which both side the trees are planted .walked through this path ahead of Agadi thota’s ticket counter. we are going to welcome back again a man with long fake legs .for entrance Rs.550 for adult and Rs.350 for kids. they bought 500 rupees from me it may be due to alone a wrist tag paper from the ticket counter will be put on our hands .you should wear this until you turn back from Agadi thotta. Agadi thotta is an organic farm ,is located in Mundgod taluk Uttara Kannada,at a distance of 38 km from Hubli .this farmland welcomes you to discover of rural life the traditional ways and customs of Karnataka state .Agadi thotta is spread over an area of 30 acres with major cultivation being cashew nut. the periphery of the farm is lined with coconut trees,suppota and mango trees,more than 1000 medicinal plants and vegitables .it was conceptualized in the year 2000 by Shrin.Jayadev Agadi to popularize organic farming,generate awareness and help develop a market for organic foods one who introduces all the first visitor after getting tickets. welcome drink is waiting for us first. healthy drink is a mix of ginger with mango juice.good taste .tired of travelling is gone then there was the way of cashew plant was built. so moving forward to rope way challenging game the game that measures your body’s balance .walking through the bridge build with rope can be a little bit adventurous. .a woman surprised with a very confident walk with her baby. this walk will give you confident and energy. this time my journey was towards Hubli. Hubli also known as Hubball .the busy of business took a lot of time to travel and edit the videos. .that is why fewer breaks have been made to upload the video Get in the train from Manglore central and landed in Ankola. Ankola bus stand can be reached by paying an auto charge of Rs.20 from the railway station get in the bus from Ankola to Hubli. even though we reached the Kumta railway staion ,we can get direct bus from Kumta bus stand to Hubli when I came back I chose that route it took about 3 3/4 hours to reach Hubli from Ankola .take a room in a loadge at Hubli near the old busstand. it took a little time to find the bus to Agadi thotta most of the bus board have been written in Kannada language then many people seem to have no clear idea about Agadi thotta. when enquiring the bus counter ,he said that the bus would get to Thadas. Agadi thotta is around 6 km away from Thadas. it attracts a large number of visitors every day. perhaps the entrance ticket may cost 550 rupees there is little understanding of Agadi thotta among the common people. Honagal bus from Hubli reached the front side Agadi thotta but the bus on this route is very less .a student helped me find the bus Thadas during this time there were most students in the bus. .within 40 minutes reached at Thadas from there got a an auto to Agadi paid 10 rupees and reached in front of Agadithotta. next is the old machine that makes sugar cane juice. .the juice that we have made ourselves just like the bulls,2 or 3 people are pulling the wooden jogs around the place quick and made juice women are so excited to do this. sweet tasty sugar cane then the delicious watermelon sprinkled with salt when I asked by the staff 3 or 4 cashew fruit was plucked and given to me special board has written that the fruits should not be allowed to pluck cashew fruit is one of my favourite fruit .I enjoyed the fruit very much from there. later on horseback riding .this is my the first time to use horseback riding the horse riding was caught on a camera by a staff who was there .specially says that,staffs are very friendly and very co-operate with visitors next is clay pot making. one person shows us how to make clay vessels if we are interested, we can also test it alone .after all of these places and games,we have almost reached the cottage that gets dosa. dosa is available at about noon 12 o’clock. . a snack food : dosa ,chutney and liquid jaggery dosa will be available from the hot stone after dosa,the traditional Rajasthani costume is an opportunity. .if you are interested to wear,you need to pay an extra Rs.50 let’s take a selfie or copy the video there are individual huts beside men and women dressed in Rajasthani wear is the sister of SUhail from Dharward then I photographed the Sohail,mother ,and anty also .Agadi thotta is a fun place for people for all ages .it is a beautiful natural place for families to relax one day. but the best thing is that I got a lot of friends and families because I was alone good relationship with 3 or 4 families .many people were eager and came to meet me .I really enjoyed it. we would have been close to ourselves. .bless I got it alone. then next the grinder that used early days to grind rice. a mother dressed in a traditional sari gave me a chance to copy in my camera Kannada folk song was in the back ground. camel safari-the first opportunity to camel safari shasank used to copy the camera very well for me. .then bullock cart and horse carriage safari. both of them were round about a beautiful garden .then very interesting rain dance from 12.30 to 2 pm there were 2 stage part for rain dance. both sides was super songs and heavy dances everything was a funny experiences. enjoyed the rain dance with Akash’s family. .when we are all wet and wet the appetite is quiet natural .the lunch will start at 1 to till 3 o’clock. by the time rain dance was about to go for lunch at 2 o’clock. North Karnataka traditional food that am not quiet familiar with.a lot of items including sod jowar rotti,chapatti,green vegitables,mungsprouts,salad,curds,2 types of rice,papad,pickle,chatnis including delicious meal pure organic food butter milkcan be have if you wish after a meal. .two kids trying to get off buttermilk cultural program will start when you have some rest after lunch .first ,it is magic. after magic walking through the rope then there a variety of games for families and Rajasthani dance etc… fact ,I forgot to copy in the camera many items while enjoying we do not know what time passes in the morning 10 to till 6 in the evening .when I was back Hubli,I got a bus from the front side of Agadi thotta. .a bus from Honagal to Hubli he bus is less in this route we have to wait a little .farewell to Agadi thotta and the people from here and boarded the bus I was thinking of Agadi thotta such a venture can be started in Kerala,which loves so much organic farming .featuring the organic atmosphere and organic foods with an expectaion that the creative organic farm of the like will bring it into the Kerala that could be a model for the world even better. .let’s continue my journey to the next destination with love yours PRASOON BANARJI

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