Amazing Cow Dung Manure(Fertilizer) | Vlog

Hi Friends welcome back. I am starting a
new series of videos, where I Vlog about various things related to gardening these vlogs are short videos, In which i am going share my experinces and thoughts related to Gardening In this Vlog I am going to speak about cow dung manure and it’s incredible power. This is Guava plant which I bought from the Nursery and planted about four months ago as you
can see the plant is doing good and and growing well This was not the case always you need to look closely to spot the magic of cow dung manure So let me explain this after applying cow dung manure I could see drastic transformation in this
plant You can see the leaves were small before but the new ones are double size now what used to be this small has become double size in the next leaf itself this happened after I applied cow dung manure It is not only in one stem you can observe it in all other stem You can see here, this leaf is half of this one you can even see immediately after that the plant started to flower as well. It is not only one or two there are plenty of flower buds you can see it here and here, in this leaf bed there are four flower buds and here again i have three. One two and three Once again the same thing, the leaf size has doubled from this to here I hope I will get some really good guava from this plant. Here I have some dried cow dung manure, they usually look like this black mud rock like now what’s special about this is that, I got this from a place where cattels were fed naturally That makes lots of difference These cakes are filled with nutrients and plant just love them And when you apply these to your plant you can really see the difference after that Also cow dung cakes usually contains all the vital nutrients required for plant growth like Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus What I usually do is soak these cakes and apply directly to the plants You can either top it off or mix it with the soil if you are repotting Hope you found this video helpfull and see such amazing results in your garden as well. Thank You

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  1. First of all, i would say this is the best organic way to provide nutrients to the plants, but fruit plants cannot stay in a pot for long as the nutrients in soil start to fade away as they are been absorbed by the plants and root in the pot gets clustered making prone to disease and pest and later effecting the growth of the plant, I guess to avoid this issue you are regularly changing the soil to promote growth of the plant and adding organic nutrients to the plants and how do u change the soil and add the nutrients to the live plant if u can make a video of that, that would be of great help to us so that our plants keep on growing in the pot year around providing us with all the organic produce would be of great help. Thanks.

  2. Great video! Using natural resources to build your soil's health is important. So glad you shared this!

  3. I like it too! I get it in bags in pellet form now but i wouldn't mind finding a pasture cow farm. I don't always trust the source, even if it says organic. I also like rabbit manure. A tip i got from asian garden2table. I just put the woodshavings with the manure on the surface of the soil as a fertilizing weed suppressant. First year but i think the garden will like it!

  4. This video makes me want to look for cow dung manure the next time I visit a commercial nursery! Does it smell or is it odourless once it's dried? Thanks for sharing the info1 🙂

  5. Hi. I've just started terrace gardening and have a lot of queries. Your videos are if great help for all the beginners. My first question is how do I know the soil im buying is of good quality. Is it always best to mix red sand compost and coco peat in equal quantities before planting. How do I trust the soil I'm getting from the vendor… By the way I'm based in bangalore…

  6. Hi,
    Is it true that organic manure requires 4 to 6 months period to get break down for the plants to absorb the nutrients from it?

  7. my tomato plant is having so many flowers but not one fruit…I don't know it's a male or female? the flowers r not converting into fruits and all r falldown

  8. mam pl upload how to grow pepper plant in containers? I m eagerly waiting for your video s.. ur videos r very inspiring

  9. KIndly advise whether cow/buffalo dung manure can be used along with cocopeat instead of vermicompost. I am not adding soil to the bags. they are filled only with cocopeat. Pls also mention in what ratio dung manure and cocopeat can be mixed to get a healthy growing medium

  10. Thank you for your videos. nicely explained with sub titles. very informative. keep up your good work. God will reward you for your wonderful work and sharing info. Your sethapal video is also great. I am going to pant one.

  11. I m ammazed to see a fruit plant in so small pot??
    Any special care??
    How much is the diameter required??
    I Have 12'' Pot….
    Please guide me ………Gud Luck!!

  12. I see that you are putting dried big pieces of cow dung to guava plant. It is a surprise to me! No other process your you have done with cow dung? Your guava plant is greenish and beautiful to look. I wish to hear more and more from you about all other plants you have !! Thank you for the MOST WONDERFUL ADVICE ABOUT THE VALUE OF COW DUNG.

  13. Hi Ma'am, please share how to decompose the cow dung and what should be the size of container for growing Guava in to it?

  14. it will bear flowers every season but will never set fruit whether u use cowdung or any of the Fertilizers,,, reason is that ur container is too small for this plant

  15. please upload new videos
    I have planned to build a roof top garden using old buckets ,large pots and crates covered with plastic can you guide me about that

  16. My leaves of guava plant are becoming black from the edges.The flowers before turning into fruits turn into black and fell.I sprayed curd mixed in gomutra but no good result was found.What should I do?

  17. What kind of pesticides can we use on guava plant.Before flower turning into fruit my guava turns black and fall.What should I do?

  18. Is there any difference between the cow dung we use by composting ourself and yours which you bought from gober gas plant.I am asking you because I am not getting the same result.

  19. For effective cow by products, the cows have to be native Indian breed. Not jersey imported variety. There is huge difference in their genes & benefits.

  20. Your guava plant looks perfectly healthy.. According to my knowledge, it will produce fruits even in pot.. Madam please keep uploading videos… Recently you are not uploading videos???

  21. If you दो two or three G cutting regularly then watch your plant, it will start producing a lots of flowers !

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