American Heart Association Teaching Gardens-Preparing Soil for Planting and Composting

(upbeat music) – The path to any successful
garden begins with good soil. As you’ve seen today, we’ve pretty much harvested
everything from this garden, but we’re not quite ready
to plant for next crop yet, because a lot of nutrients
from this soil were used in the crops that we harvested, a lot of good nutrients like nitrogen, and phosphorus, and potassium, and a lot of other good stuff, so before we plant for next year, we’re gonna replenish this soil, so our next harvest is
as bountiful as this one. – This is alfalfa, the same stuff horses eat. It’s worm food, and eventually turns into plant food. – The other thing we’re
adding to the soil is compost, and it’s decomposed organic matter made of three main things, phosphorous, nitrogen, and potassium, and you can either buy
it in a bag like this, or you can make it at home. – To make compost at home, you need kitchen scraps, some dry leaves, and a cool place. Depending on the weather, and how much compost you’re making, it should take about two to six months. This is what it should look
like when you’re finished. – Soil is very important, it’s the most important part
of having a healthy garden. The three things you need for
healthy soil are aeration, life in the soil, and nutrients. To keep all of those things going, you want to add compost
at least once a year. (upbeat music)

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