Anime Mix AMV – 300 Million ( 21st @ Japan Expo 2018 & Mondocon 2018 Summer 1st place)

38 thoughts on “Anime Mix AMV – 300 Million ( 21st @ Japan Expo 2018 & Mondocon 2018 Summer 1st place)

  1. Wow.
    Láttam mer ezelőtt is, de még így is le tudott kötni.
    Én őszíntén úgy gondolom, hogy ez egy top10-et megért volna Japan Expo-n. Az ötlet jó volt, nem hiszem, hogy valaha láttam ilyesmit AMV-ben. A zene AMV-kompatibilis volt, nem volt unalmas, ahogy az egész videó is intenzív volt, és az idő haladtával egyre inkább kibontakozott és jobb lett. Egyedi volt, volt mögötte ötlet, voltak mögötte gondolatok, és nem csak az ötlet volt jó, hanem a megvalósítása is sikerült, szerintem egy okos videó volt. Sőt, nem hiszem, hogy bármi más videónak JE-n lett volna bármiféle közlendője, mindegyik az effektekre és az egyéb vizuális élményt nyújtó megoldásokra gyúrt rá. Talán azért nem kapott ez olyan jó helyezést, mert a franciák az AMV-ik alapján az effekteken kívül semmit sem tudnak értékelni egy AMV-ben 😀
    Lényegében nekem nagyon tetszett, a kedvenceim közé is beraktam.
    Ja és majd elfelejtettem: sok sikert a conon! 😀

  2. I am offended as an American LOL! I really like the conscious color correction throughout this one — it all looks so consistent — is there an adjustment layer over the whole thing with color correction applied there? Btw, 2:35 is my favorite moment. That paper pan with the hiss in the music. Really well done, as always, VHenrik!

  3. Never saw your edits before
    But this one gave me a lot of chills during the live diffusion in Paris

    It was one of my favorite entries
    Good job, for real

  4. So you made another amv called 300 million! 😮 the idea is great, the edit is clear… Honestly I think you deserved a better place :/

  5. I love the message of this, the atomic bomb at the end reminded me my visit at Hiroshima.
    Sadly money controls the world and if selling guns brings money, then selling guns shall continue.
    Good job!

  6. Well, I really agree with AntaresHeart. I was so surprised when I saw you’d got 21th place, especially after watching the video. To be honest, it deserves at least 5th place. (Haven’t seen other works though)

    I’ve never really thought about was in this wave, but you are right. E.g. Soviet-Afghan war, Russia-Ukraine nowadays. It’s all about being greedy.

    By the way, is it really true about guns in USA? It seems fake and I understood what you wanted to make, but if it’s false I think it’d be better to put another year. 2071, 2090 e.g.

  7. So, to be completely clear:
    It's in the description, but this is the best place. The content of this video is NOT againts the US. I'm not insulting any American citizens. Or anyone, who owns a gun. It's a global problem. I used US statistics for dramatic purposes.
    And they are true:
    About firearm checks:
    About ending World hunger:
    About economic impact:

  8. Well done overall seriously.
    Now wanna say something about ure place, soo i don't know how to say but 1st minute of vid was soooo bored tbh but okay , just skipped
    Then idk nah did u use anime 01:34, just that's doesn't fit with other anime's
    I like the moment 02:35 but but after it u putted a really bad effect 02:53
    And the last one 03:46 that text looks funny tbh. I am sure that without that problems u would be in top 10-15, gl in the future projects.

  9. Nem szoktam általában 2-3 percnél hosszabb amvket végignézni, de ez valami eszméletlen jó lett. Végig belevoltam süppedve a székembe és úgy néztem végig gyakorlatilag tátott szájjal. Még sosem láttam ilyen amvt, egyszerűen nem találok szavakat még most se. Az üzenete pedig..huhh tényleg kurva kemény lett.

  10. i want to say congratulations on your winning. you really showed something to us and i'm so happy that you did because, if someone let's their voice out it's a step to a better world. people should realize that our community is a disgusting place. okay i stopped the political shit right now, sorry😂😂. the point is that, your video was something what was worth watching. you totally deserved the first place, and i'm not saying this because i want to be nice you truly did. i hope you'll applie to the next con too and i can see something like this again, because i really enjoy your edits. 💓

  11. I just saw your comment about making this video on the band's youtube channel and since I got curious, I checked it out. I have to say I am mightily impressed by your work! I really love that song and this video in combination with the song gave me goosebumbs! Keep up the great work!

  12. I haven't seen too many of the entries to expo, but 21st? Seriously? This was incredible, really like the concept and you executed it perfectly.

  13. Great job! Send this to more American competitions. This video will do better over here in theme and style. Many will appreciate the message, although some not, but regardless, more people should see this!

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