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[music] So when trying to grow mint You will see that there are a lot of common varieties of mint That are available for you to purchase at your garden store So let’s review some of these varieties
sweet mint is the most common type of mint that you can find It’s got large leaves and is pretty much an all-around versatile mint Then you have spearmint which is used for a lot of recipes that you would see
You have peppermint which can be used to prepare peppermint teas and a lot of other drinks and then you
have the flavored mint which are very special varieties of mints like chocolate mint are pineapple mint which can add minty flavors to a lot of things
Now here’s a little trivia for you If a recipe doesn’t specify which mint to use What would be the mint that you’d use?
Alright…ready for the answer? if you guessed Spearmint, then you’re absolutely right When people just say mint, they mean Spearmint Or just listen to your taste buds and use the mint that you like the most! So let’s take a look at each of these varieties in detail Sweet Mint is bred for larger leaves And a mint flavor that is pretty much a neutral flavor that can be used in a
lot of dishes For preparing drinks, teas, its commonly available and easy to grow
Peppermint is a type of mint which is a type of hybrid mint and it has a very high menthol content so it feels more like your chewing gum or toothpaste kind of
mint very intense flavor and great for making a lot of drinks spearmint is the most
common variety of mine that you will use a very very versatile mint it can be used
in a lot of kitchen recipes can be used to flavor
your drinks your teas and it has a lot of health
benefits so if you’re looking to will start
growing anyone can of mint I would highly recommend that you start
growing spearmint it’s very easy to grow and a very versatile mint
Flavored mints like chocolate mint, apple mint, pineapple man have any specific purposes So if you have
a recipe that requires certain flavors and mint this may be a good thing to
start growing in your garden and you can also use flavored mints in a
lot of drinks and the impart very special flavors to those
drinks Mint is generally never had grown from
seeds The reasons being its not only very difficult to grow them Because their germination rate is not so
good the plants that grow from them do not resemble their parents so it’s
not a good idea to grow them from seed instead what you can do is take some
cuttings like these here and put them in a bowl
of water and then add some dirt in it and that
encourages the mint shoots to give out these roots that
you can see. So as soon as you have some roots here You can transplant these into pots And they will start growing just like a new
mint plant So if you have friends that can
give you mint cuttings that’s the easiest way to propagate
mint Now if you do not have mint cuttings you can buy mint plants or herbs from your local garden center and then
plant them To plant mint you need to use
containers that are wide and not deep because mint sends
out sprawling wines which will go all around
your container So a container of this size is is good enough
for growing mint So there are two Spearmint plants that we have here which we are planting in this pot So we take out the plant from the given pot And then we plant it on to our wider container And you can try to loosen the roots on the bottom a little bit so they start growing in a better way but even if you
just place them around the container an add some dirt
around it they should do a fairly good job Mint is a very invasive plant So never ever plant mint directly on the ground I don’t see any
reason why you should be growing mint on the ground because it will just take over your yard
and all the plants around it
Its a very vigorous and invasive plant so most pf the time
you would grow mint in containers like these And they should last for at least a year
or so in a container of this size this is another container that you can
use it is slightly deeper so again wide as well So great to grow mint and we will be
planting our second spearmint plant in this
container So I’m using a bagged potting mix here that I got from a local garden center And then what I do is I add some perlite
to it To increase the volume
You could either add Perlite or Vermiculite and then take the plant and just remove just a little
bit of the soil from below to stimulate the roots a little bit
and then add the remaining soil around the plant and this is pretty much
the perfect size container for growing mint
It’s not too deep And its wide enough for the plant to
send out its vines And once the planting is done always
remember to water your plant make sure it gets a nice soaking before you set it out Mint best grows in either partial shade or light sun Although you can grow mint
in full Sun i’ve seen that the best mint grows in
partial shade so I’m using this vertical growing rack here and I’ll probably do a video
of this cheaply available vertical growing
solution that I recently bought and you can
grow a lot of herbs vegetables in this storage rack And here you see the two mint plants that we just planted now once every year you need to prune
and maintain you mint plant so what does that mean? After about a
year your mint will have grown so
invasive that it won’t have any more space to grow So it will not produce the good quality mint that you expect it to produce so what you do here is your is you find some
small plants which you separate out from this big plant and then start it in a new container so here you can see one we can try to
find a couple more that’s a good one that has good roots and nice healthy leaves so you need to
find candidates like this one maybe find like 4 or 5 and then start growing them in a
separate container now some people like to do this every
year some people do it every two years I would
say just go by what you feel if you feel your mint plant is crowded
and is not producing good leaves then it’s time to re-pot you can either plant them in the same container by using
new soil or you can use the cuttings or the plants and plant them and a
brand new container so in our case we will be planting our mint plant that we separated from the parent plant We’re gonna to plant all these
plants in this container adding fresh potting mix and once you
add the potting mix I’d like to use a little bit of extra perlite which improves the oxygen that reaches the roots, it improves porosity and I’ve noticed that the more porous
the medium the better the plants grow and what you do
is just plant these mint plants just like that and what this will do
is that it will give the mint plant a lot more space It will give the roots a lot more space to grow which means that you will be getting a
lot of new offshoots from your mint plan that you can start
using right away So I am planting four of these plants here and mint grows throughout the year so
the mint plant grows and produces these nice-looking mint leaves you can cut these stems
these mint stems and use them and what will happen is
after just a few weeks the mint plant will
continue to send more shoots and then you can keep harvesting them So mint is a real joy to grow there’s nothing that tastes like fresh
mint from your garden Its a very nice herb that you can easy
grow in your garden and it really requires
minimal care the only insect I see on the mint
plant sometimes are slugs and sometimes I see some spider mites
but all in all they’ve not been a real problem to my mint
plants at all I always get nice healthy mint leaves
and as you can see And as you can see I’ve chopped off the tops of these
you know these mint leaves and taken them and in just a few weeks
you can see that the mint plant has sent out the small shoots And once these
small shoots grow you should see that the mint plant will grow
back to almost what it was when you started harvesting them so all
in all a very easy plant to grow so do you grow mint? Let me know what
variety of mint you grow I’ll see you again soon…Happy Gardening [music]

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    I propagated mint from a grocery store purchase. It was going well. But, then I think once the weather changed, it didn’t like the amount of sunshine. So, I’m going to move it and see if that helps.


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