Alvarez Organic Farms

This is Hilario Alvarez
and he absolutely loves farming his 82 acres
near Mabton. And this one over here, this is, oh, so beautiful, this is neon eggplant. Look at that! His energy is contagious and we could hardly
keep up with him. And this is the ghost pepper. And this is the habanero white. This is very, very
hot pepper. Don’t rub your eyes. Yeah. You start and eat on that one, and you have smoke in the ears. Yeah. Exactly. He grows organic vegetables
for Seattle farmers markets and he grows a lot of crops
you’d never guess were grown in our state. How many different vegetables
are you growing here? I grow about 400 different types
of vegetables. 400! 400. I grow, 200 varieties of peppers, and 50 different kinds
of eggplants. And then, 40 different kinds of tomatoes. And then I grow, 20 different kinds of zucchini, and 15 varieties of the potato. Wow. I got all kinds of potatoes. If you never seen, you can see it
at the Alvarez Farm. In addition to all this,
Hilario grows about 2 acres of peanuts each year. He starts them in the greenhouse
and then transplants them to his fields in May. Look at that! See, they need, see all these roots over here? Right. They need another four weeks
to fill everything out. So that’s essentially
all the peanut is. It’s just like the end
of the root. Yeah. End of the root. Hilario started farming
his own land after working
on a nearby farm. I started to farm in 1976
for somebody else. In the Wapato area
for a Filipino farmer. And then in 1981, I started to self employ. Nice. In 1988, I buy my own land. In 1988, I buy this place first. Why grow so many different
and unusual varieties? You know, because, when I grow a lot of
kinds of vegetables, the people, they want to spend one dollar
on each kind, or try each kind of vegetable, they can spend $400 dollars. There you go. We set out to see as many
of his money makers as possible, which wasn’t an easy task. C’mon over here. Beautiful eggplant! Wow! The “Purple Rain.” My goodness. You are
an eggplant growing machine. You think I have
enough eggplants here? Let’s go check out the peppers. Yeah. Call it “Golden Cayenne.” Golden Cayenne. This is the golden. That’s beautiful. There’s a lot more to peppers
then just straight-up jalapenos. This is my own pepper. Your own. Very own. Yeah,
nobody else has that variety. The Purple Banana. You saw it here first
on Washington Grown. The Purple Banana. Yeah, the “Purple Banana.” Well you’re doing
some amazing work. Yeah. I mean, you’re growing
a lot of cool stuff and… A lot of peppers. I mean, you keep it up.
I appreciate this, Hilario. Thank you
for having us come out here and you retire soon. Yeah, you go home? You don’t want
to see more peppers? No I do. I was just making
a close for the show. But we can go see more peppers.

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