All About Coconuts : Using Coconut Shells as Compost

Okay, now we have cleaned up the coconut meat
and we are left with this bulky material. And here we have the fibrous part of the coconut.
These fibers are really good in the compost pile. Once they break down, they hold, retain
tremendous amount of water. So it helps in your soil so that your plants are always nice
and roots around your plants are nice and moist. And so this, what we call the coconut
core, is actually used in the green house industry as a product to mix with their soils
to enhance their soils. So, you would want to incorporate this product right here into
a gardening project where you would compost it down and add it to your soil. Which would
create a much healthier and more viable garden. And this core here is hard to break down so
when you take it to the compost pile, you would probably want to chop it up a little
bit so that it would break down faster. So that’s the story of what to do with all these
coconut cores.

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