Amazing Fertilizer For Seeds Germination/ How to Use Blue Bull Manure -7th June 2017/Mammal Bonsai

If you have not yet subscribed to the Mammal Bonsai channel Then subscribe to the channel by pressing the red button And press this bell icon so that when I upload a new video you get the message Hello Friends, i am Vijay saini & welcome to Mammal Bonsai i will show you a fertilizer and its free for us It used to be used a lot earlier What are the benefits? We will talk on this topic too Earlier, many goats used to come to these farms The tree that you see is from acacia’s family here its called Jaanti I have already told you in two videos Who were shepherds. He used to deal He used to say that we will cut off the raw branch of this tree for goat food And in return, what was the owner of the farm He used to keep his goats in his farm for 1 day. Like cow’s dung manure, same goat’s dung manure is done. its called goat dung and here its called Mingan If the goats used to sit in the farm for the whole day, then she would have dung two times In this way there were many dung ball in the field. dung ball is easier to spread than cow dung In this, the amount of nitrogen is 2 times more than dung manure Though there are not so many shepherds here And this manure does not get here. But what I’m going to show you is not a goat’s dung ball I told you in a video that Nilgai is here called blue bull in english so i will so you blue bull dung ball It gets dry before the cow’s dung One advantage of this is that we can use it as a mulching There is more nitrogen in it because As the goat used to eat grass and also weeds And that which is weed contains enough nutrients So by eating all these, there was more strength in her dung. Similarly Nilgai also eats grass and weeds in the forest So there are also essential nutrients in their dung But there is a problem in this that goat and the Nilgai eat birchha (acacia fruit) in the forest or eat weeds seeds after eaten acacia fruit ,seeds also eaten and seeds are too hard You must have seen that we had grown from the seed in a video They are very hard, they can not digest When we use these dung ball in the garden So the seeds that are in it grow up so first decompose it before use it If still the weeds grow then remove weeds One of the benefits is that it does not attract insect. Sometimes insects are caused due to dung but there will be no insect And because of this, your plant will never burn Like dung manure can be used to heat the plant But this will not happen i will use it as slow release fertilizer i have used it we can put 5-7 dung ball in the pot and when watering in the pot then it release slowly with water It will not melt even when there is more time in the water mean Very slowly merging in the soil so we can use it as slow release fertilizer you can see blue bull going there I have come here to show you blue bull It will run away from me And it will be visible from a distance Because my camera’s clarity is not so good, that it can be clearly visible They have a whole group of complete And this forest is near my house they comes in the jungle at night Their color is like clay here So it does not look easily Their color is such that if they sit near the dirt mud, they will not see If the goat’s dung gets then better I came to the forest to show you Nilgai and if a few goats could get dung then it would have been better But now the goats are much less here so goat dung not here but blu bull dungs have much now jungle look dry but after rain it will look green Now I have come to the forest then I will show one thing more . look that way This path goes towards the market at home So there are some hole of ants on this path The passers-by who come here, they bring food for these ants For food, they put things like wheat flour, porridge these all ants get food easily Although there is no arrangement for their food far and wide Ants get food in the fields, but there is a desert forest That is why those who go by passersby give them food you can see here some holes of them one here you can see here Wheat flour and porridge The bites are very sharp of these ants . Their smell is very strong If you see the ants hole , then add some of them. ok now m going from here n will see you how to use blue bull’s dung ball ok we brought this dung ball i will tell you how to use it we can use direct but the problem is that seeds come to grow of these ball i will show you seeds have in the dung ball and its grow like this so if we use direct in pot then seeds will grow you can decompose it before use it for that keep in a big pot and water it daily after that it will make a compost like tea leaf Dry them with sieve by strainer Then the seeds will be left over The remaining part we can use we can make compost tea with this dung ball and spray this tea for seeds germination then seeds germinate quickly if you want to use normally then you can use like this put 4-5 dung ball in the pot then Fartilizing will continue slowly with water and mix in the soil but when we watering seeds will grow so remove them for making compost tea Soak overnight and filter it in the morning and use it this method like compost tea method you can use it for plants growth you will get it after decompose then you can use it you can store it you can add in soil ok friend see you in the next video till then goodbye

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  1. sir aap hame barsat ke mosam me mango tree par air layering karke dikha ne vale the with success full root video banake dikhaiye sir plz

  2. Hello Vijay Ji aap kaise hain abhi-2 upload hui video dekhi aap neelgaye ke plants ke khaneke baare main bta rahe the par aapko to inke mingan ke uses Ka bhi kaafi pta hai . Unka fertiliser cum medicinal bhi hai Ye sab books se nahin balki aapke bare jaise aapke Dadaji ya Pitaji ne btaya hoga. Good knowledge with U Neelgaye dikhane ka thanks Aap to adsl main hi dekh lets hain.

  3. Sir ,do you have any video on growing sunflower by seeds…..if not please do make one,and also on your garden tour 🙂

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  5. hi bhai muje gardening ke liye sahi mitti banane me paresani ho rahi hai. kuch samaj me nahi aa raha hai seeds grow nahi karte ya weak hote hai..plant murja jaate hai. mai 50 kg Nadi ke mitti leke aya par ub kaise taiyaar karu?

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