Annual Lawn Care Treatment Programme

Today I’m here to look at a typical English
country lawn. This is the type of lawn that can actually really be improved with one of
our annual lawn care treatment programmes. The good news about this lawn is that hiding
between all of this weed is that there’s actually quite a lot of grass. So what we’re
going to try to do with our annual lawn care programme is to gradually kill off these weeds,
reduce the moss and encourage this grass to thicken up and become a really attractive
lawn. When you first make contact with Lawntech
a qualified senior technician will be sent to carry out a free detailed analysis of your
lawn so that we can tailor an annual treatment programme to suit your individual needs. All
of these details are then uploaded onto our computer system so we can create a bespoke
programme for your lawn. Our experience shows that a lawn care programme
must be sustainable for the long term success of the lawn. Therefore it is important to
apply the correct, professional products at the right time of year. At Lawntech we have
designed our 5 times per year programme which allows us to carry out the appropriate treatments
throughout the year. Every time our technician carries out a treatment we update the current
condition into our computerised system so we are able to offer timely advice and further
recommendations as required. Everyone who works for Lawntech is extremely
passionate about lawns. I am really proud that Lawntech has become one of the leading
independent lawn care companies in the UK. We call it bringing a little bit of green
keeping to the garden.

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